Boy Friendships of Literature and Musical Theatre

True, one of my favorite types of relationships found in fiction belongs to friendships. The other day, I specifically was referring to the female ones. Well, there are multiple kinds of friendships- either ALL female or ALL boy or a mix of BOTH. So, what are some of my favorite boy friendships in literature and musical theatre?

Frodo and Sam

When it comes to literature, they come to mind pretty quickly. Frodo wouldn’t have made it without Sam. Sam is that loyal companion who sticks by Frodo’s side the whole time, no mater the obstacle.

Merry and Pippin

They are another friendship in Lord of the Rings I LOVE. They may be troublemakers but they are so much more. You might be wondering why are even on the quest. But they do serve a part in saving Middle Earth.

Friends Of the ABC

One of the literature and musical theatre overlaps, and it is also the first group I am mentioning. They have a strong brotherly bond that feel like family, and have a cause (the uprising) they strongly believe in. Enjolras, their leader, is the most passionate of this political group of young college students. They stay passionate to the end—–no matter the end result.


This group is so identical is the Friends of the ABC. 1) Both have a leader, 2) strongly brotherly bond that feels like family, and 3) have a cause they strongly believe in and NEVER give up. The Newsies do have difficult lives——at least, they can rely on each other. Raising the prices of papers will make things harder for them, and at is why they decide to go on strike. Jack Kelly cares more about his brothers than the strike—–explaining his inner conflict starting after the big fight prior to “Santa Fe”

Jack Kelly and Crutchie

While on the Newsies, I can’t forget about the bond between Jack Kelly and Crutchie. They have such a close and tight-bond, which you most notice during “Santa Fe (Prologue)”. They are best friends and do sleep on the same rooftop. Of all the Newsies, Crutchie is the most vulnerable due to his bum leg, but he makes the most if it- he is probably the most optimistic of all the Newsies. While it is hard for Jack to see his brothers getting hurt during the big fight, it is harder for him to see Crutchie getting arrested knowing he will be sent to the Refuge

Aladdin, Omar, Babkak, and Kassim

They are one of the newest musical friendships to enter my life, as I saw the stage show in 2019. Even though Abu never made it the stage show, Omar, Babkak, and Kassim are one of the BEST substitutes. They create some of the best new songs and some incredible action scenes.

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