City or Country- Which?

Well, there are a number of different people. A couple of weeks ago, I did mention that people fall under the category of beach or mountain people. There is actually another group of people- that is the group of city or country people. So, are you are a city or country person?


In many ways, being a country or city person has to do with the way you were raised. What if the only places you grew up in belonged in cities? You wouldn’t really know the life of living in a country. Same would apply to the country people- what if you lived on the farm or far out in the country- how would you understand the city life?

So, I am a city person- born and raised in the city. I don’t understand country life. I only get city life- the place where I see shows (both with Blumenthal and CPCC), exploring uptown (the name of Charlotte’s downtown)- able to see museums; attend certain events (Charlotte Shout). Even outside of the downtown world is amazing in cities- a lot more to do such as Greenways, visiting malls, bookstores, parks, etc……….

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