Boy and Girl Friendships in Literature and Musicals

Recently, I did talk about my favorite friendships in fiction, but there were some I left off. Only because I only mentioned boy/boy and girl/girl ones. Well, there is one more kind——-the ones that include girls and boys or just one boy and one girl. So, what are my favorite girl/boy friendships (might include one of mine)? POSSIBLE SPOILERS

The Golden Trio

Whenever I think of boy/girl friendships in literature, these three ALWAYS come to mind. Harry, Ron, and Hermione go through a lot. Face many trails and challenges. Whenever something happens, it appears they usually are the ones figuring it out. Yes, it did start with JUST the boys, but after Hermione stood up to them, they officially became friends. They are loyal to each other in many ways. Staying by Harry’s side no matter what- you truly notice this on the hunt for Horcruxes

Ayra and Maverick- My WIP

Yes, these two come from one of my WIPS. I know they are a friendship in that book. Set in an expansive world- yes, don’t the name yet of the world. Ayra (protagonist) is my warrior-type characters, who is good with a bow and arrows and knows how to fly on a dragon. Maverick, on the other hand, is a risk-taker

Eponine and Marius

Yes, this is ONLY in the musical, but love the change. An unpopular opinion, but I love their friendship. Eponine needed Marius in her life- he was her light and the only good thing. Marius was the only one, who showed her kindness, and that was why she held on to him. You strongly can tell how Marius valued their friendship at “A Little Fall of Rain”. That scene was Eponine’s death scene- he was devastated, but still showed compassion by staying there with her

The Rent Family

Of ALL the musical friendships, this is the largest male/female one. It isn’t just a friendship, but one that feels like family as well. Part of this group are struggling more than the others- a result of having HIV- as in during the epidemic, the time when getting the illness was more like a death sentence. There are a strong number of different things connected to this group- two homosexual couples- Angel/Collins and Maureen/Joanne. The four with HIV- Roger, Mimi, Angel and Collins

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