Musicals To be Watched

We ALL have those- the musicals we still haven’t seen. As in, the ones that still haven’t been seen LIVE. Musical theatre fanatics knows “nothing beats the power of live theater”. We have our reasons for wanting to see those musicals. True, it can include musicals we have already seen, but ONLY if we have no memory of seeing them (this applies to ONE of mine). So, what are those at the moment?

Anastasia- October 2022

Originally was planning to see this musical March of 2020, but got postponed. So, I was pretty excited when I found out that the US Tour was coming back to Charlotte this year. Five songs were why I wanted to see this musical- I wasn’t going to listen to the others. “My Petersburg”, “Crowd of Thousands”, “In My Dreams”, “Once Upon a December”, and “Journey to the Past” were the songs I fell in love with

Hadestown- November 2022

This musical will end the 2022 musicals. I got fascinated by it after it swept The Tonys. What got be more interested was finding out it was based off of Greek Mythology, a genre I love. I knew I had to get tickets at the US Tour’s presale- Blumenthal Performing Arts gives us that chance before going on sale to the public

Beauty and the Beast

While still on the topic of love stories, time to bring up the Disney musical I still haven’t seen live. I may have seen Newsies, Frozen, Aladdin, and Lion King, but NOT Beauty and the Beast. Belle is the classic Disney Princess I am the most like. Filled with enchanting, romantic, and exciting songs. Favorite song: “Beauty and the Beast”. This musical needs to come back to the US- hard to wait


3rd love story on this list. I already have seen Sound of Music and Oklahoma- want to see a 3rd Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. I almost feel like Cinderella has a similar magical and enchanting feel that Beauty and the Beast has. “In My Own Little Corner”, “Impossible”, and “Ten Minutes Ago” are just three of the incredible songs in this show


Yes, I have seen this musical in person, but don’t remember (that was Summer 2007). After reading the book, I eventually found myself watching the musical movie. I really want a memory of seeing Oliver in person


This is ONE of those musicals that feels like it will never return, but still hoping it will (I felt the same way with Rent, but it eventually came- so hoping Once will do the same). I missed my chance the first time it toured the US. Favorite song: “Falling Slowly”. This is an fascinating musical- I feel like you have to more than a triple threat to be in this one- act, sing, dance, and know how to play an instrument (that is because the actors are the orchestra in Once). Based on the songs I heard, Once has a different sound than MOST musicals

Something Rotten

I LOVE the time period of this musical. Heard some of the songs and they sound amazing. There is one song in particular that ALL musical theatre fans have to listen to—“A Musical”—has so many references to other musicals

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