When a Show leaves Broadway……..

There is a reason why some musicals are considered sensations and masterpieces. There is a reason why some of them last a long time on Broadway or become successful. Yes, it can surprise and shock us when musicals have hit their time, and have to leave. However, is leaving Broadway truly the end of a musical’s life?

Successful Musicals

Those are the musicals that are usually known about. They tend to be the ones that earn the awards- as in not just Tonys. They are the ones that have a huge fan club. They are the ones that are considered classics. We hear about these musicals the most- we don’t expect some of them to even leave Broadway. However, their life doesn’t truly end if they leave- it is just another chapter.

There are still ways to see musicals that have left Broadway. They still have their tours and local productions and school productions. What about the revivals- as in shows that left return (but not the Original Production, but a different staging). The thing about revivals that makes them special is that you see a different vision- like a new perspective. Outside of the stage productions, there are the musical movies. At least there are ways to still experience those musicals- so they still exist- it isn’t like they really have left.

Revivals/New Productions of Musicals

Pippin- All I know of this musical is its 2013 Revival. That is why I can only visualize a female as the Leading Player. I loved the whole circus theme.

Les Mis– This would belong to two- the community college production (that was phenomenal). All I have seen of the US Tour (2017/2019) was the new 25 anniversary production- loved that staging (you could feel the vastness of Paris, the backdrop added more color and more Victor Hugo knowing those were his paintings, and the candles at Empty Chairs at Empty Tables added more emotion)

Phantom of the Opera– I had nothing wrong with its new production. When I saw it on tour, I was spellbound from start to finish. I was sitting in the orchestra a few rows back from the chandelier.


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