The Homes of my Characters in my WIPS

It is a known fact that I am working on writing books, and that one of them is the main one. The characters in them have ranged from Fairy Frogs, Toads, a Lizard, a Dragon, and Humans. I may have talked about who they are, but I did not say everything about where they live. So, what are my characters’ homes?

Tale of the Cattail Forest

The Artist Fairy Frogs

Fairy Creek– This is where they live. It is big enough for them to do their crafts (they are naturally gifted in the arts). That explains why there is a Daisy-Shaped Gazebo, bridges, treehouses, statues, and painted pebbles lining the creeks. This is why it is a good thing that there is a nearby field. The treehouses are actually where they sleep- each one is designed to match the talent of each Fairy Frogs (example: Sparkle’s has a bed made of colored pencils and a drawing studio). The treehouses are actually at a grove of trees, which is why bridges connect them——one treehouse is much bigger than the others (think of it as a multi-purpose room)- this is usually where you see them hanging out on rainy days- Aries usually plans some kind of project


The Bog– wait, doesn’t Sarge live in Graysloup with the other toads? True, The Bog is located in Graysloup, but in a much deeper part- the creeks are deeper, the mud is thicker, and ditches are deeper and in some ways more dangerous. To Sarge, this is home only because this was the one place his father couldn’t hurt him. That was because his father couldn’t find it despite being the Toad’s leader- Sarge was abused from 4-13 years old, and at only 13 was expected to lead since his father left him. So, his only comfort was found in The Bog- he made it a kind of playground, the only place he felt safe.

Marge and the Toads

Graysloup– this pretty much applies to ALL the toads except Sarge. Graysloup overall is humid and murky and not appealing. The water isn’t clear, ditches due to dried-up creeks, and only has colors of brown, gray, and brown basically. Even though Marge is Sarge’s easiest target, she still considers the main part of Graysloup her home- at least she had a loving father. Due to being mistreated and a little misunderstood, she was able to see how bleak Graysloup really was.

Lizzy the Lizard


Her home is a citrus farm in FL. She considers the entire farm her home. That does show how curious she is. That is how she somehow ended up on a red truck, and accidentally left her home.

Greatest Discovery

The Orphans

Near Central Park– Aurora, Jasmine, Rosie, Emily, Mollie, and Paige are the major characters of this story (Aurora and Jasmine are the protagonists). They spend most of the story at a home near Central Park- with an amazing caregiver, who is like a real mother to them. Despite that, they still wish for a home of their own while waiting to be adopted- in the story, you would see this most apply to Aurora and Jasmine as they are the protagonists. The T.V. Show, Greatest Discovery, does end up changing the girls lives in a way they weren’t expecting

Ayra’s Story (doesn’t have a proper name)


The Cottage– This is located at the edge of The Enchanted Forest. This is the place where Ayra lives, which is close to where some of her closest buddies live. Ayra has some warrior qualities, which partly come from raising a dragon. Near the homes of BOTH Tenisha and Willow.


A Cave– She is the dragon that Ayra raised. The Enchanted Forest is next door to the largest mountain range, which does have A Cave. That would mean Ayra would have easy access to Tenisha- she knows how to ride her, and even how to deal with a bow and arrow while still on the back of a dragon. Tenisha truly trusts Ayra since the two basically grew up together.


The Enchanted Forest– Crazy to say this, but Willow is a Fairy Frog. The world where Ayra lives is where the Fairy Frog origins are. Fairy Frogs originally lived in The Enchanted Forest, and still do- as in the typical ones (as in having the skills of a regular fairy), and the healer ones, which is what Willow is.


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