Genres that Sound Confusing

Outside of being a musical theatre fanatic, I am also a bookworm. In the book world, I mainly read classics, fantasy, and mythology. However, I also do enjoy mystery and if it is just the right book, nonfiction. But, I have come across some genres that make no sense to me. So, what are those genres?


This genre sounds a little confusing just by the look of it. Yes, there are comedies, and there are tragedies. But, it doesn’t make sense to put them in one genre. I mean, comic stories are capable of tragic moments, and tragedies need comic relief. So, this is why “tragicomedy” can be a little hard to figure out.


It is a known fact that I dislike horror—-too much on the paranormal, violent, and scary nature. But how come every time I look up gothic, it says gothic horror? There are gothic mysteries- no surprise there as MOST mysteries have the crime being murder and mysteries are very capable of LOTS of suspense. So I wish it was easier to separate gothic and horror


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