September 2022 in Review

How did it get to be October? September was one of those months that felt kind of slow, but with a few highlights. It had a few events I was looking forward to.

Reading- Finished 1

The Personal Librarian– So glad I finally finished it. I have been wanting to read this book ever since finding out its plot. I knew it would be a book I would enjoy. It has the combo of my love for arts, books, and sociology. I was able to pick up on white privilege and double consciousness. The story of a “colored” woman living as white, who gets the job of being J.P. Morgan’s personal librarian

Watching- Rings of Power

I have been looking forward to this series coming out for a while now. Due to ONLY knowing The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, everything about the 2nd age it new to be. So in many ways, I am able to explore the series fresh (even in characters that we know). I still feel like we are in Middle Earth- of course, some places and characters will be different and/or new because it it a different time period.

Bitty and Beau’s Fun

I always enjoy working with my coworkers and even going to parties at the store. So, I loved it when the opportunity came up for us to see a Charlotte Knight’s baseball game together. It was a combo of both employees and family. While I rarely want to go to the games, I knew I would have a lot of fun spending time with this amazing group of people

Charlotte International Arts Festival

I thought I would NEVER get to see any of it this month, but glad I did. In many ways, it was an expansion of Charlotte Shout. Supported by Blumenthal Performing Arts, there was a combo of installations that light up (those work better at light), performances of different sorts, etc……It can be very difficult to describe what these exactly are.


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