My Love for December

There are several months in the year. It is easy to look forward to some of them more than others. For me, December is one of my favorite months- it already has a lot of highlights in itself. So, why do I love December?


My favorite Holiday is Christmas. I love the spirit- that is shown through outdoor lights (which I help decorate, watching Christmas movies, decorating the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music, going to certain Worship Services (Lessons and Carols, and Christmas Eve Candlelight), etc.

Start of Winter

It sounds crazy to say this, but Winter is my favorite season. Despite the cold, I love the season. That is a result of Christmas, snow- despite that fact that my city barley gets it, my birthday- that is January, my blog’s anniversary, etc.

My Blog Anniversary

December is also the month of my blog’s anniversary, so of course I look forward to that day.


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