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I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

Recent Updates on Ayra’s Story

As known, two of my WIPS are currently stuck on the development and brainstorming stage. However, when it comes to my expansive world idea, it is amazing how far it has come since the idea first started. So, where is it current at now?

The Mountainous Island

Upper Part of the Island

This part is divided into two parallel mountain ranges. One side is rocky and the other snowy. The crazy thing is you would expect those to be the largest mountain ranges, but that is actually not the case

The Abyss

True, I don’t know where it is located, but it is a recently added part of the island. True, there are a couple of abysses, but this one is really “The Abyss”. It has always been warned not to go to this one. It is a very very very dangerous place too. It has pieces of “shards of glass” in areas. It even has been believed that this where my villain resides

The Treasure Tree

Well, yes this is a part of the world. However, it is pretty hard to find. True, many have attempted to find it, but failed. You can’t find it alone. However, it has been said that the one with the true power to find it is meant to the protector of the entire island. The only way to really find it is work as a team- meaning you can’t find it alone

The Largest Mountain Range

Crazily enough, this is located in the center of the island. It even has a cave in it, where a dragon lives. Next door to those mountains is The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest

Well, this is a pretty important part of the entire story. At the edge of this forest is the cottage where my protagonist, Ayra, lives. Willow, a healer Fairy Frog, lives in The Enchanted Forest. Hold on——–did I just say Fairy Frog?? It’s true, Ayra’s Island is where the origins of The Fairy Frogs are. In total, I am aware of three species, but in this particular island two live (originals- basic Fairy skills; and healers)

The Characters


She is my protagonist, who is good with a bow and arrow. She is said to be a kind of warrior despite never being in battle. She raised a dragon- good thing her cottage is near that cave. She is close to three characters in the story- Willow, Tenisha, and Maverick. She is a teenager- she already has the ability to protect The Enchanted Forest (at the moment, she got some help with Willow). It is hard for her to talk to humans, but for some reason doesn’t mind Maverick


He is my second human character; just like Ayra, another teenager . Those two are only best friends. He is known to be a risk-taker. He wants to ride on Tenisha alone, but that dragon only trusts Ayra. He even wants to go to The Abyss——-Willow and Ayra don’t understand why. For some reason, he is convinced they might have to go through or into to find this treasure tree


She is my healer Fairy Frog. She knows the most information about The Treasure Tree. It does help when you are a Fairy Frog. Communicating with BOTH Maverick and Ayra is challenging. Willow spends a lot of time with Ayra. The healer Fairy Frogs go in and out The Enchanted Forest a lot——to help heal plants and humans


She is the dragon Ayra raised. How often do you come across good dragons in books????? That is one of the reasons I added Tenisha—-I even added another different thing. Even this is also rare- good dragons raised by a female. Tenisha only trusts Ayra because she was the only human she was around. Ayra built a saddle that has a slot for her bow and arrow- Tenisha also got used to Ayra’s saddle. If someone else tried to ride her with a new saddle or no saddle, she could easily knock them off

*What I do know is that these four characters will be creating a team*


True, I still don’t have a name. However, at least I got a little further here. I know an object this character has. This character has a black staff with terrifying objects- such as skulls, crossbones, bats, etc………., and that staff has a light that lights up to frighten people/animals even more

The Plot

This is where I am stumped at- what is the plot????? As far as I know, Ayra is facing this villain. It might help if I know when it takes place- as prior to “Tale of the Cattail Forest” or after. I know that Ayra knows something relating to this legend, but how much does she know?? Is it truly the origin story of The Fairy Frogs, in particular the Artist ones? Or Ayra’s journey to find this Treasure Tree?

May 2023 in Review

How did we get to June? I feel like once this month hits, the rest of the year flies by. My month of May had its highlights. So, what were they?

Book Event

This is one of my favorite annual things at church. A speaker from Park Road Books comes to advertise some books for Summer Reading. Usually, it ends in buying new books. I ended up buying “Walking With Sam” and “Secret Book of Flora”


Finally, I finished two more books- that means I officially read four books this year

Winter Orphans– This takes place in Southern France. Yes, another Holocaust book, but one I can handle. It is about escape and rescue- the incredible women who helped “in danger” teenagers escape. So, it focused more on the positive side of things- yes, I saw some of the horror, but found hope—-when hope is in a Holocaust story, I can handle it


Something Wonderful– Do you love Rodgers and Hammerstein? This is the perfect book for you


Bitty and Beau’s Baseball Game

I always love it with my job does activities together outside of work. This month, we all went to a Charlotte Knights Baseball Game. It felt like a game that would never end- it for sure was a misty day but at least not pouring. Despite not winning, The Charlotte Knights scored a couple of Home Runs (too bad those were just singles- wish those are grand slams at times)

Picasso Exhibit

One of the things I really wanted to do was attend the Picasso Exhibit downtown. After all, I love ART especially Abstract Art. I thought he was only a cubism artist; turns out he did more than cubism (his early works were a different style).

The Christian Life

Well, spirituality is important to me in many ways! It helps when you were gifted with a Strong Spirit by God!

Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart

Daily writing prompt
Do you practice religion?

So, yes I do. After all, I was born and raised Episcopalian. Worship, creations- as in art, and nature are a huge part of developing my spirituality. I love contemporary christian music, love being out in nature- my reason for loving Greenways and Mountains, and my creative side is the strongest way I pray.

My church does way more than their weekly Eucharist services- prior to Eucharist, my dad and I are in charge of getting coffee ready for coffee hour. Evensong happens once a month- that wouldn’t have been added if there wasn’t The Bristol Pilgrimage. Christmas is my favorite holiday- in one word, the spirit is why. Attending the Annual Parish Retreat is a great way to develop fellowship. Being a weekly volunteer at Loaves and Fishes is always amazing- I have been put in charge of books (kids get them- baby to high school).

The People Who Walked in Darkness Have Seen a Great Light

Isliah 9:2

Musicals Seen Multiple Times

In my life, there have been only FOUR musicals I have seen on stage more than once. Technically, that total is really five, but I am referring to the ones I remember seeing more than once. Two are Disney musicals and the other two happen to be my favorite musical (yes, two musicals are tied for that spot)

The List

Aladdin– 2x

Newsies– 2x

Wicked– 5x

  1. The Gershwin Theater- Broadway and date with mom
  2. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium)
  3. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); date with dad
  4. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); trip with university- strongest cast this time
  5. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); date with mom

Les Mis– 7x

  1. Community College- seen 3x due to once with family and twice as an usher
  2. Queen’s Theatre- West End, dream came true and date with mom
  3. US Tour (Greenville- Peace Center); trip with university
  4. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); date with mom
  5. US Tour (Charlotte- Belk Theater); date with mom

Memorial Day- The Importance of It

Today is Memorial Day, which is an important day! Anyway celebrating and/or remembering veterans is important. That is because of the service they showed to our country. They sacrificed their lives for our freedom, which takes great courage (“courage cannot erase our fear. courage is when we face our fear”- Seize the Day, Newsies)

It isn’t easy serving. That is because of what they have to face. The risk of being killed, loud sounds from gunshots, seeing friends killed, dealing with terrible injuries, etc…….In many ways, Memorial Day makes me think of the uprising in Les Mis (aka The June Rebellion of 1832).

“Bring Him Home” has always felt like the perfect Memorial Day song. Valjean is praying to make sure Marius (the revolutionary his adopted daughter loves) lives. The sad truth is that Marius will be the only survivor- you see how he was affected during “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”

What songs do you think are good Memorial Day ones?