About mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

My Favorite Musical

I may be a musical theatre fanatic, but I do love some musicals more than others. Well, to be honest, two musicals are tied for my favorite. Two severely and very meaningful ones are up there. One is a fantasy and the other is a tragedy.


Loved for 15 years. Yes, I first saw the musical in NYC August of 2006- at the time, it was a date with my mom, and “Popular” was my favorite song. The other four times were on tour in Charlotte. What was the importance of Wicked? For starters, I began to understand emotional connection, a vital part to the musical experience. Emotional connection is the WANT, DESIRE, and REASON, to feel the emotions. Wicked also was when I started to understand the emotional and complex side to musicals in both character and plot. In addition, it was home to the first love triangle I emotionally bonded to, one of the reasons why it is my favorite musical theatre love triangle.

Well, Elphaba played an important part in my life. To this day, she remains my favorite musical theatre character. Just like her, I know what its like to be different. Because of Wicked, there were important things I knew I wanted in musicals- spectacle, dance, comedy, romance, positive and negative emotions, and a strong emotional connection. I literally thought ALL musicals were happy and comic, and capable of sad moments, but little did I know how things would change and be challenged.

Les Mis

Well, you would think this is my favorite musical, but why hasn’t it soared past Wicked? It has to do with some of the things Wicked has that Les Mis doesn’t. Les Mis actually challenged a LOT on what I thought about musicals. Yes, sad was already at the forefront, but I didn’t know about heartbreak or tragic musicals. Even death was unmemorable and didn’t happen during song.

To get Les Mis in my life, I had to be “tricked” when I saw the musical film- by not being told it was a tragedy. That was because I had told myself I will never love a tragedy in high school. When I found out, I was confused and shocked. After the film ended, I didn’t know what to think of Les Mis. Despite that, a few days or weeks later, started researching the musical.

For whatever reason, in March 2013, I gave the film a 2nd chance and the rest is history. I was able to discover Les Mis was uplifiting. Here is my rule about a musical not having spectacle or dance- something has to make up for it. Les Mis is so powerful, emotional, passionate and epic. It has several characters to form emotional connections to and easily makes you an emotional wreck- a combo of goosebumps and tears. I learned to like tragedies because of Les Mis. I was able to finally discover the emotion of heartbreak and learn that even death can be memorable. By the way, I saw the stage show six times.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Review

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a favorite childhood book of mine, as well as musical. My favorite of the musical movies is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. So, I have reread two Roald Dahl books.

Charlie Bucket’s wonderful adventure begins when he finds one of Willy Wonka’s precious Golden Tickets and wins a whole day inside the mysterious chocolate factory. Little does he know the surprises that are in store for him.

Five kids are invited to visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but only if you find a Golden Ticket in one of Wonka Bars. They are invited to bring one to two members of their family. Four of them are not “good” kids, and one is better than the others.

Obviously, I love Charlie Bucket, the main character of the book. His family may be poor, but he is a good kid. It would be difficult for him to find a Golden Ticket, but he wants to find one. It took a couple times until Charlie finally found one- it was four bars until he found one. Hearing about the other kids was crazy- not quite as good as Charlie.

The factory is amazing- The Chocolate Room, where everything is edible, which has the Chocolate River. The journey on the boat is like a terrifying roller coaster. The room with the Everlasting Gobstoppers. The room with the talented squirrels and of course, the Television Room. Something happens in each room they visit- we lose a new kid in each of them until one is left. I love those Oompa Loompas. It actually made sense why the book became a musical- in the book, the Oompa Loompas actually do sing, so it naturally comes to them.

Fantasy Characters in Books

There are a number of wonderful characters in storytelling. I decided to only focus on fantasy characters today- as in those that aren’t human. They can range from demigods, hobbits, dragons (even if metal), elves, dwarves, witches, wizards, etc…..So, what are some of my favorite fantasy characters?

The Characters

  1. Frodo
  2. Sam
  3. Pippin
  4. Merry
  5. Bilbo
  6. Legolas
  7. Arwen
  8. Harry Potter
  9. Ron
  10. Hermione
  11. Festus
  12. Percy Jackson
  13. Annabeth
  14. Reepicheep
  15. Mr. Tummnus
  16. Aslan
  17. Achilles
  18. Circe
  19. Ozzie
  20. Pan


Yes, I love more fantasy characters than the ones I have listed, but its all I could of at the moment.

Not a Typical Millennial

What is “normal” exactly? In so many ways, I am not a typical millennial. You can figure out through my interests alone.


When you think of millennials, you think of those who love pop and rap. But in my case, I am a fan of musical theatre and contemporary christian music. It was Fran McKendree that made me a contemporary christian music fan- after all, he lead the music at our Parish Weekends from 2003-2008, which was my introduction to the music. My family raised me on musical theatre- it helped that my mom took me to NYC to see Wicked on Broadway in 2006 (yes, that was the start, but later Les Mis made me a musical theatre fanatic)


What about Nicholas Sparks, Hunger Games, and Twilight for instance? Well, my taste for books doesn’t line up exactly either. Well, I love both fantasy (which usually is both middle grade and adult), mythology and classics. I am referring specifically to old classics (such as Homer, Cervantes, Hugo, Hardy, and Dickens).


Even my tastes in movies differ. Just like books, don’t like does three types of movies either. I even don’t like horror or Marvel (my taste when it comes to superhero is Star Wars). What is my taste in movies. Well, that would belong to Disney and musical movies in particular.

Favorite Live Action Disney Movies

There are a love are Disney movies, and some started out as animated movies. I decided to make a list for those I love.


This is the first live action Disney I remember. Lily James was incredible as Cinderella. I loved how they showed more backstory to both Cinderella and the Prince; and the present.

The Jungle Book

It is hard to describe why I loved this movie so much. The animals look like real animals.

Beauty and the Beast

For starters, you learn more about Belle. As in, you learn more about her mother. Plus, you learn more about The Beast- as in why did he have his anger problem. I also even love the added song, “Evermore”. Among other things. The title song in this movie makes me tear up—–Beauty and the Beast.


Just like B & B, the added song is another song that I love, which is “Speechless”. Still magical- with the genie and the magic carpet.