The Best Christmas Books

One thing that is important to bookworms is to always be in the middle of reading a book. Now that we are in the middle of Christmas season, there are some books that are wonderful to read. That is a result of them either being Christmas book and/or having some of the best Christmas and Winter scenes. So, what books are the best Christmas books.

  1. A Christmas Carol- my favorite Christmas book
  2. Man Who Invented Christmas- the origin story of “A Christmas Carol”
  3. A Christmas Treasury- a collection of short stories and poems (“A Christmas Carol” is part of it)
  4. Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe- the first book is the one with Narnia’s Winter
  5. Harry Potter Series
  6. Nevermoor Series
  7. Spinning Silver- a chilly and icy book

*The Harry Potter and Nevermoor Series are on here because the Christmas in their fantasy worlds are magical.

What Christmas books would you add?

November 2022 in Review

It is hard to believe it is already December. November had some highlights, including a major one. So, what are November’s highlights.


So glad, I was able to finish a book this month. I read “The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” this month.


This was my major highlight. I finally saw Hadestown, a musical I was fascinated by since it swept the Tonys in 2019. Considering the fact that I love Greek Mythology, it is of no surprise that I wanted to see it. It was amazing and I now am addicted to the soundtrack.


Of course, this is always a November highlight. I got to make the Pumpkin Pie this year. It is always fun visiting family, as in those outside of your immediate family.

Start of Christmas Spirit

Well, November is when I started getting into Christmas Spirit. I started having Peppermint Mocha and Peppermint Bark Latte this month. Plus, my family watched our first Christmas movie, which was Elf. In addition, the outside lights started being put up (I always help with that).

Fantasy Books and Series with Wonderful Christmas

Well, now we are in the season of preparing for Christmas. One of the wonderful things about the genre of fantasy is seeing how their cultures celebrate Christmas. After all, fantasy worlds are made-up so exploring their culture is always fun. So, what fantasy books and/or series have some of the best Christmas scenes?

Harry Potter

It is always fun to see their Christmas celebrated at Hogwarts. The way the castle is decorated is fun. It is always magical for Harry- after all, he never got to really celebrate at his “home”- for Harry, Hogwarts is home.


Christmas is one of my favorite parts of this series. You see this amazing battle between The Yule Queen (green) and Saint Nicholass (red)- for the battle, the citizens favor one over the other. On Christmas, the Yule Queen delivers snow and Saint Nicholas delivers a stocking with gifts and a burning fire in the fireplaces.

Chronicles of Narnia

Of course, Christmas in this fantasy land is magical. Their winter is extremely beautiful, which would makes their Christmas pretty wonderful.

My Love for Narnia

As bookworms, we have our favorite genres. We also have our origin stories for why we love the genres we love. It it a known fact that I love fantasy, which consists of made-up worlds, quests, witches, wizards, and interesting beasts and creatures, etc, So, what is one of the series that made me fall in love with fantasy?

Chronicles of Narnia- C.S. Lewis

The World of Narnia is wonderful- the talking animals, the talking trees, the winter, and those who live there.There is a lot of magic and wonder to the land- especially if you read in publication order. The series has one of my favorite sibling relationships- those of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. If it wasn’t for The Blitz, they most likely wouldn’t have discovered Narnia.

The craziest thing about Narnia is the time- it passes by faster than in the real world. It also has several connections to Christianity- it is easiest to notice that in Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe (the differences between Aslan and The White Witch). The Pevensie children were supposed to come to Narnia to restore hope.

I fell in love with the series by the movies and then read the books. I suggest reading in publication order- gives it more magic and wonder.

The Greek Mythology Stories I Love

It has already been a known fact that I love Greek Mythology. There is something interesting about the world of Gods, Goddesses, demigods, the quests, beasts and creatures. True, there are some things in common with fantasy- but the quests, beasts, and creatures are so different. So, what are the Greek works I love (ranges from book to musical)


Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus

It was the Percy Jackson series that made me learn to love Greek Mythology. I originally read Percy Jackson and the Olympians in middle school. Glad I eventually reread them- picked up on things I didn’t read the first time. It would prepare me for Heroes of Olympus, the sequel series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.


The Iliad- I first studied this work in 10th grade, however years later eventually read the entire piece. The story focuses on The Trojan War.

The Odyssey- love this more than The Iliad. It actually feels more like a myth- that is because it has a quest. Odysseus is a great hero who encounters a number of beasts and creatures on his way home.

*I actually see these two books as part of a duology*


Song of Achilles- The Illiad from Patroclous’ POV. This was my first Greek Retelling I read.

Circe- The book said something around the lines of “Song of Achilles” fans should read it.

Daughters of Sparta- This is the women’s POV of The Iliad- Helen and her Sister’s side of the story

Favorite Greek Myths

This is a book about some of the most famous Greek Myths. Yes, it uses the Roman Greek God names, but at least in the back of the book you can see what their Greek version is. Greek Myths include that of King Midas, Narcissus and Echo, and that of the Sun God (the ones I already knew). It even included two that would be important to a musical I would eventually see- the myth of Hades and Persephone, and Orpheus and Eurydice. Hades still isn’t a God I like

Musical- Hadestown

This was the most recent musical that I saw. Hadestown intertwines the myths of Orpheus and Eurydice, and Hades and Persephone. I got fascinated by the show because it was based off of Greek Mythology. Hermes warns us at the beginning that it is “a sad song, a tragedy”. I actually love how the end of the show goes straight to the beginning. After seeing the stage show, I have been hooked on the soundtrack. The songs are different than what you think of when you think musical theatre.