Bookshop of the Broken-Hearted Review

This was my 10th read of the year.

Tom Hope doesn’t think he’s much of a farmer, but he’s doing his best. He can’t have been much of a husband to Trudy, either, judging by her sudden departure. It’s only when she returns, pregnant to someone else, that he discovers his surprising talent as a father. So when Trudy finds Jesus and takes little Peter away with her to join the holy rollers, Tom’s heart breaks all over again.

Enter Hannah Babel, quixotic smalltown bookseller: the second Jew—and the most vivid person—Tom has ever met. He dares to believe they could make each other happy. 

But it is 1968: twenty-four years since Hannah and her own little boy arrived at Auschwitz. Tom Hope is taking on a batttle with heartbreak he can barely even begin to imagine


This book was totally different than I thought. I believe I would be seeing more scenes connected to the bookshop, but I was wrong. But than wouldn’t stop me from enjoying the book. It was also another book focusing on two time periods, and you will able to easily tell them apart- as the chapters made that obvious.

I am STRONGLY particular when it comes to stories dealing with The Holocaust. While yes, you will able to see some of the horrors when you entered the 1940s timeline, at least it didn’t go too much into it, as in to make you feel too traumatized. That wasn’t the main timeline- it was actually the 1960s- the one dealing with Tom Hope and Hannah (but the 1940s does help explain some of Hannah’s actions).

I loved Peter, who is Tom’s son—-yes, not biological but still his son. His first wife, Trudy, is his biolgocial mother (explaining how Peter is Tom’s son). I didn’t like that woman- how can she can’t love him and send him to that terrible place- yes it’s called Jesus Camp, but home to a horrible rector. The punishments are too severe and Peter hates it there- he made it clear the first time he escaped.

About the Bookshop- it barley plays a part in the book, even though that is how Tom and Hannah met. I thought the book would be another “power of literature” story, but it isn’t. It is more about Tom and Hannah’s journey’s- both of them had hardships in their life. Hannah is still dealing with her loss during The Holocaust- probably explaining why she rejected Peter at first (maybe reminded her of Micheal). Tom, currently, had to put up with a terrible wife and her taking away Peter- he wanted Peter to be with him; not with Trudy.

Proud to be American

Today is the Fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day in America. No matter what, I will ALWAYS be proud to be an American. Just because bad things happen doesn’t mean you should stop loving the Country. I strongly believe that MOST people are good- I don’t base my opinion on what I see on the News. In Life, there has to be good and bad things happening, and also the World isn’t as broken as we think. I also base things off of what I see everyday- as in what I see around me- as in off the News. So, what do I love about America?

Good American Things

  1. Mountains and Greenways- I love to hike
  2. Beaches- yes, not a beach person, but still variety in nature
  3. Ways to Volunteer
  4. Bitty and Beau’s Coffee- one of the BEST coffee shops (it’s my job)
  5. Broadway and Broadway Tours and Community College Productions
  6. Even the access to movie theaters
  7. Bookshops- both independent and chains (love both Barnes and Noble and places like Malaprops and Park Road Books)
  8. Difference between States and Cities
  9. Good Education
  10. Diversity of the Country

June 2022 in Review

Can’t believe it is finally July. Why come once June hits, I feel like the rest of the year flies. I have been looking forward to June ever since the beginning of the year. I knew it would be an exciting month. So, what are the highlights of June?


Finished- 3 books

Daughters of Sparta– I have been reading a LOT of mythology lately. This is basically “The Iliad”, but from the women’s POV most specifically Helen and her sister. It makes you think differently about their husbands and even about the women. A different POV makes you almost look at all of those characters differently.

Sea of Trolls– The start of a trilogy. So glad the author made a list of characters and grew a map. It isn’t Greek Mythology, but instead Norse Mythology. I was really enjoying reading this book. Jack, our protagonist, is training to be a bard and the story starts when he was kidnapped by berserkers. Magic and there are some interesting characters in this book. I now want to own the rest of the trilogy.

Favorite Greek Myths– who wants to learn the basic Greek Myths? It is all found in this book. True, it might have used the Roman God names, but at least in the back of the book you can find what the Greek name is. I already knew some of those myths- the one with flying towards the sun, the one with the reflection in the water, and King Midas. I wanted to read it—-aware that The Hadestown myth was in it- aka “Journey to the Underworld”, and even “The Kidnapping” connects (one is Orpheus and Euyrdice and the other is how Persphone became Queen of the Underworld)

Symphony in the Park (POPS)

On the 19th, my family finallly went back to the POPS—-which is known as Symphony in the Park. That is usually done every Sunday in June, and every week there is theme, and we usually bring a picnic. The theme we listened to was Hollywood- from Harry Potter to Raider’s of the Lost Arc to Frozen to Beauty and the Beast to West Side Story, etc…..


Thinking of music, June was finally my first time to see a musical. My mom and I went to see Frozen with Blumenthal. I choose a blue dress, which in some ways reminded me of Elsa’s “Let it Go” costume. The show was amazing- I was looking forward to the new songs especially as it was my fist time seeing them happening. I already had an idea of where they were going to happen.

An amazing cast, fantastic special effects, amazing songs, and incredible dancing and spectacle. Caroline Bowman and Lauren Nicole Chapman led our cast- as Elsa and Anna. Loved the two little girls who played Young Elsa and Young Anna. I really wanted to get the main Pabbie, and we did—-especially because he was a Charlotte native.


Secrets of Dumbledore

As it is known, I love Harry Potter. Due to that love, I started watching the Fantastic Beasts series. That is another movie series that I love- I thought I lost my chance of watching Secrets of Dumbledore, but I got my chance towards the beginning of June. As a matter of fact, I don’t mind being in Hufflepuff due to Newt- as that is his house.

I know Secrets of Dumbledore has gotten a lot of negative criticism, but doesn’t stop me from loving it. I always love it when I see the beasts involved in some way- usually are helping Newt- most of the time it is usually a niffler of a bowtruckle. As a Harry Potter fan, always loved picking up references others can’t. It seems that each Fantastic Beasts movie, we always get introduced to new beasts, which make things pretty exciting. True, the main setting does change, but I love seeing how different Wizarding Worlds work as we are so used to the British Wizarding World thanks to Harry Potter.

The 25th Anniversary- Harry Potter Series

In life, there are several things that mean something to us. As bookworms, we have those standalone books or series that hold a lot of meaning. It is those stories that stay a part of us- they have stories and characters that we love. They usually are why we love certain genres, and why we continue to read them.

I learned earlier this week that one of my favorite book series turned 25- that is hard to believe. The Harry Potter series has truly been a huge part of several people’s lives. It has been largely successful. One of two series that made me a fantasy fan. Yes, when the 1st book came out, it was called “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, but to Americans we know that book as “Sorcerer’s Stone”.

I originally fell in love with the series by the films- but the only way to get me to see the first film was to come as Superhero (I literally tied a blanket around my neck and became Super Meg). That was how my journey with Harry Potter began. I actually don’t remember when I first read the books (I had to borrow them from my sister). Growing up, I wanted to be in Gryffindor because of The Golden Trio. Eventually I owned my own set of books- I decided to reread the series starting in 2021 and finished the read in 2022.

So what house am I in? It is Hufflepuff, and if I wasn’t, it would be Ravenclaw.

The series that is truly magical, with amazing beasts and creatures, incredible characters, and an amazing world (AKA Hogwarts). It is filled with one of the most amazing friendships- Harry, Ron, and Hermione are known as The Golden Trio, and go through several trials especially when something goes wrong at Hogwarts.

Favorite Greek Myths Review

As many know, my top favorite genres of books belong to classics and fantasy. However, there is another genre I love, which belongs to the world of Greek Mythology, which is similar to fantasy. Both of those genres deal with quests, magic, beasts/creatures, and magical beings (as in gods, goddesses, demigods, wizards, and witches). I actually have read a LOT of mythology lately, including Favorite Greek Myths.

Welcome to a strange and beautiful world, where the moon, the sun, and the wind are all gods; where a human form can easily change into a plant or an animal; where nature’s secrets are magically revealed through tales of wonder. Welcome to the world of Greek mythology.

Here are twelve favorite myths that are just as well-loved today as that are just as well-loved today as they were in ancient times. Meet the daring Phaeton, who charges across the skies in the sun god’s chariot; the greedy King Midas, who for gold nearly brings about his god; the vain Narcissus, who falls in love with his own reflection; and the loving mortals Baucis and Philemon, whose generosity raises them to the level of the gods.

Found within the book were myths I was familiar with, as in ones I learned about a long time ago. But MOST were ones I never knew about, so it was fun discovering those. I knew about the story of Helios and his son; the story of King Midas (but had no clue it was a Greek Myth), and the story of Narcissus and his own reflection. As in ones I learned about years ago. While the book used the Roman God names, I had no problem with that—–all because at the back, they showed who their Greek names were; plus I actually knew some of the counterparts—-like Jupiter (Zeus), Pluto (Hades), Venus (Aphrodite), Minerva (Athena); and sometimes could figure it out based on when it said what they were God of….

I specifically wanted to read this book because it had the original Hadestown myth in it. Otherwise known as “The Journey to the Underworld”. However, there are two myths connected to that musical——–even “The Kidnapping was related. Only because it was important to understand how Persephone became Queen of the Underworld and why she sometimes leaves the Underworld and returns. After all, in November I am seeing Hadestown and also been fascinated by the show since it swept the Tonys back in 2019.