The Holocaust- Books

When it comes to reading, it is a known fact that everyone has a limit. That refers to what we are comfortable with. There is one topic I can be extremely particular about- The Holocaust. When it comes to that time period, there are two sides (the bad and the good). What do I mean by that in reading?

The Bad

Here is what I can’t handle in this time period. If a book is focusing too much on the concentration camps and the hiding (as in no one helping), that makes me severely uncomfortable.

The Good

However, there is a more positive side to this time period. If it focuses more on helping the Jews, it is easier to deal with. “The Paper Girl of Paris” showed Nazi Resistance Fighters, which reminded me of The Friends of the ABC in Les Misérables. One of the “power of literature” stories I read showed how books were able to help them out. If a book can focus on rescue and helping, than it is a more positive story (yes, you might still see uncomfortable scenes, but you are aware there is hope).

Nonfiction Books I Love or TBR

One of my least favorite genres is nonfiction. However, it isn’t a genre I fully dislike. That is a result of falling in love with some of the books. For the most part, I tend to fall in love with inspirational nonfiction books. So, what nonfiction books do I love and are still on my TBR?


  1. One Hundred Story Home
  2. Same Kind of Different as Me
  3. I am Malala
  4. Yellow-Lighted Bookshop
  5. Pour Your Heart Into It- good for coffee lovers and those wanting to start a business
  6. Man Who Invented Christmas
  7. Dewey
  8. The Day the World Came to Town- perfect for Come From Away fans
  9. The Movie Musical
  10. Bolton and Wodehouse and Kern
  11. 150 Years of Musical Theatre

*At the moment, I am reading “Something Wonderful”, which is about Rodgers and Hammerstein*


  1. Singular Sensation
  2. Working on a Song
  3. Defying Gravity

February 2023 in Review

I always consider February to be a strange month. After all, it is the shortest month of the year. February was a month without many highlights- as a matter of fact, had no idea if there would be any. So, what was February like?

Rail Trail Lights

Well, I went to these last year. So glad that they decided to return. They are collection of colorful and illuminated lights. In many ways, it is hard to describe what they are like- kinda of like “the power of live theater”. You have to be there to understand them. This really was the main highlight of the month


I wasn’t able to finish a single book, but got some progress done. At least, I am in the middle of two books (one physical and the other kindle). Working on “Something Wonderful” and “Under the Whispering Door”

10 Years More

As musical theatre fans know, there are many milestones that happen with their favorite musicals. Loving a musical for 10 years is huge especially with top favorite shows. As so many know, my love for Les Mis is pretty meaningful. I can’t believe I fell in love with it early 2013 after giving the film a 2nd chance. While I don’t know what made me give it a 2nd chance, so glad I did- almost as if the musical was meant to enter my life

The Journey

When it comes to my Les Mis journey, it isn’t easy to describe. It is a musical that challenged everything I thought I knew about musical theatre. I was able to learn that 1) tragic musicals exist, 2) heartbreak is a musical emotion, and 3) death can be memorable and can happen through song, etc……

First, let’s start with the stage show. I have seen it seven times- yes, with five casts (only because for one I was an usher). But the most special will always be at The Queen’s Theater in the West End (will always be The Queen’s to me), the night a dream came true. The years I saw the stage show were 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2023 (that is in 3 cities and 5 theaters).

Well, outside of the stage show, I have seen the film, the 25th, 10th, and 2019 concerts. So that totals to nine casts. If I look at all the casts combined, I have a LOT of repeat actors (same role; more than one lead; or going from ensemble to lead)

Outside of seeing Les Mis, there are fun things that happened in between. Such as Les Mis parties, reading the unabridged book (that was the same Summer I saw it in London), adding things to my Les Mis collection, etc………It really isn’t an easy journey to describe- after all, I am obsessed with the musical

Why I Love Les Mis

Everyone has reasons why they keep on loving a musical. Usually in a musical, I can easily choose my favorite song or narrow it down to two. But in Les Mis’ case, I can’t (their songs are that good). The songs are epic, passionate, powerful, and highly emotional. The show is both character-rich and plot-rich- such a complex story filled with at least one character or multiple you will love (it is impossible for that not to happen).

Despite the tragic nature, it is filled with lots of hope. Other spiritual themes are love, forgiveness, humanity, sacrifice, and redemption. The deaths are memorable in many ways- they are moving, touching, and bittersweet. It gives you the much-needed comic relief. When you leave the show, you leave filled with hope and also leave feeling uplifted.

You never want to see a musical with songs you dislike. If that happens, why would you care? You wouldn’t want to go on the characters’ journeys. You need to form an emotional connection to the characters and story to love a musical- I have a strong one in Les Mis. That is one of the many reasons why I am an emotional wreck each time I watch it- no matter if it is the film, the stage show, one of the filmed concerts or the soundtrack. In addition, the songs are that emotional and powerful that they have the ability to hit you like a pile of bricks.

All The MG Grade Series I Love/TBR

It is a known fact that I love fantasy. Fantasy is a genre where everything is fictional- from the world to the characters to the quests, etc……We truly transport to a different place due the worlds being fiction. So, what are the MG grade series I love or are still my TBR?

Nevermoor- Jessica Townsend

This is one of the series I am still working on. It originally was supposed to have three books- if that was the case, I would be done with the series by now. However, now it changed to a total of nine, which means more waiting- Silverborn: The Mystery of Morrigan Crow is the book I am anticipating the most this year. I love Morrigan Crow (along with her best friend, Hawthorne, and Cadence (I learned to like her in the 2nd book), the staff at the Hotel Deucalion, and the city of Nevermoor itself

This is actually a series I discovered through the blogging world. So, this is the first series I am reading that was recommended through the blogosphere

Sea of Trolls Trilogy (own all 3)- Nancy Farmer

I only read the first book, but might have to reread it (just to catch up).

Chronicles of Narnia- C.S. Lewis

Who doesn’t love Narnia? After all, it is a classic series. It is one of the main fantasy series that made me fall in love with fantasy. It is home to one of the best sibling relationships (Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy), and home to amazing creatures (Reepicheep, The Beavers, Tummnus, and of course Aslan, etc….). If read, I would recommend publication order- gives it more magic and wonder

Avalon:Web of Magic- Rachel Roberts

This was one of my favorite series I read in the past. This is home to one of the most magical friendships- that of Emily, Adrienne, and Kara. I love the bonds they made to their animal friends- Ozzie being one of them (I loved him along with the other two). The magic in the pebbles was always fun to watch

Howl’s Trilogy- Diana Wynne Jones

This was an interesting trilogy to read. It was strange, but enjoyable at the same time. It is strange in the sense that the books have different protagonists and antagonists, but yet somehow connect (if that makes sense). There are three characters that are in all three (Sophie, Calcifer, and Howl)- that is how they connect

Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling

This contemporary classic series only counts because part of the books are MG (eventually they become YA). It was the combo of Harry Potter and Narnia that made me a fantasy fan. I love the Wizarding World in these series- from Hogwarts to Diagon Alley, etc…There are so many characters to love in this series and the plot is amazing.

Land of Stories/A Tale of Magic Trilogy- Chris Colfer

I originally came across this set of books by Land of Stories. It centers on Alex and Conner’s adventures in the Land of Stories- they comes across familiar and new fairy tale creatures and characters. I read these in the college years since they were easy to read. Eventually, I came across A Tale of Magic, which is the prequel series (which was written after Land of Stories)- I still am trying to decide if I want to reread Land of Stories to prepare me for A Tale of Magic

Sister’s Grimm- Michael Buckley

Have you heard of the Brother’s Grimm? These books are the complete opposite- Daphne and Sabrina Grimm are related to the Brother’s Grimm in this series. Just like Land of Stories, you come across some pretty familiar characters, but in a new way. Turns out the girls are fairy-tale detectives- so a combo of fantasy and mystery in one series

*As a matter of fact, MOST of the fantasy novels I read are in the MG world through series*