Escapes in my Life

Well, everyone has escapes in their life. For different people, they need an escape from “something”. In my case, it usually is from epilepsy—not the other disabilities I have. Yes, I have various escapes, but some feel BIGGER than others.

Musical Theatre

The power of live theater—-there are no words to describe it. There is a difference between looking at a screen versus being in an actual theater with the actors right in front of you. After all, no performance is exactly the same (even if you get the exact same cast). Only know that from experience- November 15th, November 17th, and November 24th of 2013 taught me that————-that was because it was CPCC’s production of Les Mis, but why did I see it 3x (well, once with my family and twice as an usher).

The two-way-conversation isn’t possible on screen. The actors feed off the audience and the audience feeds after the actors. So, your emotions, in some ways, are STRONGER and HEIGHTENED. But what about the live-streams in cinemas—-that really isn’t exactly in person—you are not physically there (so part of that two-way-conversation is missing).

There really is no way to describe the power of live theater


Yes, it is another escape—but not as strong as musical theatre. At least, it still is an escape. Just like the theater, you escape into the world of the characters and get lost (as in ignoring everything around you).

Bitty and Beau’s

Wait, why am I calling my job an escape? Well, it is a job I really really really love. A job that understands. The bond the employees have is incredible. I went from mainly being cashier to mainly being drink maker, two positions I really enjoy for different reasons.


To make it through life, you have to find some kind of escape. Something that makes you forget about the struggles you are going through. Or somewhere that truly understands (as in to make you feel like you are not alone). When it comes to books and musicals, you can find characters to look up to and ones you can relate to.

Favorite Animals in Books

There are a wide number of characters in literature. True, you have children to adults. But you also have various fantasy and mythology characters- meaning humans, who have powers (as in demigods, wizards, elves, witches, fairies, and hobbits). Well, for the animals—-might have to just say the character’s names.

Animals-Creatures-Beasts (going to include mine)

  1. Dragons
  2. Nifflers
  3. Unicorns
  4. Phoenix
  5. Owls
  6. Ents
  7. Hippogriffs
  8. Fairy Frogs
  9. Toads
  10. Aslan
  11. The Beavers
  12. Reepicheep
  13. Dobby
  14. Marsh-Wiggle
  15. Pan


Based on this, you can tell that animals do talk in certain fantasy books. One of the fun and wonders of Narnia. Look at the Wizarding World—–there are many delights there when it comes to Owls and other beasts and creatures. I could have included other kinds of characters on that list, but could have taken a while.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Review

This is the 4th book of the Harry Potter series. Things really start to get dark in this one.

Harry Potter wants to get away from the pernicious Dursleys and go to the Qudditch World Cup with Hermione, Ron, and the Weasleys. He wants to dream about Cho Chang, his crush (and maybe do more than dream). He wants to find out about the mysterious event involving two rival schools of magic, and a competions that hasn’t happened for hundreds of years. He wants to be a normal fourteen-year-old wizard. Unfortunately for Harry Potter, he’s not normal; he’s different- even by Wizarding standards.

And in his case, different can be deadly.

Unlike the first three books, it didn’t start as magical due to a nightmare. Harry Potter is now 14, and terrifying things do happen to him—that isn’t any scar he has (it does hurt and burn at times). At least, he can still go to The Qudditch World Cup with his best friends and the Weasleys, but even that ended deadly.

The novel primarily focuses on The Triwizard Tournament, a competition between three Wizarding Schools, which has three dangerous tasks. This year, each champion must be 17 to compete, but for some reason Harry’s name was put in the Goblet of Fire. This book has one of the most annoying characters- Rita Skeeter, a lying journalist.

I will always love The Golden Trio. Love seeing how they develop throughout the books. Love that they help Harry with the tasks. Prior to each task, the champions are told information about them so they have time to prepare—Ron and Hermione are willing to help Harry with that. Love their relationship to Hagrid.

In some ways, the book was better than the movie. For example, you got to see Dobby (glad to see him again). Plus, the 3rd task (the Maze) is somewhat different. The Maze has creatures and different obstacles in it, which is so different from the movie. True, it still remains my least favorite task—-because of the Graveyard scene.

Despite the chaos of the tasks, there are still some enjoyable scenes. Such as The Yule Ball- love how Hogwarts was designed for that.

Who is Ayra exactly?

Well, in the future, I really hope to create a book set in an expansive world. True, I already created a fantasy world, but The Cattail Forest isn’t expansive- as in not big enough. Expansive worlds are places like Middle Earth and Narnia- meaning they are like fictional countries. Some of my WIPS are trickier than others- as in harder to develop.


I know for a fact she is the protagonist of this expansive world idea. Just the frustrating thing is what is her “plot”? I have this idea in my head that she warrior-type, but the thing is she hasn’t fought any battles in her life. She lives right on the edge of The Enchanted Forest, which is exactly where Fairy Frogs (as in other species and the same place their origins are) and other magical beings live. That would mean there is a chance she might have heard of the “Tale of the Cattail Forest”. I actually have thought that she owns a dragon- I mean, can you think of many books with good dragons and also owned by a female.

Current Progress of my WIPS

Today, I decided to update on ALL of my WIPS. They each vary in so many ways- from the setting to the characters to the plots.

Tale of the Cattail Forest

As many know, this is my main WIP. At the moment, it is in the middle of final edits of my 6th draft.

After moving to Fairy Creek where the Fairy Frogs live, Sparkle explores her new surroundings to pursue her craft. She is always looking for adventure and new places to draw, but when she ventures out beyond Fairy Creek into Graysloup, she encounters some toads, meets new challenges,  and makes unlikely friendships. The friendships all begin when she decides to befriend a young toad named Marge.

Things become challenging after encountering Sarge, leader of the toads, who tries to prevent all the friendships. Will the courage and cleverness of the Fairy Frogs stop Sarge from breaking up these new friendships? The frogs and toads learn how to use their talents and explore new ways of developing compassion and friendships

In total, this story has 13 characters, who are Fairy Frogs and Toads, and they live in The Cattail Forest. The settings consist of Fairy Creek, Cattail Marsh, Graysloup, and The Bog. Fairy Frogs are ALL compassionate, clever, and naturally gifted in the arts. Saying everything about this book will take a while.

Lizzy the Lizard

This is my 2nd WIP and does have progress on the 1st draft, but partway through. Writing a picture book is harder than you think. The story is about a Lizard named Lizzy, who escapes from her citrus farm in FL and has to find her way back home. How do you fit so much story in so little space?

Greatest Discovery

This is a tricky child. As in, it is very very hard to develop and brainstrom—-only at that stage. I can name ALL of the major characters. I only know my protagonists the best, who are Aurora and Jasmine, fraternal twins. Set in NYC, it is about a group of six orphans, who go on a scavenger hunt T.V. show- I only know the middle and the end of the book.

Expansive World Idea

I really hope to create a book set in some expansive world. All I know is that the world is some mountainous island that has an enchanted forest somewhere. Thinking this is the place the Fairy Frogs origins are from. I know the protagonist is Ayra and have the idea that she warrior-type. I keep on having this idea of her having a dragon- don’t know where that came from. Just have zero plot idea.