Disney Princesses I am A Combo of

For many people, we are a combo of one classic and one contemporary Disney princess. Now, let me say who my combo belongs to.


The most obvious similarity between the two of us are the bookworm side of us. Not only are we both bookworms, but unique as well.


The two of us share a lot in common. For starters, we are the both the youngest. There is a lot in common when it comes to personality- outgoing, optimistic, and impulsive. We both want to have a stronger relationship with our sisters.

Disney Characters I Love

One huge part of childhood belongs to Disney. When I think of Disney, I think of musicals. There are a number of characters I love- So, what are some favorite Disney characters of mine- these come from stage and movies?

The Characters

  1. Simba
  2. Mufasa
  3. Nala
  4. Zazu
  5. Rafiki
  6. Pumba
  7. Timon
  8. Jack Kelly
  9. Crutchie
  10. Davey
  11. The Newsies
  12. Katherine Plumber
  13. Elsa
  14. Anna
  15. Kristoff
  16. Olaf
  17. Sven
  18. Belle
  19. Beast
  20. Lumiere
  21. Cogsworth
  22. Chip
  23. Mrs. Potts
  24. Troy
  25. Gabriella
  26. Aladdin
  27. Jasmine
  28. Babkak
  29. Omar
  30. Kassim
  31. Abu
  32. Genie


From Disney alone, there are a lot of characters to love and a number to hate. After all, how many famous villains exist in the Disney musicals?

What other Disney musical characters can you add?

Favorite Actors for Characters

We all have them- as in our favorite actors for characters. We may see the same musical multiple times, but yet the same actor still remains our favorite for that part. Some actors may just have an advantage over others- 1) being first, 2) only one you remember, or 3) only actor in the part. My favorite actors in roles aren’t just from the stage show, but also from the musical movies- don’t forget I fell in love with some musicals by their movies.

My Favorite Actors for Characters

Elphaba- Mary Kate Morrissey

Glinda- Amanda Jane Copper

Fiyero- Ashley Parker Angel

Javert- Jeremy Secomb

Cosette- Jillian Butler

Marius- Joshua Grosso

Eponine- Samantha Barks

Jack Kelly- Joey Barreiro

Simba- Jared Nixon

Nala- Nia Halloway

Belle- Emma Watson

Beast- Dan Stevens

Maria- Julie Andrews

Leading Player- Lisa Karlin

Kim- Emily Bautista

Chris- Anthony Festa

The Engineer- Eymard Cabling


These are the ones I could think of at the moment. I saw them from a combo of stage and movies.

Musical Solos I Love (Stage and Movie)

There are various types of songs in musical theatre. You have the ensemble numbers, the duets, and the solos, etc……These songs will consist of those from BOTH stage shows and musical movies.

The Songs

  1. Defying Gravity
  2. The Wizard and I
  3. I’m Not That Girl
  4. Popular
  5. Bring Him Home
  6. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
  7. On My Own
  8. I Dreamed a Dream
  9. Stars
  10. Who Am I
  11. What Have I Done
  12. Wishing You Were Somewhere Here Again
  13. Music of the Night
  14. Corner of the Sky
  15. One Song Glory
  16. Out Tonight
  17. Any Dream Will Do
  18. Where I Belong
  19. If I Can’t Love Her
  20. Evermore
  21. A Change in Me
  22. Home
  23. Santa Fe
  24. Letter From the Refuge
  25. Proud of Your Boy
  26. Speechless
  27. Let It Go
  28. True Love
  29. Monster
  30. Dangerous to Dream
  31. The Next Right Thing
  32. Lost in the Woods
  33. When There was You and Me
  34. Shadowland
  35. Endless Night
  36. Beauty and the Beast
  37. Tomorrow
  38. In My Own Little Corner
  39. Sound of Music
  40. Climb Every Mountain
  41. Some Enchanted Evening
  42. This Nearly Was Mine
  43. As Long As He Needs Me
  44. The Impossible Dream
  45. My Petersburg
  46. In My Dreams
  47. Journey To The Past


I LOVE more solos than the ones I listed, but it’s what I could think of for now. These songs express a wide range of emotions- from romance to heartbreak to empowerment, etc……

Musicals I Think My Characters would Love

So far, I created a LOT of characters- they come from Tale of the Cattail Forest, Lizzy the Lizard, Greatest Discovery, and my Expansive World idea. However, some of the stories have better developed characters than others. What musicals do I think those characters would love?

Tale of the Cattail Forest

Tweetsie- due to being five, I think she would love anything relating to Disney. As in the princess ones at her age. Frozen, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Lion King would be some of her favorites. She even would love Mary Poppins as well. Despite not being Disney, she would also love Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella- probably would be her favorite R/H musical. SPOILERS: due to being a performer herself, I think she would fall in love with a number of musicals as she gets older.

Sparkle- she is someone who would literally draw anything. Does that mean she would literally fall in love with many musicals? She, like Lizzy, is adventurous, so she would be able to relate to Belle.

Misty- well, she is a singer by nature. Actually, in a lot of ways, she does have the protective side of Belle, so maybe Beauty and the Beast. At her age (12). As she gets older, I am thinking Wicked and Les Misérabes due to that side of her.

Sarge- I don’t think he will realize this at first, but I think he will love Phantom of the Opera. I think he will be able to relate to the Phantom. After all, he was abused growing up leading him to have an anger problem. He didn’t even realize how broken and lonely he really became. Physical and emotional scars were left on him. Nightmares were memories- those made things worse. As a matter of fact, I think he even could connect to Beauty and the Beast——as in the Beast, who had a temper he couldn’t control until someone helped changed his life.

Lizzy the Lizard

Lizzy- I think her favorite musical will be Beauty and the Beast. She is a very curious and adventurous lizard. Leading her to accidentally escape her citrus farm. I mean, she is the main character of a picture book.

Greatest Discovery

Jasmine- for sure, she would Aladdin especially because she is named after the princess Jasmine. She would love anything Disney- from Aladdin to Beauty and the Beast to Lion King to Mary Poppins, etc. She even would love Newsies when it comes to stage. Even Tangled and Frozen. I mean, she and her twin sister had Disney-loving parents. She would also love Wicked. She would take a strong delight to seeing the costumes and how they were made.

Aurora- she would love Wicked when she gets to see it and just like Jasmine, any one of the Disney musicals she saw when her parents were still alive. Aladdin, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and later in life, Tangled and Frozen and soon enough Newsies. When she sees Wicked, she would see Glinda as a fairy princess especially at the bubble dress- Aurora is quite innocent and naive even though they would be seeing Wicked close to age 11.

This is true about Aurora and Jasmine- they have a similar sisterly friendship that Elsa and Anna have. Jasmine is fiercely protective of Aurora especially since their parents died. Aurora, on the other hand, is more curious, innocent, and naive. Wouldn’t be surprised on how much they would love Frozen.

As a matter of fact, all of the orphans in GD would love Wicked due to the strong friendship they have. They are like sisters in so many ways.

Expansive World

Ayra- yes I barley know her. But I keep on having this feeling that she is a warrior-type character. So, she would probably love take a liking the most to the more emotional musicals. I think her favorite musical would probably be Les Misérables. Considering the time period. I mean one of the main aspects of Les Mis is the uprising. I think Ayra knows what its like to be different- so I think she would take a liking to Wicked as well and even Newsies. I really think she would be drawn to musicals that do take a focus on the underdogs.


Yes, I didn’t use all of my characters. At least, I was able to use my main characters from all of these WIPS.