Charlotte Shout 2022

Well, I am so glad Charlotte Shout returned. It is a fun event filled with innovation art work- as in art you can be awed at and art you sort of play with. Just depends on what you come across.

Well, here we were allowed to write on particular areas on this. It was called something like “Temple of Change”. Maybe because of all the writing that keeps on being added.

This was very interactive- we are allowed to push the tubes in and out. Almost like “Light Bright”, but not exactly as these tubes could be pushed to the other side. I mean, I could be one side and someone else could be the other.

Well, let me bring up two things that I don’t have pictures of. Things that were sort of “Spinning Tops”. Plus, they brought back the “Seesaws”—-one of my favorite things from the prior Charlotte Shout.

The Big Easter Eggs- Well, I was looking forward to these the most.

Yes, the picture from below are two different things. The illuminated snails.

Plus, the interesting but creepy faces. This is something you might find easy to run away from, but it is actually for amazing than it seems. Once you come across them.

My day at Charlotte Shout ended up in a cozy hammock (we found the hammocks and swings earlier, but they were full), so we waited for later. True the 2019 Charlotte Shout had more stuff to do, but this Charlotte Shout was still incredible in its own way.

This link below is about the first Charlotte Shout:

Rail Trail Lights

There are many things to love about the City of Charlotte. There are actually two fun places to take a fun walk- the Greenways and the Rain Trail. During the month of March, on the Rail Trail there were a series of illuminated lights. However, they aren’t meant to be seen during the day, but at night, where they can be seen the strongest and are the brightest.

So, on the 17th of March, my family decided to walk the Rail Trail to see those fun and colorful lights. Below are incredible pictures of the lights.

The Meaning of “Not Broken”

One of the messages at “Bitty and Beau’s Coffee”, the place I work at, is Not Broken. Bitty and Beau’s is a coffee shop that hires people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Now, what exactly does Not Broken mean?

Not Broken

Just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean they are any different from anyone else. Disabilities come in different forms and are so wide-ranging. The word “disability” is so misleading- the word literally means “not able”. That sounds like we are not able to do certain things, but that is far from the truth. I have a nonverbal learning disability, on the autism spectrum, and have epilepsy, but still capable of many things. In my opinion, the correct word to use instead of disability is difference—-meaning we only learn and accomplish things differently. We don’t need to be fixed or seen differently.

Not Broken literally means people with disabilities are just the same as everybody else. It even means we can do the same things as everybody else- as in going to school and getting a job. Define “normal”- it is no more than a setting on a washing machine.

Grand Central Station Analysis

One of the songs I usually tend to listen to over 9/11 belongs to Grand Central Station. It connects specifically to the rescue workers.

Got my work clothes on for love, sweat and dirt
All this holy dust upon my face an’ shirt
Headin’ uptown now, just as the shifts are changin’
To Grand Central Station

I’ve got my lunch box, got my hard hat in my hand
I ain’t no hero, mister, just a workin’ man
An’ all these voices keep on askin’ me to take them
To Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station

Wanna stand beneath the clock just one more time
Wanna wait upon the platform for the Hudson line
I guess you’re never really all alone or too far from
The pull of home an’ the stars upon that painted dome still shine

I paid my way out on the 42nd Street
I lit a cigarette and stared down at my feet
Imagined all the ones that ever stood here waitin’
At Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station

And now Hercules is starin’ down at me
Next to him’s Minerva and Mercury
Well, I nod to them and start my crawl
Flyers coverin’ every wall, faces of the missing are all I see

Tomorrow, I’ll be back there, workin’ on the pile
Going in, comin’ out, single file
Before my job is done there’s one more trip I’m makin’
To Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station, Mary Chapin Carpenter

What this doing have anything to do with the rescue workers during 9/11? It actually talks about the rescue workers who died, who wants their souls to be taken during GCS. That is that their voices are saying- take them to GCS. Based on the lyrics.