Grand Central Station Analysis

One of the songs I usually tend to listen to over 9/11 belongs to Grand Central Station. It connects specifically to the rescue workers.

Got my work clothes on for love, sweat and dirt
All this holy dust upon my face an’ shirt
Headin’ uptown now, just as the shifts are changin’
To Grand Central Station

I’ve got my lunch box, got my hard hat in my hand
I ain’t no hero, mister, just a workin’ man
An’ all these voices keep on askin’ me to take them
To Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station

Wanna stand beneath the clock just one more time
Wanna wait upon the platform for the Hudson line
I guess you’re never really all alone or too far from
The pull of home an’ the stars upon that painted dome still shine

I paid my way out on the 42nd Street
I lit a cigarette and stared down at my feet
Imagined all the ones that ever stood here waitin’
At Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station

And now Hercules is starin’ down at me
Next to him’s Minerva and Mercury
Well, I nod to them and start my crawl
Flyers coverin’ every wall, faces of the missing are all I see

Tomorrow, I’ll be back there, workin’ on the pile
Going in, comin’ out, single file
Before my job is done there’s one more trip I’m makin’
To Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station, Mary Chapin Carpenter

What this doing have anything to do with the rescue workers during 9/11? It actually talks about the rescue workers who died, who wants their souls to be taken during GCS. That is that their voices are saying- take them to GCS. Based on the lyrics.

Immersive Van Gogh Experience

Many people know Vincent Van Gogh is a famous painter and known for his painting, Starry Night. Blumenthal Performing Arts sponsored a Vincent Van Gogh Immersive Experience, which is wildly popular, which sold out quickly (so popular that the event expanded to last longer). While Blumenthal is thought of to be theater-natured, it also sponsors events such as Charlotte Shout and the Vincent Van Gogh Immersive Exhibit.

As you can tell in the pictures below, there was some photo opportunities outside of the actual immersive experience.

This event makes you look at his paintings in a way that is different. As in, you are able to get a close-up view of the paintings. The way each painting changed into the next was incredible. I was totally mesmerized watching it. I was most looking forward to Starry Night, my favorite Van Gogh painting- I actually was unaware of other Van Gogh paintings. You actually walk into this room and sit on a bench, and its almost as if you become a part of the paintings themselves- you can clearly see some of the brushstrokes themselves and the colors more vividly. While watching the paintings, you are also listening the music that perfectly match the nature of each painting or group of paintings.

Seriously, I have the hardest time describing how incredible this experience was. Actually, this was my first time at Camp North End in Charlotte. Afterwards, my family had some gelato popsicles to cool down- after all, it was a hot day.

Giving Bear Poem


You can feel so small

In a great big world.


you might feel

like a giant who can climb

any beanstalk!

However you are feeling,

I want you to know

how important YOU are.

Whenever you need…

A Little Comfort,

A Little Safe

A Little Brave

Just whisper in my ear

and hold me tight.

I’ll be here for you

Above came from a ribbon that was attached to Chloe, my Giving Bear. Those bears really are comforting especially in the darkest of times.

Hallotober Tag

Recently, I was tagged by One Book More for this tag. Considering that Halloween is happening in a few days, I decided to do it.

Have you ever been in a haunted house, or would you ever go? Does it count if I went into a haunted house at Gardner Webb? Obviously, it isn’t exactly what you think of when it comes to a haunted house.

What is your favorite spooky book? Not exactly. However, did read some books with some scary elements. I love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Shades of Magic, and His Dark Materials. So that is the closest I got to spooky- I don’t like horror books.

What is your favorite thing about October? Well, it depends. If I actually make it the mountains in October, I love the color of the leaves.

Are you a big celebrator of Halloween? Not so much anymore, but did love Halloween when I was younger. Here were some of my costumes- polar bear and spider witch. Yes, there were two more, which I actually made- that is when I went as an artist and smurfette. Now, the shirt I used for the being an artist became my paint shirt.

What’s your favorite horror movie? I already said I don’t like horror movies, and in addition, don’t like too creepy. The closet I probably got was through Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

Would you rather a cozy night in watching horrors or a big night out in a costume? Big night out in a costume. I actually did this recently- that was back in 2017, which two suitemates and I dressed up for dinner. 2017 was when I dressed up as Eponine- went that route due to already having the supplies thanks to an earlier Les Mis party that same year. Literally, I was in costume from like 3-10. I actually went to The Gathering (student-led worship service) in costume, and afterwards, there was a bonfire.

Which has been your most favorite costume to date? This is tough- either Smurfette, Artist or Eponine. I actually made all of these costumes- with Artist, I literally splattered paint on a men’s bottom up white shirt. As for Eponine, I was able to find all the pieces in just one trip- I was able to find a hat, skirt, white top, and belt. As for the “dirt”, luckily I took Stage Makeup in 2016, and in that kit, I find brown shadow, which I used.

Bobbing for apples or pin the hate on the witch? Honestly have idea. Octoberfest reminds me of this question- at Gardner Webb, they host a kid’s festival. Each club has a theme, and usually there are some games. During Octoberfest, I was a blue alien, Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Rizzo.

How do you celebrate Halloween? Usually, it is just trick or treating. However with GWU, things were different- Octoberfest and the time when my suitemates and I dressed up.

What is your least favorite horror? Seriously, already said I don’t like horror.

Do you have a favorite trick or treating memory? No

What is your favorite part about Halloween? Most likely, the trick or treating. There were only a few exceptions- GWU’s Octoberfest.

What is your favorite thing about Halloween? A combo of trick or treating and dressing up

Scary costume or silly costume? Silly. However, not all my costumes were silly- but were not scary.

Since Halloween is around the corner, I tag everyone

Who Am I- Outside of Musicals

To several people, they might think I am just this musical theatre fanatic. However, that is so far from the truth. What exactly makes me who I am outside of the musical theatre world?

  1. I am hardworking and determined
  2. My favorite color is pink
  3. I have a strong spirit
  4. I love to volunteer
  5. I love contemporary christian music just as much as I love musicals
  6. I am a bookworm- lover of classics and fantasies
  7. I am a Sociology Major with two minors (Spanish Cultural Studies and Theater)
  8. I love coloring
  9. I am a mountain person- just love being around nature and hiking
  10. I am actually in the middle of becoming an author- 3 ideas being worked on right now
  11. I live in Charlotte, NC- ever since 2002
  12. I actually have been abroad three times: France, Costa Rica, and England
  13. I collect snow-globes
  14. I have visited 18 states (which includes the one I live in), and been to Washington D.C.
  15. I know how to play piano

So you see that humans are not just one thing. Several things makes us who we are- our family, our schools, and friends among other things.

There is a reason why the best characters in any kind of storytelling are complex. Humans are complex so to us those characters are well “human”. The are the characters who deal with conflict, meaning they will show both positive and negative emotions. These are the characters whose backstory is part of why they are complex. Due to being complex, they can be interpreted in many ways- that leads to seeing multiple portrayals of the same character (that is why I tend to combine portrayals).