The Joy of Christmas Parties

There are so many parts about the Holiday of Christmas that make the spirit shine. I have been to a couple of Christmas parties in my past- through Beta Club, Campus Civitan, and my Social Club. Those were the parties I experienced in high school and university—–I had almost forgotten how much I loved going to Christmas parties—–good thing December 9th reminded me of how much I loved them.

Bitty and Beau’s

Bitty and Beau’s coffee was where I was working since October 9th. We ended up having our first staff holiday party December 9th, exactly two months since the coffee shop opened in Charlotte. I decided to come wearing my Broadway Christmas shirt. Coming into the party, it was time to discover our elf name, and mine was Clever Buttons. Complete with dinner, dancing, and holiday necklaces. There was a mystery bag at the end of the counter- wonder what could be in there?

The dancing included one line dance song, the conga (which was done twice), and YMCA. Guess what the mystery bag was- everyone was given a number, and each number was randomly said, and we had to put our hand in there without looking and got whatever gift we got from the bag.

The Meaning of “Not Broken”

One of the messages at “Bitty and Beau’s Coffee”, the place I work at, is Not Broken. Bitty and Beau’s is a coffee shop that hires people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Now, what exactly does Not Broken mean?

Not Broken

Just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean they are any different from anyone else. Disabilities come in different forms and are so wide-ranging. The word “disability” is so misleading- the word literally means “not able”. That sounds like we are not able to do certain things, but that is far from the truth. I have a nonverbal learning disability, on the autism spectrum, and have epilepsy, but still capable of many things. In my opinion, the correct word to use instead of disability is difference—-meaning we only learn and accomplish things differently. We don’t need to be fixed or seen differently.

Not Broken literally means people with disabilities are just the same as everybody else. It even means we can do the same things as everybody else- as in going to school and getting a job. Define “normal”- it is no more than a setting on a washing machine.

Grand Central Station Analysis

One of the songs I usually tend to listen to over 9/11 belongs to Grand Central Station. It connects specifically to the rescue workers.

Got my work clothes on for love, sweat and dirt
All this holy dust upon my face an’ shirt
Headin’ uptown now, just as the shifts are changin’
To Grand Central Station

I’ve got my lunch box, got my hard hat in my hand
I ain’t no hero, mister, just a workin’ man
An’ all these voices keep on askin’ me to take them
To Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station

Wanna stand beneath the clock just one more time
Wanna wait upon the platform for the Hudson line
I guess you’re never really all alone or too far from
The pull of home an’ the stars upon that painted dome still shine

I paid my way out on the 42nd Street
I lit a cigarette and stared down at my feet
Imagined all the ones that ever stood here waitin’
At Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station

And now Hercules is starin’ down at me
Next to him’s Minerva and Mercury
Well, I nod to them and start my crawl
Flyers coverin’ every wall, faces of the missing are all I see

Tomorrow, I’ll be back there, workin’ on the pile
Going in, comin’ out, single file
Before my job is done there’s one more trip I’m makin’
To Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station, Mary Chapin Carpenter

What this doing have anything to do with the rescue workers during 9/11? It actually talks about the rescue workers who died, who wants their souls to be taken during GCS. That is that their voices are saying- take them to GCS. Based on the lyrics.

Immersive Van Gogh Experience

Many people know Vincent Van Gogh is a famous painter and known for his painting, Starry Night. Blumenthal Performing Arts sponsored a Vincent Van Gogh Immersive Experience, which is wildly popular, which sold out quickly (so popular that the event expanded to last longer). While Blumenthal is thought of to be theater-natured, it also sponsors events such as Charlotte Shout and the Vincent Van Gogh Immersive Exhibit.

As you can tell in the pictures below, there was some photo opportunities outside of the actual immersive experience.

This event makes you look at his paintings in a way that is different. As in, you are able to get a close-up view of the paintings. The way each painting changed into the next was incredible. I was totally mesmerized watching it. I was most looking forward to Starry Night, my favorite Van Gogh painting- I actually was unaware of other Van Gogh paintings. You actually walk into this room and sit on a bench, and its almost as if you become a part of the paintings themselves- you can clearly see some of the brushstrokes themselves and the colors more vividly. While watching the paintings, you are also listening the music that perfectly match the nature of each painting or group of paintings.

Seriously, I have the hardest time describing how incredible this experience was. Actually, this was my first time at Camp North End in Charlotte. Afterwards, my family had some gelato popsicles to cool down- after all, it was a hot day.