The Best Christmas Books

One thing that is important to bookworms is to always be in the middle of reading a book. Now that we are in the middle of Christmas season, there are some books that are wonderful to read. That is a result of them either being Christmas book and/or having some of the best Christmas and Winter scenes. So, what books are the best Christmas books.

  1. A Christmas Carol- my favorite Christmas book
  2. Man Who Invented Christmas- the origin story of “A Christmas Carol”
  3. A Christmas Treasury- a collection of short stories and poems (“A Christmas Carol” is part of it)
  4. Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe- the first book is the one with Narnia’s Winter
  5. Harry Potter Series
  6. Nevermoor Series
  7. Spinning Silver- a chilly and icy book

*The Harry Potter and Nevermoor Series are on here because the Christmas in their fantasy worlds are magical.

What Christmas books would you add?

Christmas of 2021- starting Christmas Eve

There were many things that were special about Christmas this year. After all, last Christmas some things had to be put on hold due to some restrictions- meaning we couldn’t go an actual Christmas Eve service or have family come visit. That is why Christmas 2021 had something really special about it. In many ways, Christmas starts Christmas Eve at the Candlelight Service–yes even if it starts at 10:30 at night.

Christmas Eve Service

With a trumpet and a string quartet, it really makes you feel the festive nature of Christmas. After all, Christmas is a celebration. At this year’s service, during the prelude, the congregation sang three carols, which was new. One of my favorite moments still remains during “Silent Night” when the lights go dim and candles are lit. While not ending on Christmas, it still ended near the start of Christmas.

The Stocking

Still wake up early to get my stocking- usually the first thing I open. Not until 6-7 though- after all, those are the easiest ones to open—don’t have to wait for others for that. Whatever isn’t under the tree counts as a stocking gift. There are some things I expect to find in the stocking such as chocolate- as in things that are in there year after year.

The Alex and Ani Bracelet is a Wonka Bar- by the way, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was one of my favorite movies as a child. The Pandora Charm was a peppermint hot chocolate. Well, in 2022 my family is having their 2nd attempt at Frozen (it got postponed last year)——so our ticket from last year was used, and the original date was marked out, and the new date was marked on top.

By the way, I even consider the calendar for the next year to be a stocking gift. Mine will be Von Gogh themed.

Under the Tree Presents

These can be hard to wait for because you see them added day after day, and you are wondering what are in your presents. Part are usually gifts you asked for and parts aren’t. Waiting the day of can be hard.

Movies- Live Action Disney Cinderella and I Can Only Imagine

Books- A Little Princess and Call Us What We Carry

Ornaments- Bitty and Beau’s Coffee Cup and Glinda Bubble Dress

In addition, there are two bags

Tolkien Review

J.R.R Tolkien is well-known for The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings franchise. Those books are a huge part of what we know fantasy to be. My love for the series began in high school- first by the books and years later, by the films.

As a young student, J.R.R. Tolkien finds love, friendship and artistic inspiration among a group of fellow outcasts. Their brotherhood soon strengthens as Tolkien weathers the storm of a tumultuous courtship with Edith Bratt and the outbreak of World War I. These early life experiences later inspire┬áthe budding author to write the classic fantasy novels “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings

Similar to Man Who Invented Christmas, we got to see how Tolkien was inspired for the famous Lord of the Rings franchise. It is very interesting seeing it from an author’s perspective- due to writing novels myself. Lord of the Rings has four Hobbits- well Tolkien created a fellowship with four friends, the war inspired the Mordor battle, Edith represented Arwen, etc….The four friends all had some love in relation to the arts.

Actually, I was seeing images from the series that Tolkien drew- as in spiders, dragons, etc. I was actually seeing a new language being created- a new language is one of the “hardest things to create” in fantasy. I also was seeing names of characters and hearing one of the characters and saw the world of Middle Earth at times.

The only problem with this movie is that the family didn’t want it to be created- so a lot of criticism was found when it comes to the film. However, if you love Tolkien and Lord of the Rings, I still would see this movie. The trick is that it is hard to find a way to watch it. I really struggled with finding the movie- none of the streaming services had it originally, but glad that yesterday it was found on Amazon Prime.

Excitement in Musicals

Poem of Excitement in Musicals:

Strongest emotion when younger

Never really changed

Exactly the same as always

An emotion found in many ways

Found in experience and in show

The world of dance and spectacle

So comes with wow factor

Due to fancy tricks and dancing

But not always with dance and spectacle

Makes experience stronger

So allows all emotion to be worth it

Excitement in experience

Allows for positive experience

Not a negative one


Mystery Musical Plot #7

On to continuing my mystery plot series. Rules are as follows: I write a poem in regards to the plot and you guess what musical I am talking about.

Mystery Plot #7:

A story of transformation

A story of a man

Who changes his ways

Who transforms a town

In many ways

And falls in love

A story of music

In regards to a group of boys