Mystery Musical Plot #4

This is my fourth mystery plot poem. I write a musical’s plot in poem form and the readers have to guess what musical I am talking about. Some are harder to others and some are much easier.

Mystery Plot #4:

A story of love

A love so angelic and beautiful

That it moves you

That you want the couple to be together

A love so dangerous

That it can haunt and sadden you

What happens when these loves clash?

It creates an interesting love triangle

Mystery Musical Plot #3

This is my third poem about a musical plot. You have to guess what musical I am talking about.

Mystery Musical Plot #3:

A relationship never expected

Between two very special people

Who may have their differences

But helped each other

A boy entering their lives

Who they both love

How far will they go to keep friendship alive?

If a boy enters the equation

In the end, they find a close bond

Despite their differences

And realize just how much they impact each other

Mystery Plot

I am going to do a new series of blog posts. As seen before, I have written poems on this blog. I thought of writing poems based on musical plots and will have you guess which musical I am talking about. Some will be easier than others and some will be harder than others.

Mystery Plot #1:

A young girl

Being the odd-one out

Rescues her father

In an act of bravery

But imprisoned

By a man in despair

Learns to see beauty from within

Teaches this man to love

Who once had no love in his heart

The two fall in love

As the story continues

She eventually set free

But comes back to him

When she realizes he is in danger

Eventually she marries this man

Sad in Musicals

I decided to write a poem about another emotion in musicals.


Sad in Musicals:

One that ranges in many ways

Barely there to really there

Barely there can refer to a “faint edge”

That section can easily be forgotten

Or even over shadowed

Strong enough when always there

Loved the most when moderate

That is when sad is loved


Ranges all the way to heartbreak

But once there range starts again

That one goes from mild to extreme

Mild so boring in that area

Where sad most likely is

But once moderate more emotion

Just a more devastating form of sad

One that feels like being hit by a pile of bricks

That causes goosebumps and tears

One with multiple emotions

But not all the time