The Christian Life

Well, spirituality is important to me in many ways! It helps when you were gifted with a Strong Spirit by God!

Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart

Daily writing prompt
Do you practice religion?

So, yes I do. After all, I was born and raised Episcopalian. Worship, creations- as in art, and nature are a huge part of developing my spirituality. I love contemporary christian music, love being out in nature- my reason for loving Greenways and Mountains, and my creative side is the strongest way I pray.

My church does way more than their weekly Eucharist services- prior to Eucharist, my dad and I are in charge of getting coffee ready for coffee hour. Evensong happens once a month- that wouldn’t have been added if there wasn’t The Bristol Pilgrimage. Christmas is my favorite holiday- in one word, the spirit is why. Attending the Annual Parish Retreat is a great way to develop fellowship. Being a weekly volunteer at Loaves and Fishes is always amazing- I have been put in charge of books (kids get them- baby to high school).

The People Who Walked in Darkness Have Seen a Great Light

Isliah 9:2

Musicals Seen Multiple Times

In my life, there have been only FOUR musicals I have seen on stage more than once. Technically, that total is really five, but I am referring to the ones I remember seeing more than once. Two are Disney musicals and the other two happen to be my favorite musical (yes, two musicals are tied for that spot)

The List

Aladdin– 2x

Newsies– 2x

Wicked– 5x

  1. The Gershwin Theater- Broadway and date with mom
  2. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium)
  3. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); date with dad
  4. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); trip with university- strongest cast this time
  5. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); date with mom

Les Mis– 7x

  1. Community College- seen 3x due to once with family and twice as an usher
  2. Queen’s Theatre- West End, dream came true and date with mom
  3. US Tour (Greenville- Peace Center); trip with university
  4. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); date with mom
  5. US Tour (Charlotte- Belk Theater); date with mom

Memorial Day- The Importance of It

Today is Memorial Day, which is an important day! Anyway celebrating and/or remembering veterans is important. That is because of the service they showed to our country. They sacrificed their lives for our freedom, which takes great courage (“courage cannot erase our fear. courage is when we face our fear”- Seize the Day, Newsies)

It isn’t easy serving. That is because of what they have to face. The risk of being killed, loud sounds from gunshots, seeing friends killed, dealing with terrible injuries, etc…….In many ways, Memorial Day makes me think of the uprising in Les Mis (aka The June Rebellion of 1832).

“Bring Him Home” has always felt like the perfect Memorial Day song. Valjean is praying to make sure Marius (the revolutionary his adopted daughter loves) lives. The sad truth is that Marius will be the only survivor- you see how he was affected during “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”

What songs do you think are good Memorial Day ones?

April 2023 in Review

This was a pretty exciting month, and I was looking forward to it all year. There were some big highlights. So, what was April like?



This was my 2nd time seeing this musical. I love this magical, exciting, funny, and romantic show. I loved the colorful costumes and sets. Aladdin was my 3rd musical of this year

Parish Retreat- Montreat

The Weekend of April 21st-23rd was wonderful. Those were the dates of my church’s Parish Retreat. It was a weekend of hiking, crafting, singing, a bonfire, and of course fellowship. I am a mountain person, which is why I enjoy hiking- I have become one of the hiking leaders during the Parish Retreats


Yes, I wasn’t able to finish anything. Still working on Winter Orphans and Something Wonderful.

Parish Retreat Fun!!!

One of the many joys of the church I am be attending since 2002 belongs to the Parish Retreats. They have played a huge part in my spirituality journey. True, our original location, Kanuga (up in Hendersonville) will always be the most meaningful, but Montreat is still fun in its own way. So, what was this years’ Parish Retreat like?

What Makes Your Heart Sing

Every Parish Retreat always comes with a theme. “What Makes Your Heart Sing” was the theme this year. In my opinion, that refers to what gives you the biggest joy- the many things you love doing the most.

I am a mountain person- that is why I am glad Montreat is a conference center in the mountains. Yes, there are hiking trails (only downside is driving to them)- I am one of the hiking leaders. Hiking is a huge way I strongly feel connected to God, which is one of the reasons why I am a mountain person.

The weekend consisted of some crafts as well. We had to to decorated a jar- ModPodge is what we did. There we hymns to pick from to use (my love for contemporary christian music is just as strong as my love for musical theatre).

This weekend, I felt like a piece of Kanuga was there. That was a result of some of the songs that were sung. “Celtic Blessing”, “Servant Song”, “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”, “Lord of the Dance”, etc…..Some of these were heard in the background—–as in the Welcome Event (so not everyone heard some of those)

There was a fun bonfire as well—complete with s’mores and song. Sometimes, you can fun just by simply hanging out. The Parish Retreats are a wonderful time for fellowship.

One of the crazy things about this weekend is finding more inspiration for one of my WIPS. More information is now known about Ayra’s Story. There are more locations known about in her world now, and one things was discovered about the villain.