Musicals Seen Multiple Times

In my life, there have been only FOUR musicals I have seen on stage more than once. Technically, that total is really five, but I am referring to the ones I remember seeing more than once. Two are Disney musicals and the other two happen to be my favorite musical (yes, two musicals are tied for that spot)

The List

Aladdin– 2x

Newsies– 2x

Wicked– 5x

  1. The Gershwin Theater- Broadway and date with mom
  2. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium)
  3. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); date with dad
  4. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); trip with university- strongest cast this time
  5. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); date with mom

Les Mis– 7x

  1. Community College- seen 3x due to once with family and twice as an usher
  2. Queen’s Theatre- West End, dream came true and date with mom
  3. US Tour (Greenville- Peace Center); trip with university
  4. US Tour (Charlotte- Ovens Auditorium); date with mom
  5. US Tour (Charlotte- Belk Theater); date with mom

April 2023 in Review

This was a pretty exciting month, and I was looking forward to it all year. There were some big highlights. So, what was April like?



This was my 2nd time seeing this musical. I love this magical, exciting, funny, and romantic show. I loved the colorful costumes and sets. Aladdin was my 3rd musical of this year

Parish Retreat- Montreat

The Weekend of April 21st-23rd was wonderful. Those were the dates of my church’s Parish Retreat. It was a weekend of hiking, crafting, singing, a bonfire, and of course fellowship. I am a mountain person, which is why I enjoy hiking- I have become one of the hiking leaders during the Parish Retreats


Yes, I wasn’t able to finish anything. Still working on Winter Orphans and Something Wonderful.

My 2nd Magic Carpet Ride

Last night was my 2nd time visiting Aladdin. It is one of my favorite Disney musicals. Well, guess what, one of my actors from last time was still in the cast. So, what did I think of this performance of the musical?

My Cast:

Aladdin- Adi Roy

Jasmine- Lauren Mariasoosay

Genie- Marcus M. Martin

Omar- Ben Chavez (my 2nd time with him in his role)

Babak- Jake Letts

Kassim- Colt Prattes

Jafar- Anand Nagraj

Iago- Aaron Choi

Cast Review

I loved Adi Roy as Aladdin. He had the charm the character has. Like before, “Proud of Your Boy” made me emotional. He had incredible chemistry with his three friends (Omar, Babkak, and Kassim) and Jasmine. The fun Aladdin, Omar, Babkak, and Kassim have is part of why they make incredible friends.

Of course, Ben Chavez, Jake Letts, and Colt Prattes were incredible as Aladdin’s three friends. Like I already said, they have a lot of fun especially during two numbers. It gives them a wonderful bond and a will to save each other, as shown during “High Adventure”

Lauren Mariasoosay as Jasmine was incredible. Her and Adi had wonderful chemistry, which started to show in the market and eventually at “A Million Miles Away”.

Marcus M. Martin as The Genie was fantastic. He was hilarious especially during “Friend Like Me”, the most exciting number of the musical. He really made an entrance, one that was fun to watch. The relationship he formed with Aladdin was fun to watch.

Aaron Choi as Iago was an incredible sidekick. I would say he was better than our Jafar. He always made us laugh. Sometimes it’s the the villain’s sidekicks that give us laughter. Or sometimes, they just play the part better.

Staging Review

Aladdin is a pretty colorful musical- in costumes and staging. That has is do with the setting and part of the characters being royalty. You really notice this during “Friend Like Me”. There are incredible special effects- both exciting and scary. I love the staging of “A Whole New World”, my favorite song from Aladdin

Current April Plans

This was a month I was looking forward to a lot. This year, it would consist of multiple things I love to do. It does consist of some of my “Happy Places”. So, what are my current April plans?

Aladdin (my 2nd time)

Yes, this is my 2nd visit with the stage musical. However, I ALWAYS love going to the theater, one of my biggest escapes. Aladdin is an exciting, emotional, and fun show. It is actually my 3rd musical of this year. My favorite song from Aladdin is “A Whole New World”.

Montreat- Parish Retreat

Well, April is the month of the Parish Retreat, which is taking place in Montreat. Parish Retreats are one of the biggest parts of my spiritual journey. They have always been up in the mountains- a weekend of fellowship, hiking, and singing.


I want to say what books I am currently reading. I still am working on “Winter Orphans” from Kindle. The 2nd book is “Something Wonderful”, my physical book. So, I will continue reading both of those books this month.

Early 2023 Plans (January to April)

Every year, there are always highlights to look forward to. Some of those get preplanned the year before. So, what are my current plans for early 2023?


It is a known fact that musicals are one of my biggest escapes. It is also known that I hope to see at least one per year. On average, I actually see 2-4 a year. So, at the moment which musicals are planned.

  1. Something Rotten- wanted to see it for a few years (love the songs)
  2. Les Mis (7th time)- seeing it in my 10th year of loving it; powerful, epic, passionate, uplifting, hopeful
  3. Aladdin (2nd time)- an exciting and romantic musical

Parish Retreat- Montreat

One of the many traditions at my family church is going on a Parish Retreat. A weekend of fellowship. In the past, we were going to Kanuga, but starting last year, we changed the location to Montreat—–still a wonderful place.