Unexpected Struggling Characters

What exactly do I mean by this? Yes, several of my favorite musical theatre characters struggle. There are some characters that do exist that barley manage to survive. There are characters that exist that almost didn’t survive. What if I talked about some of my favorite characters that almost didn’t make it? So SPOILERS ahead.


He is the first character that comes to mind. Marius was one of the revolutionaries. He almost didn’t survive not once, but twice. He was saved not once, but twice. First, he was saved by Eponine (she took a bullet for him) and second, he was rescued by Jean Valjean (he literally went to the barricades to rescue him because his adopted daughter loves him). Jean Valjean literally loves Cosette so much that he would risk his life to save the man she loves. Marius is actually the only survivor of the barricade, which causes him to have survivor’s guilt.


Mimi is the most fragile and vulnerable character in Rent. During Finale and Your Eyes, it appears as if Mimi is extremely weak and dying. This is the hardest on Roger because he loves her. However, Mimi wakes up and turns out she actually is going to live.


Yes, this does sound a bit unusual. However, in a ton of ways it makes sense. It is obvious that his uncle Scar wants Simba killed. Simba barley escapes death during the stampede and then later when Simba fights his uncle to gain his right to be king, it does seem as if Simba might be killed again. However, Scar loses the fight and Simba gains his right to be King.


Well, Elsa was almost killed by Hans, but was saved when Anna sacrificed herself to save her sister. But at the time, Anna was freezing to death (meaning turning into an ice statue). However, what she did to help her sister was an act of true love, which saved both Elsa and Anna.

What other characters do you know that almost died?

Review of Original Frozen Broadway Soundtrack

It has been known to some people that I finally own the Original Broadway Soundtrack. Usually after owning a new soundtrack, I usually am listening to it. Frozen is coming to Charlotte in 2022.I thought today to review the soundtrack.

The Review

Vuelie/ Let the Sun Shine On- this is the opening number. I think this is a stronger opening then the animated one. It actually sets up the stage really well- you begin to see the relationship of Elsa and Anna when they were children.

A Little Bit of You- this is a really cute duet between Anna and Elsa. You really get to see their bond as kids.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman- one of the well-known songs from the animated movie. I even think this song has improved especially towards the ending. Now, you see Anna wanting to get close to Elsa further

For the First Time in Forever- one of my favorite songs from the movie.

Hans of the Southern Isles- he finally gets some more songs

Queen Anointed- as expected, it happens during Elsa’s coronation. I am glad we see most of her coronation during song

Dangerous to Dream- this also happens during the coronation. It is one of Elsa’s songs, and I love how you see more of her fear of what will happen while she is Queen

Love is an Open Door- this song has improved as well. It is a lot more catchy and feels more like a love song even thought it “technically not a love song”

Reindeer(s) are are better than People- the duet where we really first get to meet Kristoff and Sven. Turns out this song happens sooner in person as opposed to the movie

What do you know about Love- this a funny duet between Kristoff and Anna arguing what they think love is

In Summer- Olaf is such an adorable snowman.Even. Olaf’s idea of Summer is crazy, but cute in a way. Crazily enough, the original Broadway Olaf sounds almost exactly like the animated one

Hans of the Southern Isles (Reprise)- I think this song does (in my opinion that Hans is the antagonist and villain of the musical)

Let it Go- everyone knows this song. This ends the first act, which I had a feeling it would be

Hygge- this song is a fun opening to the 2nd act. I believe this is now we start to realize that Arendelle is set in Norway. Now we meet Oaken, the guy at the shop

For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)- having those beginning parts are an improvement from the film. The rest of the song is what I am familiar with. This song is only on the soundtrack (sadly the US Tour cut it out)

Fixer Upper- we know when this happens. The moment Kristoff is trying to get help for Anna

Kristoff Lullaby- finally, we have a moment when Kristoff realizes he loves Anna, but scared that he might lose her (due the the Frozen Heart that was picked up on after Fixer Upper)

Monster-this is one of my favorite additions to the musical. It is Elsa’s big moment in act II- when she decides to try to make everything alight done in Arendelle instead of being the “Monster” people are calling her

True Love- this is actually my favorite addition to Frozen. I am glad Anna has this heartbreaking song, and happens after Hans betrays her. I relate strongly to Anna. Sad that the tour cut it- seriously, this song is sung by one of our two protagonists and happens a pivotal and emotional moment for her. I still see this song as part of Frozen.

Colder by the Minute- lots of things happen in this song. Kristoff trying to get to Anna, Anna trying to get to Kristoff, Hans trying to get to Elsa to kill her, and Elsa trying to figure out how to stop the Winter (I believe) and looking for her sister. It is when the storm is more like a blizzard

Finale/Let it Go- finally the eternal Winter is going to be over. Anna finally shows Elsa how- even though Anna has no magical love. You realize in this song that the True Love was between the sisters.

“The two cuts were thing I wish never happened especially “True Love”. At least the song is on the soundtrack”

Virtual Frozen Broadway

On the computer, I was able to have a virtual Original Broadway Reunion with Frozen. I was able to meet Caissie, Patti among some others—there were some I was surprised at such as Oaken and Pabbie. They talked about opening night. some mishaps, and some of the backstage pranks they did. They even talked about what was going on now. I herd some some of the things they are doing now. This did happen just a day after Blumenthal said they will get Frozen in the upcoming season.

January 2021 in Review

Now, its time to talk bout the highlights of January. Well, there really weren’t any highlights in this month.


In total, I have read 8 books this month. I actually hoped to finish the Chronicles of Narnia series, which I did. That was actually my first reread I really did. Those were easy and short books to read. I would start on Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe- it give the books a lot more wonder.

Castle in the Air- this is actually in the 2nd book in the Howl’s series. In a way, each book can act as a standalone. However, some things will not make sense unless you read Howl’s Moving Castle. None of the stories seem connected- the main character changes, which means the plot changes. Sophie, Howl, and Calicifer remain a part of the books- just might be seen in a different way. They might be close the main character more than that MC realizes- as in not being human.

Still in the middle of House of Many Ways- that will be a book finished in February.


January was my birthday month. I got three things for my birthday. I finally owned the Original Broadway Soundtrack of Frozen- something I wanted for Christmas. I even got a Hufflepuff pandora charm- that is my Hogwarts house. Surprisingly, I was still able to get my typical birthday dinner- I always want boeuf beourginon and creme brûlée, and a church member decided to make that for us- in a way, that was like a birthday present.

I have always wanted to read Sherlock Holmes, but the versions we found were too hard for me to read. So, my dad ended up finding a collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories. Actually, I did read Sherlock Holmes once- back in 12th grade summer read, for the optional read, was Hound of the Baskervilles- I remember loving that book.

Now, I can’t stop listening to the Original Broadway Frozen soundtrack. That kinda of makes up for the postponement last year. I know Frozen will eventually restart the tour- Blumenthal still hasn’t decided when to bring Frozen to Charlotte yet.

Croissant Day

Sounds like a strange highlights, but it is is. The end of January was National Croissant Day. I decided to have a Chocolate Croissant for that day.

My Favorite New Frozen Song

I recently got the Original Broadway Soundtrack for Frozen. I thought maybe I should write a post on my favorite song- as in the new ones. I still don’t know when Frozen will return to Charlotte- would have seen it last year if it wasn’t for the pandemic.

True Love

Of all the new songs, True Love happens to be my favorite new song. Of all contemporary princesses, the one I relate to the most is Anna. It is a heartbreaking song sung by Anna. It happens at a pivotal and emotional moment for Anna due to happening after Hans betrays her. I was able to figure that out by lyrics alone.

One of the things I dislike about the musical now is the cut of True Love. When the US Tour began, this song got cut, which was not the best decision. True Love develops Anna further and love that it is a heartbreaking song. The only way I can even listen to that song is by soundtrack alone. Despite getting cut, I still see True Love as a part of Frozen.