Disney Princesses I am A Combo of

For many people, we are a combo of one classic and one contemporary Disney princess. Now, let me say who my combo belongs to.


The most obvious similarity between the two of us are the bookworm side of us. Not only are we both bookworms, but unique as well.


The two of us share a lot in common. For starters, we are the both the youngest. There is a lot in common when it comes to personality- outgoing, optimistic, and impulsive. We both want to have a stronger relationship with our sisters.

Heartbreaking Love Songs- Ironic?

One of my favorite types of heartbreaking songs in musical theatre belongs to romance. Here is something that is interesting- part of them are ironic. I know that seems crazy to say that, but it is true. MAJOR SPOILERS

This Nearly Was Mine

This a breakup song sung by Emelie after Nellie left him. You literally think she will never get back to him. He literally just decided to go on a dangerous mission with Joe Cable. All of a sudden, Nellie realizes the massive mistake she made- this is when she was able to come to realize just how much she cared about Emelie, and worried for his children.

At the end of the musical, Emelie came back from the misson alive. Nellie decided to return to Emelie.

If I Can’t Love Her/ Evermore

These two songs are basically the same. They are sung by Beast- in the movie, he sings Evermore after realizing his love for Belle, but in the stage show it is If I Can’t Love Her. Both are heartbreaking love songs.

If I Can’t Love Her is sung twice- originally was when Beast started to change. That was back when he realized that he needed to fall in love with Belle. He has softened up a bit at that point. But in the reprise, he has fallen in love with Belle (more similar to Evermore), and is convinced Belle doesn’t love her. He doesn’t believe she will come back. Well, what do you know- Belle already fell in love with Beast and does come back for him especially when she heard that Gaston was going to kill him- she would never allow that to happen.

True Love

While on the topic of Disney, this is from Frozen. An added song to the Original Broadway Show, which got cut when it first went on tour. One of the biggest mistakes ever. This actually belongs to Anna, which happens after Hans betrays her—-a moment she isn’t expecting.

I’m Not That Girl

As a matter of fact, this is the first heartbreaking love song I fell in love with. Despite taking a while till I realized it was a heartbreaking song- began as no more than a sad song. Yes, it is an unrequited love song, but after seeing Wicked, you will understand why I call it ironic. True, when Elphaba sings it, you think she will ALWAYS have unrequited love for Fiyero. Yes, she also doesn’t steal him away from her best friend.

But the irony comes from a plot twist in act II. It isn’t JUST Elphaba with the unrequited love. You realize Fiyero had love for Elphaba all along- making the unrequited love jump to Glinda, who like Elphaba, doesn’t steal him away. Why the plot twist- based on observation, he had a crush on Elphaba during his days at Shiz, which first became clear during the Lion Cub Scene, a moment he couldn’t stop thinking about. Even Glinda sings I’m Not That Girl, but only a reprise of it.

Characters I Relate To

One of the most important things in storytelling is an emotional connection. There is a difference between relating to a character and emotionally connecting and not relating to a character and still forming an emotional connection. So, who are some of the characters?


As many know by now, Elphaba is my favorite musical character. Like Elphaba, I know what its like to feel different due to epilepsy, Autism, and learning disabilities. At times, I have felt misunderstood. I am also smart, determined, big-hearted, unique, impulsive, and believe in equality and staying true to myself. It was through Elphaba where I was able to finally start to understand both emotional connection and relating to characters.


Of all the classic Disney princesses, I relate to Belle the most. I am unique and a bookworm.


Now, of the contemporary Disney princesses, I relate to Anna the most. The two of us share a lot in common. We are both the youngest. We are both impulsive, outgoing, optimistic, and both want a stronger relationship with our older sister. Thinking of Frozen, I am excited for 2022 because Frozen is coming to Charlotte next year.


Annie remains my favorite childhood musical. I think I now know why Annie was my favorite musical before Wicked. I think a lot of it had to do with the character of Annie. I was an optimistic child and I was able to relate to her. At the time, I didn’t exactly understand emotional connection and relating to characters.


These are only a few examples of characters I relate to.

Favorite Relationships in Musicals

When I am referring to relationships in this post, it is not romance. I am even aware some of my favorites are unpopular opinions. So, what are some of mine?

Rent Friends

I love this community of friends. They literally feel like family despite some of the struggles they face. They are a unique group of characters.


This is another group of friends that feels like family. They have a strong brotherly love for each other. They have a cause (the strike) they truly believe in and are passionate about. They never give up.

Jack and Crutchie

Thinking of Newsies, I really love the best friendship between Jack and Crutchie. It is such an intimate and special bond. While Jack would do anything to protect his brothers, he would do the most for Crutchie. Jack and Crutchie are my favorite Newsies.

Friends of the ABC

The Friends of the ABC are parallel to the Newsies. Both share a brotherly love that feel like family. In addition, both groups have a cause they strongly believe in, but the result is different. The students stay passionate to the end even when they know they are going to die.

Valjean and Cosette

One of my favorite moments in Les Mis is when Valjean promises Fantine he will raise Cosette. The moment Valjean rescues Cosette is incredible, but a bit heartbreaking at the same time. Cosette made a huge impression on Valjean. That is what I love about the addition of “Suddenly” in the movie- it shows their bond a lot more.

Eponine and Marius This is an unpopular opinion. The sad side to rescuing Cosette was that Eponine was stuck with the Thenardiers the rest of her life. Eponine was raised to be a thief and criminal. She became unloved by her parents. No one was showing her kindness. Then one day, something changed—–she met Marius, who showed her kindness.

For whatever reason, she knew he was a good person. Due to his kindness, she fell in love with him. Despite the love being unrequited, they still stayed friends. Many people keep on saying he was never good to her, but I disagree- he was ALWAYS good to Eponine. Even Eponine would say that.

Here are two places where you can notice how much Marius cared about Eponine. 1) When he first noticed her at the barricade, he sent her away with a letter to protect her. 2) When she came back, Marius did ask, why? That was because he was because he was worried. When she collapsed, Marius noticed that she was shot, and that her wound was fatal. He was devastated, and he ended up staying with her; he held her to comfort her though that pain). Seriously, how can anyone not see the COMPASSION shown in that moment?

Lumiere and Cogsworth

This sounds like an odd relationship to love. I mean it is a relationship between a talking candle and talking clock.

Belle and Maurice

They are an amazing father and daughter duo. They are a bit misunderstood by the town they live in. They call Belle “odd” and Maurice “crazy”, which isn’t true. They perfectly understand each other and would protect each other. That is why Belle is willing to take her father’s place at the Beast’s castle and why Maurice is trying to get the townspeople to help him rescue people.

Elphaba and Glinda

It wouldn’t be right to have this post if I forgot to include these two. The center core of Wicked is between these two best friends. They have such a powerful and beautiful bond. They literally wouldn’t let a boy get in the way of their friendship- the love triangle in so many ways shows their loyalty towards each other. The song “For Good” really does shows how much they changed each others’ lives for the better.

Any you add any other non-romantic relationships to the list?

Musicals I hope to See- why?

Just like bookworms have their TBR list, you also have a TBW for musicals. That is specifically referring to musicals you hope to see in person. This time, I thought of writing out that TBW list, and say why.


I have been fascinated by this musical since it swept the Tonys. Ever since I heard it was based off a Greek Myth, I knew I just had to see this musical. I have always loved Greek Mythology- so that would come of no surprise I wanted to see this tragic love story. I have listened to like two to three songs. It is coming to Charlotte October of 2021- hopefully that is enough time for Blumenthal to open their doors up for musicals.


I will start by saying that I did see the stage show of Oliver back in 2007, but have no recollection of seeing. After reading the book and seeing the movie musical, I really want to see the stage show. I want an actual memory of seeing the stage show.

Beauty and the Beast

It is just one of two Disney musicals I still need to see in person. It is such a magical and romantic musical. I once thought I did see the stage show, but turns out that isn’t true. I somehow came across the stage songs- I think through Pandora. It hasn’t toured for a long time or even had a revival on Broadway.


I would have seen this musical if COVID never hit. I already had tickets to see Frozen this month, but not happening. I have loved the animated film since 2013. Right when I heard about the stage show, I knew I had to see the musical. I somehow heard some of the new songs- which I did fall in love with. If you think about it, it shares a number of parallels to Wicked. Of all contemporary princesses, I relate to Anna the most.

Something Rotten

I did fall in love with a few songs from this musical. That is basically what made me want to see it. It came to Charlotte before, but missed it. So now have to wait till that tours again. It actually takes place during one of my favorite time periods of history- The Renaissance.


There was a year (I think 2015) where I had to choose between Once and Pippin. I had seen the actual film, and did quite like those songs. Once is one of those musicals where you literally have to be a quadruple threat- that is because the actors are actually playing instruments on stage. So you have to know how to play an instrument, act, sing, and dance. I feel like seeing this musical would give a different kinda of nature to musicals- their songs are sort of different then what you think. My favorite song, as of now, is “Falling Slowly”.


Well- I would have tried to get tickets this year if the pandemic didn’t get in the way. Due to already falling in love with five songs, I knew I had to see this musical. Just by listening to songs such as “Journey to the Past”, “In a Crowd of Thousands”, “My Petersburg”, “In My Dreams”, and “Once Upon a December”, I was able to learn a little bit about Anya and Dimitri.


Why do you think this was one of the ones I said last? Well, I already saw Wicked four times, and due to that wasn’t too disappointed of the postponement of the musical this year. Wicked always tours to Charlotte- at Ovens Auditorium, the biggest Blumenthal theater. I know there is still a lot more to be found in the musical- that is so true for the love triangle. I overlook a lot of things in Wicked- except for the love triangle and friendship.

Les Mis

Like Wicked, I have seen this musical a lot. The stage show totals six times- crazily enough, saw it every other year. 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019 were the years I saw it- 2013 was 3x times due to ushering twice for that production. Last year, my mom managed to keep a Les Mis secret- I found out I was seeing the musical in October, but my mom got the tickets in January. This was actually the 2nd date I saw Les Mis with my mom- she did take me to the West End show of Les Mis.

Les Mis is always one that list of TBW. It is such a powerful, epic, and emotional musical. The reaction the stage show gives me is incredible. I have always been an emotional wreck- well, not always. That response was built up over time. Massive Les Mis fans were probably understand why it keeps on being added back to that list.

What about you- what musicals keep on being on that list?