Rose-Themed Musicals I Love

When it comes to musicals, they usually are known for something. I usually am talking about a certain prop- sometimes it is small or big. There are two musicals known for the exact same thing, which is a red rose. So what two musicals am I talking about (those are actually two musicals I love)


This is the MOST recent musical that entered my life. I saw the rose on playbills, during “Wait for Me”, and it seemed to be a major part of this tragic love story. But, what I wasn’t understanding why it was an important part of Hadestown. I had to see the musical first to figure that one out.

The rose actually seemed to represent both love stories in Hadestown- that of Orpheus and Eurydice and of Persephone and Hades. If you think of, roses are a symbol of romance and same with the color of red. Plus, the rose was showing up constantly in the musical.

Beauty and the Beast

Of course, this made sense- the rose symbolism was introduced in the prologue. It also represented love, but the Beast had to find love before the last petal fell. It did feel hopeless for a long time, but good thing Belle eventually entered his life. The musical enters on their romance- the magical and enchanting nature of the song, “Beauty and the Beast”

Royalty of Musical Theatre

When it comes to musicals, there are different kinds of characters. That even includes those who are of royalty- either born into it or married into it. Most of the time, these characters are part of Disney musicals, but there are few exceptions. So, which characters are of royalty (the ones I love)?


Yes, she was someone who actually existed. In the real Romanav story, she did get killed, but the musical is a “what if” story. What if she had survived? In the musical, we get to know her as Anya. She is strong and vulnerable, who has to relearn her past.


Elsa- She is the older sister born into royalty. Born with snow and ice powers, which she doesn’t know how to control. She eventually became Queen of Arendelle, but after accidentally showing her power, she runs away ashamed, but caused an eternal winter. She is misunderstood due to being called a “monster”. She reminds me of Elphaba, in a way.

Anna– The younger sister of Elsa. She is outgoing, full of life, and impulsive. During her journey to find Elsa, she finds help in Kristoff (after all, he knows mountains). She just wants a better relationship with her sister

Kristoff– Yes, not born into royalty, but due to falling in love with Anna, he counts

Lion King

Mufasa and Simba– King and Prince of Pride Rock. Mufasa is an incredible king, who teaches his son incredible life lessons. Due to a jealous brother, Mufasa’s life is tragically short-lived, but Simba mistakenly thinks that he killed his father (he was only a cub when that happened). He grows up with that guilt, and eventually fights Scar for his rightful place as King

Nala– She is Simba’s best friend and eventually lover. She is strong as shown in “Shadowland”- she knows she has to leave Pride Rock to get help. Crazily enough, Nala and Simba find each other again- “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (my favorite Lion King song). Due to Simba eventually becoming King, Nala became Queen


Jasmine and Aladdin– Jasmine is the strong princess in this musical. She wants to marry for love. She and Aladdin find a connection in the market (“A Million Miles Away”). The two of them do fall in love- “A Whole New World”.

Beauty and the Beast

Belle– She is the protagonist of this musical. She is strong, unique, and a bookworm. She eventually has to deal with The Beast, who starts out selfish and unkind. At least, she helps him change. Little does she know, she will fall in love with him.

Beast– He is the prince of this musical. He is actually a human who was changed into a beast by an enchantress, who saw there was no love in his heart. Like I said, he started off unkind, selfish, and with a temper. But after scaring off Belle, he realizes he needs to change. The two develop feelings in “Something There” and fall in love during “Beauty and the Beast”. Good thing, he eventually let her go.


Fiyero– He is the Winkie Prince of this musical. Just like the Beast, he starts out as a jerk. He changes from being a jerk to softening up to becoming a mature and courageous young man. A lot of his transformation comes from his role in the love triangle. He is more complex than you think.

Musicals I Still Hope to See

Just like bookworms have their TBR list, musical theatre fans have their TBW list. When I am referring to the musicals that still have to be watched, I am talking about seeing them in person. Some of them are still waiting to return to the US. So, what is on that list as of now (not going to include those I already saw)?

Beauty and the Beast

This is the Disney musical that still needs to be watched. The first time it toured the US, I still was too young. Belle is the classic Disney princess I relate to the most. Filled with romantic, exciting, and emotional songs. The musical is magical in more ways than one- a lot of that has to do with the enchanted castle. “Beauty and the Beast” is my favorite song from this musical


I only have seen two Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals in person. If I see a third, Cinderella is the one I want to see the most. I feel like it is has the same magical and romantic nature that Beauty and the Beast has. It toured a few years ago, but missed my chance thanks to school.

Something Rotten

The Renaissance is one of my favorite time periods in history. I heard some of its songs, and already love them. The song, “A Musical”, is perfect for musical theatre fans to listen to.


This is a musical I feel like will never return to the US. All I have seen is the movie, but I really want to see the stage show. Just like Cinderella, I missed a chance to see the stage show due to school. “Falling Slowly” is my favorite song from this musical. The songs have a folk nature, and I love how they are played by the actors- you almost have to be a quadruple threat to be in this musical.


Yes, I saw the stage show before, but have no memory. This was back in Summer of 2007. I want to see Oliver again to have an actual memory. After reading the book and eventually seeing the musical movie, I found a new love for the musical.

Shows I Love That Take Place in France

In my last post, I mentioned that France is a common setting for musicals. However, I wasn’t able to mention ALL the shows I love that take place there. Shows range from ballet, plays, operas, and musicals. One of my favorite french shows is an opera, which is why I am doing this post. So, what are ALL the shows I love that take place in France?


This is the newest musical to enter my life, as I saw it on October 11th. If it wasn’t for falling in love with 5 songs, I may not have wanted to see it. Due to taking place in BOTH Russia and France, it partly counts. Favorite song is “Journey to the Past”.

Beauty and the Beast

Of all Disney princesses, Belle is the classic one I relate to the most. All I have seen are the animated and live action films. I still am waiting to see the stage show. Filled with enchanting, romantic, exciting, and magical songs. It has lots of lovable characters. Set in a fictional town in France, it is about the romance between Belle and Beast. Favorite song is “Beauty and the Beast”

Phantom of the Opera

Spellbinding, haunting, and beautiful are three words to describe this musical. Set in the Paris Opera house set in late 19th century France. It centers on a mysterious, but angelic love triangle. Its songs are both haunting and beautiful.

Les Mis

Obviously, this is my favorite French musical. Epic, passionate, powerful, emotional, and inspiring are just some of the words to describe this 19th century musical. Complex plot and complex characters. Usually in a musical, I can easily pick my favorite song, but not in Les Mis. This is the musical that challenged what I knew about musicals (so, it disproved a number of things).

La Bohème

This opera is a tragic love story between Rodolfo and Mimi set in 19th century France. If it wasn’t for my love for the musical, Rent, most likely never would given this opera a chance. I originally saw La Bohème by a live stream in Cinemas back in 2016 and finally saw it in person in January 2020. At the moment, it is my favorite opera- there is something about Puccini that drives you in.

Musicals I Love that Take Place in France

By this point, it is pretty obvious that I love more than one musical that takes place in France. That country has also become pretty common. I say that because I love 3.5 musicals that take place there. Yes, that sounds a little confusing—–why the 1/2 (well, if one musical you love only partly takes place there you have no choice). So, what are the French musicals I love?


This is the newest musical of my life. It actually takes place in BOTH Russia and France- St. Petersburg and Paris are its two locations. I saw the stage show October 11th, and knew I would probably love it. Already had fallen in love with five of its songs- what I still didn’t know is if I would love the others. It is a beautiful musical.

Favorite Song: Journey to the Past

Beauty and the Beast

This is the Disney musical I still need to see live. All I have seen are the animated and live action film and listened to the Original Broadway Soundtrack. It is enchanting, magical, romantic, and exciting—-that explains the nature of its songs. Filled with lots of memorable characters. It takes place in a fictional town in France.

Favorite Song: Beauty and the Beast

Phantom of the Opera

I loved this musical since listening to the songs in early 2013. It is mysterious, angelic, and beautiful. Taking place in the Paris Opera House, it centers on one of my favorite love triangles- one I call mysterious and angelic. The musical has a wonderful haunting beautiful nature about it.

Les Mis

Of ALL the French musicals, this is my favorite. This is an epic, powerful, passionate, and emotional musical. It is filled with memorable characters and songs. It really challenged everything I thought I knew about musicals. I become an emotional wreck each time I see it. It may be heartbreaking, but is also inspiring and hopeful.