Highlights of this Summer

I have had a wonderful summer. Below is a list of highlights.

  1. Outing to Asheville
  2. Les Mis Party
  3. Vacation to Florida
  4. Crowders
  5. Newsies
  6. Reading Don Quixote

I am so glad I attended a Les Mis party. As many know, I am a huge Les Mis fan and also obsessed with it. It was a night of Karaoke and the house was decorated with things relating to the musical. Some things in the house were labeled with either lyrics from the music or quotes from the book. I really loved the Karaoke because it was fun singing the songs that I love and show my passion to others.

Hiking to Crowders was quite special. I have always been a mountain and nature person. There is something spiritual about hiking. Even though hiking can be difficult, it still helps develop your spirituality.Also, hiking is so worth it in the end because the view is a wonderful sight. You can look out and really see how amazing God’s creation is. No matter what, you are alway surrounded by nature.

The same weekend I went to Crowders, I also got to see the Disney musical, Newsies. Newsies is about the real-life paper boy strike of 1899. These boys are underdogs who stand up for what they believe in and treat each other like family. Most of them are underdogs and have difficult lives. The main character is Jack Kelly, who leads the strike and falls in love with Katherine. He has a special relationship with Crutchie and Crutchie has a bad leg and due to that has to walk with a crutch. Despite the disability, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life and in a lot of ways, he is the heart of the Newsies. This show had a lot of mind-blowing choreography. They were doing flips, jumping over each other, sliding under each other, and high jumps. I even loved the storyline especially because it is based off of a true story. I even loved the songs and I loved them so much that I want to own the soundtrack. My favorite song was “Seize the Day”, the title song. This show was happy and I am hoping that most musicals remain that way. In my interpretation of musicals now, most musicals are happy.

Another highlight of this summer was reading the classic, Don Quixote. I decided to try to finish the book by the end of the summer. I finished it in July and it was so worth it. I enjoyed the book especially because I love the characters of Sancho Panza and Don Quixote and their relationship. Yes, reading it was quite a challenge because the plot was so complex and the language was difficult. It also was around nine hundred pages and what gave me the courage to finish the book was that I set a goal for myself of when I wanted to finish it.

The Poetry of List-Making

The Last Unicorn Review

“The Last Unicorn” is a fantasy book written by Peter. S Beagle. It is an easy read, but the chapters are long. This book is basically about a unicorn going on a quest to discover where the rest of her kin are. Along the way, she meets up with characters who are going to help her along the way and she comes across characters who make her quest challenging.

I really enjoyed this book. It has incredible characters such as the beautiful unicorn, the compassionate magician Schmendrick, and the loyal Prince Lír, who falls in love with the unicorn. There are two characters that I am a not a big fan of, but they still make the book amazing. They are the king Haggard and the Red Bull. The Red Bull is the creature that the unicorn has to confront in order to save her kin. Haggard is a mean king that lives near the cursed Hagsgate.

It is simply written with wonderful imagery. Beagle does an incredible job describing the unicorn. He gives you a visual idea of what the different settings look like. The emotions that the unicorn feels allows her to seem very human. She is willing to leave the safety of the forest she calls home in order to save the lives of other unicorns. The first character to show her kindness is Scmendrick and helps her throughout the quest. They eventually are joined by Molly Grue, who helps lead the way to Hagsgate and to Haggard’s dark castle.

Don Quixote Review

I spent this summer attempting to finish Don Quixote. Don Quixote is an old classic written by Miguel De Cervantes. It follows the chivalry adventure of Don Quixote and his squire Sancho Panza. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It has such a wonderful story filled with memorable characters even though it is easy to get some of them mixed.

The two most memorable characters are Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Those two represent where the core of the story comes from. I especially love Don Quixote, the crazy, foolish, valiant, brave knight errant who rights all wrongs. He also is a tragicomic character and it was fun discovering why he is tragic and comic. He is comic due to his sense of humor, foolishness, and craziness, but he is tragic because he is delusional and in a sense some of his comic characteristics could easily be flaws. His adventures are much more fun in the second half of the book then the first half. In the second half, Don Quixote is treated the most as a knight and the adventures seem real. I know he is having adventures through delusions, but I still love him. In fact some of his adventures are shown through other characters playing tricks on him by pretending to be characters in the knight errant world.

As for Sancho Panza, he is the loyal squire of Don Quixote. Sancho Panza also has a sense of humor. He sometimes just doesn’t like being a squire due to his master’s madness. He went along with his adventures because Don Quixote promised him that he would be a governor of an island someday. But Sancho would soon realize that he would rather follow along with his master’s madness then being a governor.

The book has an underlying spirituality to it. It mentions God several times and is filled with several parables. The parables are invented by Sancho, which runs in his family. In a sense, I feel like Don Quixote sees Dulcinea as a kind of goddess, which connects to the spiritual aspect.

The plot is filled with many twists and turns. Cervantes is crazy at times. There are times when he interests short novels into the plot. A character would be reading the story and having those short novels in there kind of makes you get mixed up with reality in a sense. You begin to wonder what is really happening and what is going on in the short story. Sometimes a character would tell their life story, which in a sense can also feel like a short story. Cervantes even inserted a fake book of the second part of Don Quixote after someone wrote a sequel to it. Part of the true second part of the book has Don Quixote and Sancho showing the wrong done to the fake book. Cervantes even inserts himself into the book.

This book is quite a difficult one to write a review. It is essentially a tragicomedy, which is a genre I am hardly familiar with. I found this book so much harder to read then Les Misérables. I read Victor Hugo’s unabridged masterpiece last summer and finished it in a shorter amount of time then Don Quixote. The reason why Don Quixote took me longer was because I found it harder to grasp and understand due to the tragicomic nature of the book. I also found it easier to skip a day of reading. Even the language is harder to understand because Cervantes does write a lot in a kind of Shakespearean way. This book is truly a classic.

What is it about Don Quixote that makes it such a classic? I think it is a classic because I think everyone has a bit of Don Quixote in them. We all have a different perception of reality. We all can be quite crazy or foolish at times. This book also shows the importance of imagination.