My love of Rodgers and Hammerstein

I fell in love with Rodgers and Hammerstein when I was a child. I fell in love with Sound of Music- it has a wonderful cast of characters, an incredible plot, along with fun and exciting songs. I love more than just Sound of Music- there are other Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals that I love. Just the others did not get in my life in childhood. I know I fell in love with two more when I was still a student at Central Piedmont Community College. I feel like nothing can really go wrong with this duo. These are Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals I have seen.

Sound of Music

I already stated I love Sound of Music. Maria is such an incredible protagonist. Julie Andrews was my first Maria. I love the songs from “Do Re Mi”, My Favorite Things”, “Lonely Goatherd”, “Something Good”, “Edelweiss”, “Climb Every Mountain”, and “Sound of Music”. Sound of Music actually was the final musical the duo did together.

South Pacific

This is a musical romance. Like almost all Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, there is a double romance. The main story is between Emelie and Nellie, but the subplot is between Liat and Joe Cable. It is weird to think that this musical could almost be a tragedy if the main romance was between Liat and Joe Cable. From “Some Enchanted Evening”, “This Nearly Was Mine”, “Younger than Springtime”, “There is nothing like a Dame”, and “I’ve Got to Wash that Man outta my Hair”. I feel like the antagonist of South Pacific is actually a theme: Racism. Through, “You Got be Carefully Taught”, you realize that you are not born racist, but are taught it: that is something I love about that song. This is a SPOILER: but Joe Cable does die in this musical- that is why if the romances were switched, South Pacific would be a tragedy. But due to being between Emelie and Nellie, South Pacific is a happy musical.


This musical romance also has a double romance. It took be a while to realize this, but this musical is home to two love triangles. Curly and Laurey is what the musical is between, but Jud does add the third thing: but he is the antagonist of Oklahoma. The other love triangle is between Ali Hakim, Ado Annie, and Will Parker. However, these two love triangles are a bit weak: due to two characters fighting in both. However, the couples become who you want them to be: meaning it will end up as Curly and Laurey and Ado Annie and Will Parker. This is noticed through song and through characters. Considering that Jud is abusive, you know you want Curly and Laurey together- Curly does everything he can be with Laurey.

Songs like “Oklahoma”, “Kansas City”, “Surrey with the Fringe on Top”, “People will Say we’re in Love”, and “Oh, What a beautiful Morning”. People think Oklahoma is basically revolving around the dance, but in reality not true. It is about Curly and Laurey’s relationship, Oklahoma becoming a State, and between Ado Annie and Alik Hakim.


I don’t know why this keeps on happening, but for some odd reason I keep on forgetting about their Cinderella. The past Friday, I saw the 1957 televised recording of the musical, which stars Julie Andrews as Cinderella. The only problem with it was that it was way out of sync and has some annoying background noise.

Cinderella become popular through Disney. I love the songs, “My Own Little Corner”, “Impossible”, and “Ten Minutes Ago”. I love Cinderella- as in both Disney adaptions: I really love the live action one with Lily James as Cinderella. If Disney did not create the original Cinderella, it is hard to think that this story wouldn’t have become that famous.

Still, don’t know why I keep on forgetting about this one. I think that might have to do with being associated with Disney. I still love this musical- Rodgers and Hammerstein are extremely good at creating memorable songs.

King and I

I don’t exactly love this musical, but I don’t really dislike it either. I actually can parallel Anna with Maria. They are both strong-willed and called difficult women. They play a similar role: as in one being governess and the other a teacher. Both teach children. King and I still has some songs I love: “Getting to Know You”, “Shall We Dance”, and “I Whistle a Happy Tune”.


Of all Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals I have been around, Carousel is my least favorite. It has to do with plot and partly due to songs. Like expected, there is a double romance- Bill and Julie, and Carrie and Mr. Snow. Julie and Carrie are best friends. The plot really really confuses me. I keep on forgetting about the songs.

Broadway Night

Last night was the 2nd night at the Pops. This time, my family and friends were treated to Broadway songs. When it comes to Broadway, it is a Pops I don’t want to miss. I ended up wearing the Les Mis shirt I got in the West End to this symphony. I was wondering what musicals they were going to do.

First up- Sound of Music, a childhood favorite. They played all of the songs I thought they would. It included two from the stage show, which never made it to the movie. The songs included “Sound of Music”, “Climb Every Mountain”, “So Long Farewell”, “Edelweiss”, “My Favorite Things”, “Do Re Mi”, “Lonely Goatherd”, “Maria”, “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”, and “How Can Love Survive”.

Second up- My Fair Lady, a musical that entered my life in college. The symphony played a good collection of those songs. From “I Could Have Danced all Night”, “Wouldn’t it be Loverly”= among others. I still don’t know the names of the songs well enough to be able to recognize songs without the lyrics.

Third up- Grease. It played “Hand Jive”, “Summer Nights”, “Greased Lightening”, “Beauty School Dropout”, and “We Go Together”.

Fourth up- Carousel. All they played from this musical is the “Carousel Waltz”.

Fifth up- Les Mis. The symphony started with the overture. “At the End of the Day”, “I Dreamed a Dream”, “Master of the House”, “On My Own”, and “Do You Hear the People Sing” were the only songs they did. Even with just the melody, I still cried.

Sixth up- Oklahoma. “Oklahoma”, “I Cain’t Say No”, “Farmer and the Cowman”, “Surrey with Fringe on Top”, “Kansas City”= among others. Just like My Fair Lady-still barley know names of songs and even the melodies themselves to pick up on songs.

Seventh up-Wicked. “No one Mourns the Wicked”, “Popular”, and “Defying Gravity” were the songs the symphony used.

Eighth up- Music Man. The very last song was “76 Trombones”.

2018 Tony Awards

Last night, I watched the 72nd annual Tony Awards. Usually, I am not able to watch the Tony Awards because for the longest time, my family was at the Pops Symphony. So I was so glad I got the chance. I was looking forward to Frozen’s performance the most. I really wasn’t quite familiar with the other new musicals. I knew I would be familiar with some of the revivals. Even though Frozen only was nominated for best musical and best book, I hoped it would win at least one. I love the Tonys because I am able to get exposed to new musicals. I don’t have easy access to New York because I live in North Carolina so the Tonys gives me a introduction to musicals I may not be that familiar with.

The Performances: 

Mean Girls- It did have amazing choreography. Except I did not what to think of the song. It was hard to tell if I actually appreciated the song or not. It was one of the new musicals. I just was trying to figure out why others were loving the musical.

Spongebob– Okay! Here’s the deal, I thought this was not going to make a very good musical at all. I have no idea why. However, the performance was very quirky and the costumes were colorful and they did wonderful with the costumes. I can see why others were loving this musicals. I still don’t think I would want to see this musical, but it was a wonderful performance though and the guy who played Squidward was wonderful.

Frozen– This is what I was looking forward to. It was a combination of “For the First time in Forever” and “Let it Go”. I loved this performance and still just dying to see Frozen. The “Let it Go” portion was magical and love how they were showing Elsa’s magical powers.

Band’s Visit- This musical takes places in Israel and either the two actors got the accent down or the two are from the region. Sometimes it was hard to understand what they were saying. But it was a nice performance.

My Fair Lady– This was one of revivals I was familiar with. It was a combination of “The Rain in Spain”, “I Could Have Danced All Night” and “Get me to the Church on Time”.

Carousel– Another revival that I was familiar with.  The song they did took place on a ship, which represented the choreography of the piece. I felt like the song they did was a song that was only on stage but not in the movie. The dancing was wonderful.

Once on This Island- This is the last revival that was nominated. I was not that familiar with with the musical. Throughout the song, I really did not know if I really wanted to ever see this musical eventually or not.

Dear Evan Hansen– The cast of this musical sang one of their songs in memorial of some of the actors, directors and other theater workers who have recently died. I thought that was a nice touch to the Tony Awards.

It was an interesting mix of performances from a wide mix of shows that varied in many different ways.

The Awards: 

The Bands Visit– It dominated many Tony Awards. It won ten Tony Awards, including Best Musical. I didn’t really know this musical before. It is a new musical, but I honestly did not know anything about this musical. It was nice getting a snippet through their performance.

Review of Carousel Movie

Filmed on location in a beautiful seaside village, Carousel stars Gordan MacRae as Billy Bigelow, a smooth-talking carny man who in love with a millworker (Shirley Jones). Tragedy strikes test star-crossed lovers, though, and their journey is not easy. How Billy makes his way to Heaven and back again, providing love and solace to his wife and daughter, and redemption for himself, is the story of the of the most unique and powerfully uplifting musicals ever written. With a score that includes “If I Loved You” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, little wonder that Carousel was composer Richard Rodgers’ personal favorite

Last night, I watched the musical movie of Carousel. It is a musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, one of my favorite composer and lyricist teams. While watching, I could easily understand why Carousel is considered a classic. It has a beautiful score with the well-known, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. At first, I was confused by what the plot was, but over time it slowly made more and more sense. I thought it was nicely cast especially on Billy and Julie.

The character of Billy sometimes did not make sense to me because I did not understand some of his actions at times as he was telling his story. Like many Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, there was a second romance in this musical. It was between Carrie, Julie’s best friend, and Mr. Snow and that helped balance out some of the more serious elements of the story.

I still have not found a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical that I do not like. What could go wrong with Rodgers and Hammerstein?

Who is a fan of Carousel? If you hadn’t seen Carousel, what is your favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical?