Fox Rent Live (Or was It)

Rent is a musical that is hard to confess that I love it. That is due to its controversial topics such as the LGBT community, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and drugs. When I heard that Fox was doing a live typing of it, of course I wanted to see it. It wasn’t exactly a live typing because during a dress rehearsal, the Roger broke his foot- so they had to do a lot of prerecorded stuff- but I still loved it despite that. It has a message that is hard to ignore- live in the moment and choose love over fear. Don’t forget, this takes place during the HIV/AIDS epidemic where the virus was basically a death sentence- there was a lot of fear and uncertainty during the time period, but again and again, the characters choose love over fear and decided to celebrate live and despite the fear they had, they lived their lives in loves (how can you ignore that message).

This was my 3rd Rent cast- so far, I had the final Broadway cast (due to the film they did), the US Tour 2017, and the Fox Cast. I love Rent- so I already knew I would enjoy it- so it would get at least a 3/5 rating. Right from the beginning, I fell in love with the Mark and Roger.

I did not really see how talented the Roger was until “One Song Glory”. That was his first moment to really shine. As a matter during fact, “One Song Glory”, (I believe) Roger almost made me cry. This typically doesn’t happen on T.V. versions of Rent. The only other Roger where this happened was Kaleb Wells, my 2nd Roger, which makes sense because I saw him in person. He does need to work well with Mimi, which I will talk more about in my section about Mimi. His version of “Your Eyes” made me cry- that song is a moment that always makes me tear up. Rent affects me in almost the same way that Les Mis does, but in less scenes.

Enter Mimi. Roger and Mimi are my favorite couple in Rent- I think it is because they are to me a very realistic couple- they are problematic at times- they fight at times, but at the same time do love each other. My favorite by far is my first Mimi (so this Mimi had a lot to live up to). As a matter of fact, I really loved her. This Mimi really started to shine during “Out Tonight”- after all it is her title song; she also has to have incredible chemistry with Roger. I could tell that both Roger and Mimi are attracted to each other, but at the same time, Roger did not want to be in a relationship with her. This was especially shown in “Another Day”. I did love the chemistry in “I Should Tell You”- that is one of their strongest moments as a couple.


Angel and Collins- I loved them. I loved their “I’ll Cover You”. They are the ones who are the least problematic of all three couples. They just seemed to live their lives in this songs. I just loved seeing this song performed. Then the “I’ll Cover You (Reprise) happened- I literally was almost in tears at that moment- Collins literally was upset at the death of Angel. One of the things I love about Angel was just how he (she)- I never know what pronoun to use- was just how generous Angel was.

I never know how to describe any Joanne. I don’t know why that is. I always know to describe Maureen. I always have “Over the Moon” just over the top- that is just who Maureen is- crazy- she literally is like that. Joanne on the other hand is fed up with her- they are just the most problematic couple- they are my least favorite couple all because of how problematic they are. I did love Vanessa Hudgens as Maureen- I may have originally seen her as Gabriella in the High School Musical series, but she does far well as Maureen especially in “Over the Moon”.

Now on to describe other songs. I always cry at “Will I” and “Without You”, and in this version they did. I even cried at the first Life Support meeting. I am quite emotionally affected by Rent- it is a sad musical, but it is so much more. I love the relationship these friends have- they are family. I love watching the bond- they do not get along at times, but they always make up.

Beauty of Life

Life is art, paint your dreams, sing your songs, enjoy the dance


This quote represents a picture of how beautiful and wonderful life is. We create our memories and dreams. We work hard to get closer to our dreams. Once a dream has come true, we are living through them. Overall, we are able to enjoy life no matter what.

Life is a wonderful picture of light and dark. You really cannot have one without the other. That is just how life is. We all go through good times and bad times. If we are unaware of darkness, how will we know what is light? And the same is true for the opposite. It is just part of human nature to experience both the good and bad of life. In fact the bad memories actually allows us to appreciate the good memories even more.

I love life so much. It is filled with so much wonder, awe, and surprise. Unexpected things happen, and sometimes they are worth it. We celebrate life through so many wonderful things. We have celebrated it through worship, art, and nature. Those things show the wonderful things in life. Through worship, you are able to connect to the Lord and you know that He will always be by your side. We are the Lord’s children and will continue to be closer to him. There are many different kinds of art and that is the beautiful thing. Art can be either visual or performing.

When we think of art, we think of the visual arts. But art is so much more then all of the painting, drawing, ceramics, etc. Don’t forget that the performing arts are just as important as well. As many may know by now, I really love performing arts especially musicals. I love how musicals combine many different kinds of art in one. They show song, dance, spectacle, fashion, etc. When I see a musical, it feels like I am in living in the character’s world and not my own. It is this incredible kind of escapism and is a safe place to feel both positive and negative emotions. There is something wonderful about song that is expressed through musicals. The songs allow us to connect to the character’s emotions and their lives. We walk the journey with the different characters and we fall in love with certain ones more then others. No matter what the fate of the character is, the ones we love live inside us. We remember who they are and what their life was like and their emotions. That is part of why song is so important in a musical. Without song, a character just isn’t the same. It is easier to remember song then spoken word and we are able to remember the character through the songs that they sing.

Get out in nature. Learn to love God’s creation. There are many wonderful things to explore outside. Listen to the sounds that nature has created. Nature can be filled with all sorts of inspiration. I have always loved nature. I also am more of a mountain person then a beach person. I love to take hikes, walk on the Greenway, and feel connected. Nature allows me to develop spirituality and keeps me close to God. I did get to a doe and her fawn today on the Greenway. It was so cute to see the two of them. Just knowing that God created everything is just breathtaking.

So celebrate life. Live in the present. Continue to thrive. Show compassion and love. Accept others for who they are. Be yourself.