First Unrequited Love Song I Fell in Love With

As known by musical theatre fans, a common theme is ROMANCE. Plus, we also know that there are love triangles, which results in one character dealing with the pain and heartbreak of unrequited love. As a result, we see several responses with some being poor and some being good. Plus, we also love the incredible unrequited love songs. So, what was the first unrequited love song I fell in love with?

I’m Not That Girl (possible major spoilers)

Wicked is home to one of the most complex love triangles. ” I’m Not That Girl” was one of the first sad songs I fell in love with. True, I originally called this song just a sad song—-not a heartbreaking love song. But it still is an unrequited love song. It is originally sung by Elphaba, who gets the full version. “I’m Not That Girl” is one of the songs that made the emotion of sad come to the forefront for musicals. Do you know what made me realize “I’m Not That Girl” was an unrequited love song and heartbreaking? Well, it ended up being “On My Own” from Les Mis due the fact that both songs are about the same thing. At the same time, memorizing the lyrics made me look deeper into the song (as in seeing some insight, as in aspects beyond the unrequited love).

Crazily enough, the song is ironic——little does she know, she will get Fiyero in the end. Meaning Glinda will eventually get the unrequited love. Their responses to the unrequited love show how far they will go to keep their friendship alive (as in will they let a boy get between them). Well, they BOTH decide not to steal him away from each other.

The Meaning of “Green”

True, there are several colors that exist. But, each one can represent something different. However, the color Green may not seem like it has meaning, but does. You will understand if you have fallen in love with the musical, Wicked.

GREEN- Major Spoilers

In my opinion, Green represents being different. That is because Elphaba was born green making her different. That resulted in her being born into an unloving family- the father who raised her didn’t love her, but insteadd love her disabled sister just because she was “normal-colored” and put her on a pedestal. She was treated like an outcast in her own home. She truly didn’t have any friends until she went to Shiz. Elphaba was only allowed to go to university because of Nessa- her father wanted someone to look after her. I am so glad Elphaba and Glinda became friends—–after all Glinda saw Elphaba for who she truly is and was Elphaba’s only friend.

I can strongly relate to Elphaba because I know what’s its like to be different, one reason why she is my favorite musical theatre character.

Favorite Stephen Schwartz Musical

There are a number of famous composers and lyricists in musical theatre. One of which is Stephen Schwartz, who is most famous for Godspell, Pippin, and Wicked. Those three are musicals I love. Now, which of his musicals is my favorite?


This was obvious. I have loved Wicked since August 2006- my first visit being at The Gershwin Theater. That was also my first memory of seeing a musical; my mom and I in NYC seeing Wicked. At the time, “Popular” would become my favorite song from the musical. That is all I can remember. The musical developed a LOT over the years- emotions deepened due to stronger understanding of characters and stories. The other four times I saw Wicked were by the US Tour.

My 5th Time

Wicked was how I started to understand emotional connection. It was how I started to understand the emotional and complex side of musicals. I also started to understand love triangles. I only am emotionally connected to three characters in this musical- Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. True, each time I see Wicked, I only pay attention to the powerful and beautiful friendship and the complex and strong love triangle. By the way, Elphaba is my favorite musical character and the love triangle in Wicked is my favorite of musical theatre. Wicked is a spectacular musical- feels Ozian in every way. One of my top two favorite musicals.

What is your favorite Stephen Schwartz musical?

My Favorite Musical Character- Overall and Child

Many musical theatre fans have several favorite musical characters. However, in many ways, one stands out above the rest, meaning that character is our all-time favorite. So, sometimes we have two overall favorites——in two ways—what if we narrowed it down to our favorite child and non-child character? Let me mention those today.

All-Time Favorite Child

That character would be Annie. A lot of is because Annie is my favorite childhood musical. I think I was drawn to the musical and the character so much is because of Annie’s optimism. That is a characteristic I had in childhood and still have to this day.

Overall Favorite Character

This is a character that has been in life since August 2006——hard to believe. To this day, Elphaba is my overall favorite musical character. I can relate to her in so many ways- that is part of why I love Wicked so much. What about Elphaba do I relate to? Well, the two of us are “different”, determined, smart, and believe in equality and staying true to ourselves. She was one of the first characters I came across who was different. Even though this doesn’t happen often, I sometimes have felt misunderstood——that feeling started in the college years. There are characteristics in Elphaba I look for in other female characters—–such as strength and courage.

Favorite Love Triangles in the Musical Theatre World

Romance does show up in two forms in musicals. Either they show up through an individual couple or happen by a love triangle. A love triangle forms when three people are involved—-so someone gets unrequited love, a heartbreaking situation to end up in. Some of those love triangles are weak whiles others are strong. So, what are some of my favorite love triangles?



This love triangle in found in the musical, Phantom of the Opera. It actually is the prime focus of the musical. Christine and Raoul are the couple while The Phantom has the unrequited love. The Phantom responds poorly to unrequited love- acts in revenge and doesn’t accept it. At least Raoul treats Christine better- they deserve to be together.

It is a mysterious and angelic love triangle. “All I Ask of You” is one of the most beautiful love songs in musical theatre.


This trio is found in Les Misérables, and one of my favorite subplots. Marius and Cosette are such an adorable couple and bring hope to the story—-by the way, Marius is actually my favorite survivor in Les Mis. Cosette is supposed to represent hope and light, and Marius is kind, compassionate, and loving. By the way, he is a good friend to Eponine and is worried about (I think that was why he sent her away from the barricade and why he asked why she came back).

Eponine is meant to have the unrequited love, and Marius is the light of her life. She has one of the BEST stories of unrequited love in musical theatre. The way she responds to it is incredible- she accepts it, and risks her life several times for Marius. That explains why she even goes to the barricades- to make sure he is safe- she doesn’t mind sacrificing her life her him. True, her death is heartbreaking in more ways than one- first she is dying and he is devastated, but at least she is happy due to being in the arms of Marius (“A Little Fall of Rain” is such a touching and moving scene).


These three make up my favorite love triangle, which is found in Wicked. First, it is the first one I emotionally bonded to—meaning I first became aware of the concept due to it. Second- my favorite musical theatre character is a part of it. Third- the level of complexity it is. Of ALL love triangles in musical theatre I have come across, Wicked has the most complex one.

Explain the unrequited love situation——-not easy to do. Elphaba originally has unrequited love for Fiyero (“I’m Not That Girl”). But there were clues prior to the scene that maybe Fiyero has a crush on her- look carefully at the Lion Cub Scene and the scenes that follow “I’m Not That Girl”. This love triangle seems to develop in the same way the characters do- the love triangle truly matures when the characters do. In act II, there is an unrequited love switch- now Glinda is dealing with it (“I’m Not That Girl (Reprise)”).

In my opinion, the love triangle strengthens the friendship between Elphaba and Glinda. How far will they go to keep friendship alive. Look how they BOTH responded to unrequited love—–they didn’t try to steal Fiyero away. So they wouldn’t let a boy get in between them. So, it really tests their loyalty if you think about it.