I’m Not That Girl vs For Good

One of the powerful things about the musical, Wicked belongs to the songs alone. It even has the kind of score that I look for- the combo of positive and negative emotions. It has the heartbreaking “I’m Not That Girl” (which started out as no more than a sad song) and the bittersweet “For Good” Those are the two songs that made me realize sad was a musical theatre emotion. So, what of those two is exactly the MOST emotional?

I’m Not That Girl- possible spoilers

Well, from just glance, you would think this is the most emotional. I’m Not That Girl is an unrequited love song- true, it is a heartbreaking love song, but also ironic. Little does Elphaba know that she will get Fiyero in the end- the irony behind I’m Not That Girl. It is true——I had originally thought the song was sad (not heartbreaking)- but I knew the song was deepening. I had to discover the emotion, heartbreak first, and another song had to help it (as in a stronger and more powerful unrequited love song). It was On My Own that finally made me realize I’m Not That Girl was an unrequited love song, and memorizing the lyrics saw me see even more insight in the song

For Good

This is the more emotional song in Wicked. Yes, it is a bittersweet song—–a powerful one that centers on our two protagonists. Elphaba and Glinda have a powerful and beautiful friendship- they even wouldn’t let a boy get in the way. The most important person in their lives belongs to each other- Glinda was Elphaba’s only friend and Elphaba was the only friend that truly mattered in Glinda’s life.

The center core of Wicked is between Glinda and Elphaba- their friendship. That is why For Good is the most emotional song in the show- the last moment the two friends will see each other, and are able to say that they mattered to each other

Favorite Musical Currently on Broadway

New York City is KNOWN for many things. Places like Central Park, American Girl, The Statue of Liberty, The Natural History Museum, and Broadway are important to NYC. As a matter of fact, when I went to NYC, I went to ALL of them- Statue of Liberty was only seen at a distance. What made the trip special was being with my mom. So, what is my favorite musical that is currently still on Broadway?

Wicked- Seen 5x

Originally seen August 2006 on Broadway as a date with my mom. Little did I know that when I stepped foot in The Gershwin Theater, “I would be changed for good”. Wicked truly was the start of my love for musical theatre. It taught me some very important aspects of musicals that would become important later on in the journey. I learned about emotional connection- through Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero (most notably Elphaba). I even discovered the complex and emotional side of musicals because of Wicked- as in BOTH plot and characters. Even first picked up on love triangles for the first time. So the core emotions that existed belonged to excitement, love, joy, and sad

So, why would I be drawn to Wicked so much? For starters, I see myself in Elphaba- she was one of the first characters I could recognize as being “different”, which is something I can easily relate to. The musical is about a powerful and beautiful bond of two best friends- Elphaba and Glinda. In my opinion, the love triangle helps strengthen the friendship (can’t say why due to risk of “spoilers“)- Wicked actually is home to my favorite love triangle due to its level of complexity and being the first one I emotionally bonded with. Everything about the musical feels OZian- you truly feel transported to OZ when you see it

Favorite Stephen Schwartz Musical

There are a number of famous composers and lyricists in musical theatre. One of which is Stephen Schwartz, who is most famous for Godspell, Pippin, and Wicked. Those three are musicals I love. Now, which of his musicals is my favorite?


This was obvious. I have loved Wicked since August 2006- my first visit being at The Gershwin Theater. That was also my first memory of seeing a musical; my mom and I in NYC seeing Wicked. At the time, “Popular” would become my favorite song from the musical. That is all I can remember. The musical developed a LOT over the years- emotions deepened due to stronger understanding of characters and stories. The other four times I saw Wicked were by the US Tour.

My 5th Time

Wicked was how I started to understand emotional connection. It was how I started to understand the emotional and complex side of musicals. I also started to understand love triangles. I only am emotionally connected to three characters in this musical- Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. True, each time I see Wicked, I only pay attention to the powerful and beautiful friendship and the complex and strong love triangle. By the way, Elphaba is my favorite musical character and the love triangle in Wicked is my favorite of musical theatre. Wicked is a spectacular musical- feels Ozian in every way. One of my top two favorite musicals.

What is your favorite Stephen Schwartz musical?

Favorite Love Triangles in the Musical Theatre World

Romance does show up in two forms in musicals. Either they show up through an individual couple or happen by a love triangle. A love triangle forms when three people are involved—-so someone gets unrequited love, a heartbreaking situation to end up in. Some of those love triangles are weak whiles others are strong. So, what are some of my favorite love triangles?



This love triangle in found in the musical, Phantom of the Opera. It actually is the prime focus of the musical. Christine and Raoul are the couple while The Phantom has the unrequited love. The Phantom responds poorly to unrequited love- acts in revenge and doesn’t accept it. At least Raoul treats Christine better- they deserve to be together.

It is a mysterious and angelic love triangle. “All I Ask of You” is one of the most beautiful love songs in musical theatre.


This trio is found in Les Misérables, and one of my favorite subplots. Marius and Cosette are such an adorable couple and bring hope to the story—-by the way, Marius is actually my favorite survivor in Les Mis. Cosette is supposed to represent hope and light, and Marius is kind, compassionate, and loving. By the way, he is a good friend to Eponine and is worried about (I think that was why he sent her away from the barricade and why he asked why she came back).

Eponine is meant to have the unrequited love, and Marius is the light of her life. She has one of the BEST stories of unrequited love in musical theatre. The way she responds to it is incredible- she accepts it, and risks her life several times for Marius. That explains why she even goes to the barricades- to make sure he is safe- she doesn’t mind sacrificing her life her him. True, her death is heartbreaking in more ways than one- first she is dying and he is devastated, but at least she is happy due to being in the arms of Marius (“A Little Fall of Rain” is such a touching and moving scene).


These three make up my favorite love triangle, which is found in Wicked. First, it is the first one I emotionally bonded to—meaning I first became aware of the concept due to it. Second- my favorite musical theatre character is a part of it. Third- the level of complexity it is. Of ALL love triangles in musical theatre I have come across, Wicked has the most complex one.

Explain the unrequited love situation——-not easy to do. Elphaba originally has unrequited love for Fiyero (“I’m Not That Girl”). But there were clues prior to the scene that maybe Fiyero has a crush on her- look carefully at the Lion Cub Scene and the scenes that follow “I’m Not That Girl”. This love triangle seems to develop in the same way the characters do- the love triangle truly matures when the characters do. In act II, there is an unrequited love switch- now Glinda is dealing with it (“I’m Not That Girl (Reprise)”).

In my opinion, the love triangle strengthens the friendship between Elphaba and Glinda. How far will they go to keep friendship alive. Look how they BOTH responded to unrequited love—–they didn’t try to steal Fiyero away. So they wouldn’t let a boy get in between them. So, it really tests their loyalty if you think about it.

Wicked- 2006 to 2021

It is amazing to think of a musical’s journey in your life. Wicked really has changed a lot throughout the years. What is crazy to think is that is has always been the same story, characters, and songs.

The pictures below are from 2006 and 2013, as in the first and third time I saw the musical. During the first two times I saw the musicals, I was able to understand emotional connection along with the emotional and complex side to musicals. Wicked was also the musical where I first picked up on the concept of love triangle. During those two times- there were four core emotions: excitement, love, joy, and sad.

Then during the second and third time, I knew there were still answers to discover about the love triangle- I thought the only thing I still didn’t understand was the plot twist. During high school, there came a point where sad just stopped developing. So sad wasn’t able to turn into heartbreak in the musical theatre world. I knew which characters in the musical I was most connected to- Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. I also knew that each time I saw Wicked, I discovered new things about them.

It was the 4th time when Wicked really went through some unexpected changes- as in between the 3rd and 4th time and while watching it. Due to Les Mis entering my life, I was able to pick up on the emotion of heartbreak. “On My Own” was key to helping me realize “I’m Not That Girl” was heartbreaking- after all both are unrequited love songs. So there there were still two things I needed to learn about the love triangle- the heartbreaking nature of “I’m Not That Girl” and the plot twist. By this point, I already knew a LOT about Elphaba- the caring, strong, courageous, and determined character.

Something really took me off guard during the 4th time- new emotions existed that I never felt. “No Good Deed” was emotionless since 2006, but when I saw the musical in 2016 with my university, I finally felt emotions- anger and frustration. I even understood the plot twist better- Fiyero had a crush on Elphaba since Shiz- after all, his interactions with Elphaba during the Lion Cub scene and the fact that he couldn’t stop thinking about the scene. What my actor did was brilliant- Ashley Parker Angel decided to have stronger chemistry with Elphaba but weaker chemistry with Glinda. I even saw a new characteristic in Elphaba- talkative.

What happened this 5th time? Like usual, I teared up during “I’m Not That Girl” and “For Good”. But, did I discover anything new. Well, I picked up on Elphaba’s love for Fiyero sooner during the Lion Cub Scene- they still were being a bit playful despite arguing a bit. Actually two characters mentioned “will you let anyone else talk?” to Elphaba. Well, I saw more signs helping foreshadow that plot twist- both Elphaba and Fiyero couldn’t stop thinking about the Lion Cub scene, and Fiyero is the one who looked the hardest for Elphaba (makes sense if you love her). Fiyero is a character who seems to develop the most in speaking scenes, and is hard to understand.