All the Moms of Literature/Musicals

Today is Mother’s Day! It is a day to celebrate mothers. When I think of Mother’s Day, what automatically comes to mind are loving ones. However, I decided to do something a little different. Today, what if I mentioned ALL mothers- as in the unloving and loving ones? But, where exactly- the ones of literature and musicals?

Molly Weasley

When it comes to literature mothers, she is one of the first ones that comes to mind. She may have seven biological kids, but she acts like she has eight total. That is because how lovingly she takes Harry as her own. She worries about ALL her children- explaining why her biggest fear is the death of her children. She has unconditional love for her kids.

Narcissa Malfoy

True, probably not as good a mother as Molly (but still has unconditional love for her son). If you compare Darco’s dad with with his mom, she is so much better. Explaining some of her actions- like afraid for her son’s safety in Half Blood Prince. Than during Deathly Hallows- she was most worried about him- as in not knowing if he was still alive or not.


Well, a literature/musical overlap mother. I adore Fantine for her unconditional love for Cosette- despite what it led to. Abandoned by Cosette’s biological father, Fantine was left to fend for Cosette by herself (Cosette was little very young). She had to leave her daughter in the hands of the Thenardiers (little did Fantine know how poorly they would treat Cosette). Soon enough, she found a job at Valjean’s factory (however, that led to major consequences)——only due to others finding out about her daughter.

So she had to go to the extreme——-becoming a prostitute. Leaving on the streets would lead her to becoming deathly ill, but at least Valjean soon was able to help. Even on her deathbed, she still was thinking about Cosette—-Valjean promised to her that he would raise Cosette (that gave Fantine peace and comfort for once).

Madame Thenardier

What did I say? I was going to include the unloving moms. She treated Young Cosette as a servant, leading her to be a broken child (at least Cosette had strong hopes she would be rescued). Based on the book, Madame Thenardier didn’t even love for three sons (Gavroche and two younger unnamed ones). At first, she did love Eponine and Azelma—but when they were teenagers it didn’t seem that way. Only because their parents raised them horribly- they abused them and raised them to be criminals.


I almost forgot about her- the adoptive mother of Anne from “Anne of Green Gables”. The newest series I learned to love is “Anne with an E”, where I rediscovered the books. At first, Matthew and Marilla were disappointed that it wasn’t a boy, but soon enough learned to love Anne.


One of the newest moms I discovered in musical theatre. In 2019, I saw two musicals by the same composer/lyricist team—–saw Miss Saigon and Les Mis that year. So I had a feeling I would be at times an emotional wreck in Miss Saigion (knowing my Les Mis reaction). In some ways, Kim reminded me of Fantine. She kinda of had that unconditional love towards Tam.


All, I could think of——I still feel like there are some moms missing

Fantasy Series I Love with Battle

True, there are several books I love with some uprising or some battle. But, what if this time I only mention just one genre? Fantasy is a genre we expect it in, particularly those with some kind of quest it in it or a story of good vs evil. So, what are some of those fantasy books?

Harry Potter

Well, this is one of those “good vs evil” series. As well as a lot of challenges and trails- particularly for our main trio. Whenever something tends to happen at Hogwarts, our Golden Trio usually is involved. Harry’s best friends are Ron and Hermione (so these three make up the main trio). You truly see a quest unfold in the final book- hunting for those Horcruxes (the key to destroying Voldermort), and its where the actual Battle happens.

The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings

Yes, this series and HP share a number of things in common. But they still are so different from each other. The Hobbit in many ways is a prequel to Lord of the Rings. Both are quests and both have a hobbit as our protagonist. Plus, a different kind of quest- as in one is a quest to reclaim the dwarves homeland, and one is quest to destroy the One Ring.

Battle of the Five Armies- this is part of The Hobbit

Battle of Helm’s Deep- this is part of The Two Towers (the 2nd Lord of the Rings)

The Major Battle- part of The Return of the King (the 3rd of the Rings); this is the biggest battle in ALL of Lord of the Rings. Sauron’s army is full of several orcs (the only problem is fight terribly) and the kind of weapons they have is terrifying. At least the good guys are full of hope, and some can fight well (as in our major characters), but outnumbered- at least Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas were able to recruit new members.

Chronicles of Narnia

Why do I feel like in MOST fantasy battles that the good guys are way outnumbered?? Happened in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Narnia—-but eventually got extra help.

The Golden Trio of Harry Potter

One of the most-well known series belongs to Harry Potter. It is also a series that has proved itself to be a contemporary classic. A story filled with magic, friendship, amazing beasts and creatures, and a fight against good and evil. So, what is it’s most famous friendship?

The Golden Trio

Harry, Ron, and Hermione create one of the famous friendships in literature. They are seen as best friends in all seven books. They go through various trials in each book even if it means breaking the rule. At first, Harry is only friends with Ron, but soon enough they befriend Hermione.

In many ways, Ron and Hermione remind me of Sam from Lord of the Rings. There is no way Harry would have defeated Voldemort without his best friends. This is especially seen during Deathly Hallows during their hunt for the Horcruxes—-Harry wanted to do it alone, but Ron and Hermione wouldn’t allow it.

Similarities Between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings

In the world of literature and musical theatre, there are parallels. What do I mean by that? It basically means things that are in common between characters, plot points, and other things. True, nothing is exactly the same, but we still can notice how “this character is similar to this character” due to similar life experiences and personalities. Well, I have noticed a LOT of things in common between Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter- I have a feeling Rowling might have gotten inspired by Tolkien. So, what parallels did I spot?

The Golden Trio and Sam/Frodo

Would Frodo have made it without Sam? And would Harry have defeated Voldermort without his two best friends? Sam, Ron, and Hermione have proven to be loyal and brave to Frodo and Harry. True, Frodo wanted to continue on his quest to Mordor alone, but Sam wouldn’t allow it- he helped him in many ways due to the power of the Ring; because of it, there was no way Frodo could destroyed it.

Harry had to rely on his best friends during many challenges and trials- they always had to figure things out when something went “wrong” at Hogwarts. But their hardest challenge was finding the Horcruxes, but like Frodo, he didn’t want Ron and Hermione’s help, but he needed them. There was no way of knowing where they were or how to destroy them.

Merry/Pippin and Fred/George

Even those characters are quite similar. Merry and Pippin are troublemakers in Lord of the Rings- due to that, you wonder why they are even part of the Fellowship, but you soon realize why (not until The Two Towers)- they care about Middle Earth. Fred and George, Ron’s older twin brothers, are troublemakers as well, but provide some comic relief and fun to Harry Potter, and even take part in The Battle of Hogwarts.

Dark Lords

The antagonists of both series are dark lords- that is exactly what Sauron and Voldermort are.

The Ring/Horcruxes

These objects are pretty similar—-yes, there are more Horcruxes. Both have the ability to easily corrupt those who have them. Frodo and Harry are given the task to destroy them- that is the only way to defeat Sauron and Voldemort (that is they they seem invincible). The Ring not only has the power to easily corrupt, but weaken the ringbearer as well (as in closer you get to Mordor, the weaker you get), and even the power to tempt you.

The Horcruxes can also easily corrupt- Voldermort managed to create 7 (Harry had to destroy all of them). They can literally be anything or be hidden in several places- so that is why it be hard to find them.

Massive Spider Attacks

Both series had major spider attacks- the one against Shelob and the one against Aragog. But, the Shelob one was creepier—–Sam had to come ringbearer for some time- only when he had to rescue Frodo from orcs.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Review

This is the 5th book in the Harry Potter series. There are many reasons why I was looking forward to this one and many reasons why I wasn’t. There are lots at stake in this one due to You-Know-Who being back, which causes Harry to have these terrible nightmares thanks to the connection between the two. He needs to rely on his friends more than ever- not just his best friends.

There is a door at the end of a silent corridor. And it’s haunting Harry Potter’s dreams. Why else would he be waking in the middle of the night, screaming in terror?

It’s not just the upcoming O.W.L. exams; a new teacher with a personality like poisoned honey; a venomous, disgruntled house-elf; or even the growing threat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Now Harry Potter is faced with the unreliability of the very government of the magical world and the impotence of the authorities at Hogwarts.

Despite this (or perhaps because of it), he finds depth and strength in his friends, beyond what even he knew; boundless loyalty; and unbearable sacrifice.

Characters (new and old)- possible spoilers

Umbridge- well, like several Harry Potter fans, I despise her. She is so evil in many ways- her rules at Hogwarts make it a totally different school in a way. Her detentions are brutal. Even her methods of teaching and inspecting other teacher- not nice one bit.

Bellatrix- my least favorite Death Eater and I have a deep dislike towards her. She finally enters in this novel. Both Harry and Neville have tragic pasts. Neville’s parents got tortured by Bellatrix a while back, and you saw part of the result in this book during one of the Mungo’s chapters. Plus, killing Sirius- Harry has seen enough horror already.

Luna- finally, she is in the series. She is actually one of the characters I love. Love her quirkiness and her loyalty to Harry. Member of the D.A. Anyone who went with Harry to London sacrificed a lot, but love their courage. Harry can easily open to her due to her past- after all, both lost people important to them- these two can see the thestrals.

Neville- he really develops a lot more in this book, as seen in D.A. chapters. Especially after Bellatrix escaped- it should have almost made him worse (due to probably being angry), but made him better. As well as the battle at Department of Mysteries. So also was loyal and brave when it came to Harry.

Ron and Hermione- of course, I always love Harry’s best friends; they remain loyal towards him in many ways- by helping set up the D.A. or going to London. The Golden Trio will always be one of my favorite literary friendships.

One of the several things I love about Order of the Phoenix is the D.A, a secret society where students learn Defense Against the Dark Arts. Harry has to teach them due to his previous experiences with the Dark Arts. All started because Umbridge is unwilling to teach them. I even love the scenes in Mungo’s Hospital, which shows a different side to the Wizarding Community. Even hearing about the prophecy is incredible; it explains a whole lot= so glad Voldermort didn’t get a hold of it. In many ways, the book made the “Department of Mysteries” even more mysterious due to how confusing it is and the dangers of it along with all the doors.