Beauty and the Beast- Song

Today, we have another Disney song. Just like A Whole New World, it has that same kind of feeling. What is it about them? They seem to carry this special kind of nature about them. They have this sort of innocence and magic- you can easily become attached to them. Just like A Whole New World, I was drawn to the song since childhood. It is my favorite song from the musical, Beauty and the Beast.

Live action film of Beauty and the Beast- Beauty and the Beast Song: Beast (Dan Stevens) and Belle (Emma Watson)
Beauty and the Beast

In simple terms, Beast is a prince disguised as a Beast and Belle is prisoner in his castle after taking her father’s place. The spell at the castle can only be broken if the Beast falls in love and be loved in return. It took some time, but eventually Belle and Beast fall in love- “Something There” was when you start to notice they do have feelings for each. It is officially at “Beauty and the Beast” where you know for a fact that they have fallen in love. There is something about the combo of song and the dance that makes it so magical to watch- the past couple of times, I saw the live action film, I found myself crying during “Beauty and the Beast”. I usually do not tear up during happy numbers- but this one did- truly a wonderful moment to witness.

Musical Couples from 2012 to Now

Once again, I will be writing another love post. This time, I will write a list from couples that I have come across from 2012 to now, so some musical couples will not be on the list.

  1. Cosette and Marius
  2. Christine and Raoul
  3. Marian and Harold Hill
  4. Nellie and Emelie
  5. Liat and Joe Cable
  6. Ado Annie and Will Parker
  7. Mimi and Roger
  8. Angel and Collins
  9. Maureen and Joanne
  10. Kathy and Don
  11. Catherine and Pippin
  12. Katherine and Jack
  13. Maria and Tony
  14. Audrey and Seymour

This list has quite a wide range of couples. Each of their relationships vary differently. Even the outcome of their relationships are different. Some are them are tragic and don’t end too well and some you don’t think their relationship will last, but it does. So you can tell, most of them are young couples.

Young Musical Love

Romance is quite a beautiful part of musicals. No theme has been greater than that. But what is so special about the young love that is presented? As a matter of fact, most romances in musicals are young lovers. That makes sense because most musical characters are young.

I feel like with young musical characters, there is this kind of innocence built into them. There even is a wonderful sense of youth built into the romances as well. There even is a sense of maturity. At times, love has fragility and vulnerability built into the mix especially during unrequited love songs.

Possible Spoilers:

I feel like the love triangles fare very well with young musical characters. Whether that is the love triangle either in Wicked or Les Mis, it still works really well. The love triangles are incredibly complicated especially the Wicked one. No matter what, you can’t make all of the characters involved happy at all. I still don’t fully understand a love triangle, but it makes more sense than ever.

There is always the unrequited lover and that can be confusing. In the Wicked one, that is really challenging because the unrequited love shifts gears on you because it starts with Elphaba having unrequited love for Fiyero, but in act II it shifts to Glinda feeling unrequited love for Fiyero. Elphaba and Fiyero are my favorite musical couple because you wouldn’t expect them to get together at all. They may be young, but their song is so mature and quite mystical.

In the case of Les Mis, the unrequited love never shifts gears on you because it is always Eponine. This love triangle fares very well. There are two times where you see all three together and you end up feeling for all of them.

Eponine’s unrequited love for Marius is quite a special one because she constantly is showing true love towards him even if he won’t do the same for her. Eponine’s unrequited love is very heartbreaking and painful for her especially because Marius is the only good in her life and is the only person to show her kindness. That is why she loves Marius so much and why she keeps on loving him. She continues to love him until the very end of her story.

When it comes to Disney, young musical characters give the show a kind of magic, which is perfect for Disney. One such couple is Katherine and Jack, the newest Disney couple of my life. Below are pictures of young romances including my favorite couple. I feel like young musical romances are incredible because of their songs.


Elphaba and Fiyero


Cosette, Marius, Eponine


Raoul, Christine


Jack, Katherine


Tony, Maria

What is special about young musical couples?



Why Do the Best Musicals Tend to Have Negative Emotions in Their Songs?

Why is that almost always the best musicals tend to have negative emotions within their songs? When I was younger, I discovered that I preferred the musicals that have the negative emotions within the songs. It was at a time where all musicals were happy. I understood the negative emotions differently than I do now. Heartbreak was an emotion that I wasn’t even aware of. I don’t have much recollection of the negative emotions so long ago. The best way to trace how far the negative emotions have come is to use the musical, Wicked.

I started to understand the emotional nature of musicals through Wicked. I actually knew that “I’m Not That Girl” was a sad song since middle school. By high school I was definitely knew that the song was a song dealing with a love triangle. That was how I viewed it for most of my Wicked journey. When I first discovered heartbreak through “Les Mis”, the emotions of other musicals changed drastically. Just like “On My Own” from Les Mis, “I’m Not That Girl” is also an unrequited love song. Through that shocking realization, “I’m Not That Girl” started to become a heartbreaking song and I saw the insight of it through memorizing the lyrics.


Another drastic change of the negative emotions in Wicked happened with the song “No Good Deed”. For the longest time ever, I always hated that song and never got anything out of it. I never could pick up on any of its emotions. But when I actually saw Wicked the fourth time, I finally got something out of the song and was finally able to pick up on its emotions of anger and frustration. Through the changes of “I’m Not That Girl” and “No Good Deed”, I felt the most vulnerable the fourth time around.


For me, I feel like the negative emotions are in the musicals I prefer are due to the fact that those emotions help make a musical more well-rounded and even more complex. When a show has a good deal of conflict, the negative emotions are usually in the songs themselves. Having the negative emotions makes it easier to emotionally connect to the characters. Those shows feel a lot more real and help make the experience even more worth it. The negative emotions have strengthened a lot since I first encountered them through the happy musicals.


Having sad musicals in my life actually gave me a bigger appreciation of the negative musical emotions. By seeing musicals through the perspectives of Rent and Les Mis, I was able to understand the negative emotions so much better.


It is very important to keep an eye on the negative emotions in the happy musicals. I am aware that the negative emotions have a few limitations when it comes to them. Some musicals are not home to them like “Music Man” and you need musicals like those to exist for balance.

The newest musical of my life that happened to have negative emotions in the songs is “Newsies”, which happened during “Santa Fe”. ┬áSometimes you are conflicted as to whether or not you actually felt the negative emotions the first time you see a new musical. The negative emotions in musicals tend to develop steady over time. The happy musicals are the shows where the mildest layers of sad do exist. The happy musicals can even consist of negative emotions being powerful.


There is an amazing strength when it comes to the negative emotions. There is an incredible fragility when it comes to them as well. Sometimes it has either an innocence or an incredible vulnerability or an epic quality or a powerful nature. The heartbreaking songs tend to be filled with such beauty. A song can be sad without being heartbreaking. True the negative emotions do hurt when it comes to musicals, but are so worth it especially if you have the emotional connection to the characters, songs, and plot lines.