The Musicals I Never Saw on Tour

As musical theatre fans, we see musicals in different ways. I am specifically referring to the times we see them in person- either on Broadway, in the West End, on tour, at a school, or a local theater. So, what are the musicals I never saw on tour- only will include those I remember seeing?


This was the first biblical musical I saw. I actually saw this at Pease Auditorium at Central Piedmont Community College. What convinced me to see it was the composer/lyricist—–after all, it was a Stephen Schwartz musical. So, it would be my 2nd musical of his I saw in person. Fun costumes and catchy and exciting songs.

Little did I know I would seeing some of those actors again in future musicals.

Music Man

First musical of 2015 and was seen at Gardner Webb. I already was enjoying the songs and was required to see it. Love the light-hearted nature of it.

Little Shop of Horrors

I don’t love this musical, but still enjoyed watching it. I actually was house manager for this musical. I actually can understand why others love it. I love some of its songs, but not all of them.


Well, two of my Godspell actors were in this musical- the Laurey and Will Parker were in Godspell. I already fell in love with Oklahoma—-so loved being able to watch the stage show. Back at CPCC, but this time was watching at Halton Theater. If its a musical at CPCC, I expect a well-done production.


I saw Grease at CPCC the same summer as Oklahoma—-I spent time with my sister and one of our friends. Discovering new songs- I had gotten so used to the movie that I didn’t know some of the extra songs from the stage show.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcot

The 2nd biblical musical I saw in person—-one of my many memories of the musical was singing the songs when I was part of the children’s choir at church. So, it took quite a long time till I finally saw the stage show. Latest CPCC musical I saw- they cast an incredible narrator and Joesph. “Close Every Door” drove me to tears (wasn’t expecting that reaction)—–even the brother’s ensemble was incredible.


The Musicals of 2021

Every year, I always have a post talking about the musicals I went to. At the beginning of the year, there was no way of knowing if I would see one or not due to the pandemic. It would be difficult if I did not see at least one- that is usually my goal every year. Well, this year actually consisted of two musicals, which were ones that I love.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

This was done at Central Piedmont Community College over the Summer. If CPCC does a production, most likely the show will feel professional. This cast had a really talented narrator and Joseph. I actually teared up during “Close Every Door”—-yes, I knew the song was heartbreaking coming in, but wasn’t expecting that reaction. I loved both the children’s chorus and the brother ensemble. By the way, one of the children was my Young Cosette in CPCC’s production of Les Mis back in 2013 (loved that I got to see her again).


Well, this was my 5th time seeing the musical and happening at a milestone year for the musical. After all, I first fell in love with Wicked fifteen years ago in NYC. As a matter of fact, this was Charlotte’s first tour since the shutdown of musicals last year. Still a spectacular musical- still feels Ozian with the sets, costumes, and songs. I had two understudies- got the standby for Elphaba and an understudy for Boq. About the costumes, I noticed Elphaba’s act II costume sparkle.

I loved my Elphaba the most- teared up when I expected. I even noticed her love for Fiyero sooner than I thought. I was hoping to cry during “For Good”, and I did. While Glinda struggled at times, at first she was funny and had strong chemistry with Elphaba during “For Good”. Even Fiyero was amazing- such an incredible voice.


Good thing, I still saw musicals in 2021. I NEVER saw Joseph on stage before, and that was why I am glad that I was able to see it in person. In the case of Wicked, I am glad I was able to see it in person in a milestone year in my journey with it- being my 5th time during my 15th year loving it.

The Biblical Musicals I Love

Yes, there are musicals that are based off of stories in the bible. I actually have fallen in love with two of them, and each of them were written by famous composers. I decided to talk about the two of them today. As a matter of fact, I ended up seeing both of them live at Central Piedmont Community College- seems to a kind of coincidence.


I am going to start at Godspell, the 2nd Stephen Schwartz musical I fell in love with. Due to already falling in love with Wicked, I was convinced to give Godspell a chance. When I saw Godspell, I remember loving the costumes- from a hippie to a pink dress holding a white star and a guy with a black and red theme with a red mohawk. Little did I know I would see some of those actors again in future CPCC productions.

Ryan Deal, the Jesus, would eventually play Valjean and also would be in the Musical Revue, Some Enchanted Evening. One of the female ensemble members would be in the female ensemble of Les Mis and would eventually be Laurey in Oklahoma. The Judas would later play Will Parker in Oklahoma. I thought that was actually amazing that would happen- the fact I would see those three actors again.

Godspell has an incredible collection of fun and exciting songs. It feels like a modernized version of Jesus’ story- due to those fun costumes.

Favorite song: We Beseech Thee

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

I just recently saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Another well-done production and crazily enough I saw an actor from the past- in the children’s choir, my Young Cosette from CPCC’s production was in this choir (glad to see her again). Really talented narrator and Joseph. After all, Joseph really shined during “Close Every Door”- I was in tears during that number (yes, I knew the song was heartbreaking, but wasn’t expecting that reaction. Even loved the group of brothers. Loved the colorful and fun costumes and that was an amazing ending.

Joseph has an amazing mix of fun and emotional songs- the way you want a musical theatre soundtrack to me. Makes a show more believable and relatable. What made Joseph meaningful was that it was the first musical I saw in person after musicals closed when the pandemic began. Seeing musicals was something I strongly missed- going to them is one of my biggest escapes. Still have a hard believing this was Webber’s first musical- after all, he was only 17, and it is an incredible musical.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Review

Today was one of the best days ever! It has been a LONG time since I stepped foot into a theater to see a musical live. Being able to see one felt like forever- July 25th was when that chance finally came. So, it was a pretty exciting experience for me. Yes, it was at Central Piedmont Community College, but seeing a musical there is similar to seeing a musical professionally.

There seemed to be a coincidence seeing Joseph at CPCC- that was because the first time I remember seeing another musical at that community college was another biblical musical. That’s right- outside of Joseph, I also saw Godspell there.

My cast- wish I could bring up others, but will only bring up the narrator and Joseph. It will be too hard to bring up everyone

Narrator- Lindsey Schroeder

Joseph- Rixey Terry

About the narrator, she was incredible in her role. I loved her in every moment I saw her in. Even Joseph was incredible- he truly shined in “Close Every Door”, a moment I teared up in- coming into the show, I knew it was heartbreaking, but wasn’t expecting that reaction. The brothers together made up an incredible ensemble. I even loved seeing the child choir- one of which played my Young Cosette when I saw Les Mis here.

The costumes were incredible- so beautiful to look at. I even loved how the show ended- with the dancing and the confetti exploding at the end. A wonderful way to start musical theatre up again.