Loving Fathers of Musical Theatre

Today is Father’s Day. In the world of fiction, there are a number of loving fathers. What if I talked about them today. As a way to celebrate about that. It is a perfect day to mention why they are loving. Plus, it doesn’t matter of they biological or adopted fathers. MAJOR SPOILERS

Loving Musical Theatre Fathers

Mufasa- Lion King

It is perfect to start with a Disney father due to growing up on Disney fathers. Mufasa is perfect in two ways- not only as father, but also as king. The musical starts with the birth of Simba, his son and prince to Pride Rock. However, this not suit well with Mufasa’s brother, Scar. However, Mufasa does teach Simba a number of life lessons (as in how to be king and how to hunt). Even teaches him how prior Kings will ALWAYS look after Simba no matter what, as perfectly expressed in “They Live in You”. You are strongly aware of how much Mufasa loves his Son, as he does get afraid when Simba does do things he isn’t supposed to do (like going to the Elephant Graveyard or getting caught in the Intense Stampede)

However, both of those acts were ways to try to kill Simba——–as Scar wants to kill him and his brother (due to strong envy as Scar wants to be to King). Tragically, during the Stampede, Scar does kill Mufasa and places the blame on Simba (due to only being a cub, Simba believes him, which haunts him into adulthood), and causes him to run away. Little does Simba know how poorly his Uncle will rule Pride Rock, and somehow along the way forgets his place and doesn’t believe Mufasa is still looking over him even in death (but at least, eventually he does remember and fights his Uncle for his rightful place as King)

Maurice- Beauty and the Beast

In the same world of Disney, Maurice is Belle’s father. He is the only person who doesn’t think his daughter is odd. You really saw their love for each other in the song, “No Matter What” when Belle asks her father, “do you think I’m odd”. Even when Belle takes her father’s place, you saw their love. Plus, at the moment when Belle sees her father in trouble——this is when the Beast finally lets Belle go (at this moment, Belle and Beast finally are in love).

Captain Von Trapp- Sound of Music

While he appears strict, he actually does love his children. He is just in a rough situation in his life when you originally meet him. Maria actually helps him come out of his shell- especially after she teaches them how to sing. She actually brought happiness back into the house- through music.

Daddy Warbucks- Annie

He is one of our adopted fathers on this list. Annie is an orphan, who is allowed to stay with him for a week over the Holidays. Daddy Warbucks, over time, learns to love Annie like a father. Luckily, he decided to adopt her—–due to how much better Annie’s life is with him as opposed to the orphanage Annie came from.

Jean Valjean- Les Mis

One of the best relationships of Les Mis is the one found between Valjean and Cosette. In the most unexpected of ways, Valjean become father to the orphan, Cosette. On her mother’s deathbed, Valjean promises to her that he will raise Cosette. Soon enough, he learns just how awful Cosette is——she was treated like a servant, but still had strong hopes she will be rescued.

Luckily Valjean came and rescued her- unaware of just how much Cosette will mean to him. I love the addition of “Suddenly” in the movie, as in perfectly explains their bond. Cosette is everything to him- this explains why she was overprotected and sheltered. Despite always be on the run, he will still do anything for her- he actually became a better person because of her.

Favorite Magical Musicals

There are various types of musicals- in genre, in type of song, in stories (as in being complex or simple), and even the kinds of characters. But, even different adjectives can describe them—one word I can use it “magical”, which isn’t just limited to Disney musicals. So, what are some of my favorite magical musicals?


Due to being a fantasy, it for sure has a magical feel. Elphaba has magical powers, which she was born with. OZ has a lot of magical elements—it does have different weather patterns than the typical world, and even the costumes of characters are slightly different. You really can feel the magic in this show- by the sound of the songs, by character names, by dance and spectacle, and even the costumes.

Wicked means a lot to me—–a musical that has been loved since August 2006. Drawn mainly to the powerful and beautiful friendship and the complex and strong love triangle. Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero are the only characters I am emotionally connected to—-especially towards Elphaba.


I can’t wait until June of this year—seeing the musical in person for the first time. I already have learned to love the the added songs to the stage show. I have loved Frozen since I saw the animated movie- my favorite songs being “For the First Time in Forever” and “Let it Go”. As a matter of fact, the musical shares a couple of parallels with Wicked. Elsa was born with powers of snow and ice while her sister, Anna, was not. I actually am a lot like Anna—-outgoing, optimistic, impulsive, and full of life (plus, I am the youngest).

Beauty and the Beast

I still can’t believe I hadn’t see this Disney musical in person. All I have seen are the animated and live action movies. The enchanted castle adds a lot of magic to the show——especially with scenes such as “Be Our Guest” and most especially at “Beauty and the Beast”. The “Beauty and the Beast” scene is so magical- the two costumes, the enchanting and beautiful song, and that incredible dance (just wow, so magical)—-you really can feel their love in that number. Plus, the Beast’s transformation when the curse was broken- what isn’t magical about that? Than after course, at the final dance.


This Rodgers and Hammerstein musical is magical. I still really hope to catch this one in person. I feel like the magic of Cinderella is very similar to the one found in Beauty and the Beast. After all, there is still a magical and incredible transformation—-you know what I am talking about (the transformations the Fairy Godmother did before Cinderella left for the ball). In addition, the magical and enchanting dance between Cinderella and the Prince—-as seen through “Ten Minutes Ago”. I even feel like its magical when the glass slipper finds its owner after a major search- “It’s a perfect fit”


Most of the magical side of Aladdin comes from the Cave of Wonders, The Genie, and one song in particular. The Cave of Wonders is the place where you come across the magic carpet and the lamp with the Genie—–Aladdin ends up owning the magic carpet and becomes the Genie’s master. In all of the scenes, “A Whole New World” is the most magical- I mean, flying on a magic carpet with the one you love- how romantic and amazing.

Lion King

How can a show dealing with animals be magical? Well, any Disney musical has to have some kind of magic. I feel like “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” is part of the magical side of this musical. It can be hard to describe the magical side in this musical.


True, it is based off an actual event in history- The Newsboy Strike of 1899, but it still is a Disney Musical. “Something to Believe In” is an innocent and magical song—-that seems to be the feel of a number of Disney love songs. Plus, several Disney musicals are home to strong talent in the dance—-Newsies really discovers that.

Favorite Songs in Musicals- as in Romance

True, we have a favorite song in each musical. There is usually a reason behind it, and sometimes we can’t describe it. It can be related to memory, reasoning (as in why we wanted to the musical), or just because (that sounds crazy, but that is the hardest one to describe). Now, it does sound cliche if our favorite song in a musical happens to be the main love song, as in ROMANCE. But, it does happen—–let me only talk about the musicals where my favorite song belong to that theme.

Beauty and the Beast

You may find this hard to believe, but I still haven’t seen it live. I have only seen the animated and live action movies. In terms of stage show, all I know of it belongs to the Original Broadway Soundtrack- that is why I know about songs such as “Home” and “If I Can’t Love Her”. At one point I thought I saw it live, but it turns out I was wrong.

“Beauty and the Beast” is my favorite song in this musical. I have always been quite attached to this magical and enchanting number. While it is a happy song, the past couple of times I saw the live action movie, the song has driven me to tears (how can a positive emotion do that?). Not only is the song magical, but so is the scene- due to Belle’s dress and Beast’s suit and their dance.

It truly needs to come back to the US. What I hope happens is that it revives on Broadway and gets a new cast album——that way it will have “A Change in Me” on it. I really want to own that song.

Lion King

Once again, the main love song is my favorite number. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” is my favorite song from Lion King——even the new songs couldn’t be better. Always been drawn to that particular song- still has a kind of magic and innocence in it.


Yes, “A Whole New World” is my favorite song from Aladdin. Well, just like the other two Disney musicals, it is is filled with magic, innocence and wonder. I mean, who wouldn’t love having a date on a magic carpet flying in the air? There seems to be something in common with just about ALL Disney couples- magic, innocence and wonder.

South Pacific

Well, true this musical has two couples, but it primarily focuses on Emelie and Nellie. Their main love song, “Some Enchanted Evening”, is one of the most romantic love songs I ever heard in musical theatre. That is part of why that song is my favorite song from this musical.

What about you, what musicals have your favorite song as the main love song?

Favorite Lyrics from Non-Survivors

Yesterday, I listed some of my lyrics from favorite characters who are survivors in their musicals. What if today I did the complete opposite? As in choosing lyrics from those who eventually get killed off- otherwise known as non-survivors.

The Lyrics

“To Dream the Impossible Dream”

The Impossible dream, Man of La Mancha

“They Live in You”

They Live in You, Lion King

“Bring Him Home”

Bring Him home, Les Mis

“Drink with me to days gone by
Can it be you fear to die? Will the world remember you when you fall? Could it be your death means nothing at all?
Is your life just one more lie?”

Drink with Me, Les Mis

“There is a Life about to Start when Tomorrow Comes”

Do you hear the people sing, Les Mis

“Rain will Make the Flowers Grow”

A little fall of rain, Les mis

“To Love another Person is To See the Face of God”

finale, Les Mis


Most of the lyrics I could think of belong to Les Mis characters. A BIG reason behind that is that MOST of the characters who die happen to come from that musical. Also, most of the musical theatre lyrics I know are from that musical.

Loving Moms in Stories

Considering today is mothers day, I decided to bring up the loving moms in the world of literature. That means books, operas, movies and musicals. What was interesting is that some of these overlap. This was so much harder then I thought.

Molly Weasley

Not only does she love her kids, but she also loves Harry like her own. In the Harry Potter series, she basically takes Harry in as her own.


She is Simba’s mother and does love him.


She has an unconditional love for Cosette. She gets put into a difficult situation when her “lover” basically abandons her and her daughter. Now what? She had no choice, but to leave Cosette in the hands of the Thenardiers, but what she didn’t know is how poorly they will treat her daughter and that they will scam her out of money.

Yes, she finds work in Valjean’s factory, when her secret comes out, she gets fired. That all leads to her becoming a prostitute and leaving on the streets. Valjean eventually discovers this after intervening to protect her from going to jail. Valjean, out of compassion, agreed to care for her child. For once, Fantine found peace and comfort. Fantine’s hope was that Cosette would have a better life then she had.

Her demise wasn’t even her fault- it was more Society’s fault. At least Valjean helped her in the end.


Kim and Fantine are kinda of similar in their relationships to their children- that is a way they are somewhat parallel. I said that because Kim has an unconditional love towards Tam. You truly start to notice this through “I’d Give my Life for You”. She would rather give him a better life then the one she has at the moment. At the end of Miss Saigon, she sacrifices her life- that actually makes Chris realize that he still truly loves Kim. He agrees to take care of Tam, the son he never knew existed.