The Best Christmas Books

One thing that is important to bookworms is to always be in the middle of reading a book. Now that we are in the middle of Christmas season, there are some books that are wonderful to read. That is a result of them either being Christmas book and/or having some of the best Christmas and Winter scenes. So, what books are the best Christmas books.

  1. A Christmas Carol- my favorite Christmas book
  2. Man Who Invented Christmas- the origin story of “A Christmas Carol”
  3. A Christmas Treasury- a collection of short stories and poems (“A Christmas Carol” is part of it)
  4. Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe- the first book is the one with Narnia’s Winter
  5. Harry Potter Series
  6. Nevermoor Series
  7. Spinning Silver- a chilly and icy book

*The Harry Potter and Nevermoor Series are on here because the Christmas in their fantasy worlds are magical.

What Christmas books would you add?

Fantasy Books and Series with Wonderful Christmas

Well, now we are in the season of preparing for Christmas. One of the wonderful things about the genre of fantasy is seeing how their cultures celebrate Christmas. After all, fantasy worlds are made-up so exploring their culture is always fun. So, what fantasy books and/or series have some of the best Christmas scenes?

Harry Potter

It is always fun to see their Christmas celebrated at Hogwarts. The way the castle is decorated is fun. It is always magical for Harry- after all, he never got to really celebrate at his “home”- for Harry, Hogwarts is home.


Christmas is one of my favorite parts of this series. You see this amazing battle between The Yule Queen (green) and Saint Nicholass (red)- for the battle, the citizens favor one over the other. On Christmas, the Yule Queen delivers snow and Saint Nicholas delivers a stocking with gifts and a burning fire in the fireplaces.

Chronicles of Narnia

Of course, Christmas in this fantasy land is magical. Their winter is extremely beautiful, which would makes their Christmas pretty wonderful.

My Love for Narnia

As bookworms, we have our favorite genres. We also have our origin stories for why we love the genres we love. It it a known fact that I love fantasy, which consists of made-up worlds, quests, witches, wizards, and interesting beasts and creatures, etc, So, what is one of the series that made me fall in love with fantasy?

Chronicles of Narnia- C.S. Lewis

The World of Narnia is wonderful- the talking animals, the talking trees, the winter, and those who live there.There is a lot of magic and wonder to the land- especially if you read in publication order. The series has one of my favorite sibling relationships- those of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. If it wasn’t for The Blitz, they most likely wouldn’t have discovered Narnia.

The craziest thing about Narnia is the time- it passes by faster than in the real world. It also has several connections to Christianity- it is easiest to notice that in Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe (the differences between Aslan and The White Witch). The Pevensie children were supposed to come to Narnia to restore hope.

I fell in love with the series by the movies and then read the books. I suggest reading in publication order- gives it more magic and wonder.

The Fun in Rereading Books

As bookworms, we have our favorite books. It is easy to NOT think of rereading them due to thinking of new books to read. However, there are moments where a reread isn’t a bad option. Especially if you have kinda of forgotten what happened and needed to refresh our memory. So, what have I reread and why?

The Chronicles of Narnia

One of the two fantasy series that made me a fantasy fan. True, my love for these started on the films. That would lead to reading the books for the first time. The BEST way to read them is by publication order- gives it more magic and wonder. Decided to reread them to refresh on the last four books, as in the ones that NEVER made it to film- The Silver Chair, Horse and His Boy, The Magician’s Nephew, and The Last Battle. So of course, it would be fun to reenter Narnia—–due to mainly knowing the three films

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The start of my love for this series came from middle school. I only planned to reread them if I was going to read Heroes of Olympus. That was the only way I would be able to prepare. So glad I reread Percy Jackson- so much I forgot and so much I didn’t notice the first time- as a YA, it was my first time even noticing the romance between Annabeth and Percy (one of my favorite couples of literature). Once I started The Last Hero, the first book of Heroes of Olympus, I realized that I probably wouldn’t have understand the new series as much if I didn’t reread Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

These are my favorite Roald Dahl books from childhood. I don’t really know what lead me to reread the two. Most likely because I needed an easy read. Sometimes it is fun to read books from your childhood- you NEVER know what you will spot from an older age

Harry Potter

This was my latest reread series. Harry Potter was the other fantasy series that taught me to love the genre. I kinda of reread them for a similar reason I reread Narnia. I needed to catch up- as in find the things I forgot (as in certain characters and events that didn’t make it to the movies). Amazing what you notice later in life that you can’t when you were younger

Eventual Reread Possibilities

  1. The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings- time for a refresher and want to explore more of Middle Earth (as in reading other Tolkien books)
  2. Land of Stories- want to read A Tale of Magic series, the prequel of Land of Stories (so should I reread to prepare to understand better?)


Most of the FUN in rereading books comes from what you didn’t notice the first time. It also could come from what you forgot the first time. If you had originally discovered a book in childhood, there are certain elements of books we might not have noticed, so rereading at a later age might make us detect missing parts of the same story we failed to see last time

Fantasy Series I Love with Battle

True, there are several books I love with some uprising or some battle. But, what if this time I only mention just one genre? Fantasy is a genre we expect it in, particularly those with some kind of quest it in it or a story of good vs evil. So, what are some of those fantasy books?

Harry Potter

Well, this is one of those “good vs evil” series. As well as a lot of challenges and trails- particularly for our main trio. Whenever something tends to happen at Hogwarts, our Golden Trio usually is involved. Harry’s best friends are Ron and Hermione (so these three make up the main trio). You truly see a quest unfold in the final book- hunting for those Horcruxes (the key to destroying Voldermort), and its where the actual Battle happens.

The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings

Yes, this series and HP share a number of things in common. But they still are so different from each other. The Hobbit in many ways is a prequel to Lord of the Rings. Both are quests and both have a hobbit as our protagonist. Plus, a different kind of quest- as in one is a quest to reclaim the dwarves homeland, and one is quest to destroy the One Ring.

Battle of the Five Armies- this is part of The Hobbit

Battle of Helm’s Deep- this is part of The Two Towers (the 2nd Lord of the Rings)

The Major Battle- part of The Return of the King (the 3rd of the Rings); this is the biggest battle in ALL of Lord of the Rings. Sauron’s army is full of several orcs (the only problem is fight terribly) and the kind of weapons they have is terrifying. At least the good guys are full of hope, and some can fight well (as in our major characters), but outnumbered- at least Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas were able to recruit new members.

Chronicles of Narnia

Why do I feel like in MOST fantasy battles that the good guys are way outnumbered?? Happened in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Narnia—-but eventually got extra help.