Favorite Relationships in Musicals

When I am referring to relationships in this post, it is not romance. I am even aware some of my favorites are unpopular opinions. So, what are some of mine?

Rent Friends

I love this community of friends. They literally feel like family despite some of the struggles they face. They are a unique group of characters.


This is another group of friends that feels like family. They have a strong brotherly love for each other. They have a cause (the strike) they truly believe in and are passionate about. They never give up.

Jack and Crutchie

Thinking of Newsies, I really love the best friendship between Jack and Crutchie. It is such an intimate and special bond. While Jack would do anything to protect his brothers, he would do the most for Crutchie. Jack and Crutchie are my favorite Newsies.

Friends of the ABC

The Friends of the ABC are parallel to the Newsies. Both share a brotherly love that feel like family. In addition, both groups have a cause they strongly believe in, but the result is different. The students stay passionate to the end even when they know they are going to die.

Valjean and Cosette

One of my favorite moments in Les Mis is when Valjean promises Fantine he will raise Cosette. The moment Valjean rescues Cosette is incredible, but a bit heartbreaking at the same time. Cosette made a huge impression on Valjean. That is what I love about the addition of “Suddenly” in the movie- it shows their bond a lot more.

Eponine and Marius This is an unpopular opinion. The sad side to rescuing Cosette was that Eponine was stuck with the Thenardiers the rest of her life. Eponine was raised to be a thief and criminal. She became unloved by her parents. No one was showing her kindness. Then one day, something changed—–she met Marius, who showed her kindness.

For whatever reason, she knew he was a good person. Due to his kindness, she fell in love with him. Despite the love being unrequited, they still stayed friends. Many people keep on saying he was never good to her, but I disagree- he was ALWAYS good to Eponine. Even Eponine would say that.

Here are two places where you can notice how much Marius cared about Eponine. 1) When he first noticed her at the barricade, he sent her away with a letter to protect her. 2) When she came back, Marius did ask, why? That was because he was because he was worried. When she collapsed, Marius noticed that she was shot, and that her wound was fatal. He was devastated, and he ended up staying with her; he held her to comfort her though that pain). Seriously, how can anyone not see the COMPASSION shown in that moment?

Lumiere and Cogsworth

This sounds like an odd relationship to love. I mean it is a relationship between a talking candle and talking clock.

Belle and Maurice

They are an amazing father and daughter duo. They are a bit misunderstood by the town they live in. They call Belle “odd” and Maurice “crazy”, which isn’t true. They perfectly understand each other and would protect each other. That is why Belle is willing to take her father’s place at the Beast’s castle and why Maurice is trying to get the townspeople to help him rescue people.

Elphaba and Glinda

It wouldn’t be right to have this post if I forgot to include these two. The center core of Wicked is between these two best friends. They have such a powerful and beautiful bond. They literally wouldn’t let a boy get in the way of their friendship- the love triangle in so many ways shows their loyalty towards each other. The song “For Good” really does shows how much they changed each others’ lives for the better.

Any you add any other non-romantic relationships to the list?

Musical Theatre Duets

I am written a number of posts referring to duets. People who are not musical theatre fans actually do think most musical theatre duets are just romance. That is still far from the truth. This time, what if I mentioned the duets of just one gender duets- that means a lot of songs would be missing.

For Good

Of all non-romance duets, For Good comes automatically comes to mind. It is the most emotional song in Wicked. The song is about Elphaba and Glinda’s friendship, and that is the center core of the musical. This song actually is bittersweet- this will be the last moment these two girls will see each other, but at the same time were able to say what they meant to each other.

What you Own

In some ways, this song is a friendship duets. It happens between Roger and Mark, two best friends. Both of them have some epiphany during this song- Roger finally figures out his song and Mark realizes what film he hopes to make. They may be both be singing, but they aren’t in the same place.

I’ll Cover You

This is one of the few romance numbers that happen between the same gender. It is about Collins and Angel’s relationship. They decided to make the most of their relationship due to both having HIV. This is actually the least problematic couple in Rent.

Take me or Leave me

This is another romance duet. It is between Maureen and Joanne, and they literally fighting with each other here. I think this is the most problematic couple in Rent.

Santa Fe (Prologue)

This opens up Newsies. It is between Jack Kelly and Crutchie, two best friends. Their relationship is so intimate and deep. These two Newsies are the ones I love the most.


This is a Les Mis song between Javert and Jean Valjean. You truly see their dynamic in this particular song. It happens following Fantine’s death. During the song, they are literally fighting, and Valjean is trying to get away from Javert. At the end, Valjean agrees to keep this promise to raise Cosette while Javert promises to try to recapture Valjean.

Can you think of other One-gender duets?

Musicals you Know you will Love ahead of Time

All musical theater fanatics will come across musicals in a certain. Here are some ways: film, stage, and songs. However, how do you know you love a musical before seeing it? I will try to explain below- only applies to stage shows. So musicals I fell in love by the movie or by a filmed stage production doesn’t count.


This was the latest Disney musical I fell in love with. Yes, I only enjoyed the songs before seeing the stage show. Do you know what really made me know I will love Newsies? It was coming from the fact that Newsies won a Tony for best choreography. I was right about loving Newsies- the dance made me love the songs even more. Along with the relationship found between Jack/Crutchie and the entire Newsies relationship.


Just to let you know, this musical almost didn’t enter my life. I first got interested in Pippin due to loving “Corner of the Sky”. When mom got tickets for Pippin, there was only one day left with seats together. Pippin was the final inexperience musical of 2015: when I mean inexperienced, it is referring to shows where you didn’t much about the musical ahead of time. It was seeing a preview where I knew I would love the musical even more. Another factor that played in this is based on the fact that it is a Stephen Schwartz musical- after all, Wicked sparked my love for musicals.


When Godspell was playing at Central Piedmont Community College, my dad or family told me I would love it. That was based on my love for Stephen Schwartz. When it comes to CPCC, their shows feel professional. Godspell actually was the first musical I fell in love with during the college years.

Music Man

This musical started the 2015 musicals. It was the most light-hearted out of all them. I already heard some of the songs- from that alone, I knew I would love Music Man. I already knew some facts about the characters- in particular Harold Hill.


Yes, I am using a musical that I haven’t seen live. Anastasia was coming to Charlotte in April of this year, but got postponed. I already have a feeling I would love it due to already falling in love with five songs. I have no idea how I was able to figure out who was singing some of the songs: I know some facts about Anya and a little about Dimitri. So far, Anastasia hasn’t been rescheduled.


It is interesting how we know ahead of time that we love a musical. It can be based on composer, choreography, or already enjoying some songs from the show.

What about you, how do you know you will love a musical ahead of time?

UK Transfer I Hope For

Yes, while I live in the United States, I feel like certain musicals should transfer to the UK. There is one in particular I am actually surprised hasn’t even transferred. We all are around Disney musicals- growing up to adults. So, my question is, why hasn’t Newsies transferred?

For starters, Newsies may be underrated, but still successful. It won a Tony for best choreography. I know that the musical was on tour for two years and on Broadway for two years. I know of the success of this musical: not only has it been on Broadway and on Tour, it also was played at schools, local, and regional theater. I feel like this musical would be perfect in the West End. Look how many Disney musicals were in the West End, but Newsies never was.

Well, I think having Newsies in The West End will be extremely good for actors. Newsies is actually about the Newsboy Strike of 1899. There is a reason why I said actors: Newsies is heavily male-based: so that would be a great opportunity for actors. An actress would be extremely lucky if they end up in this musical especially if they end up as Katherine Plumber. Newsies was not successful at the box office in the movie of 1992, but it became a cult classic, which led to the stage show of Newsies.

Even though I have only been to the West End once, I know the talent is there. I did not see a dance-heavy musical: I saw Les Mis. However, still know that just like the US, there are triple threats: right now specifically referring to males. The dancing is mind-blowing. The musical really has improved since the movie. To me, adding Katherine is giving a male-based musical a strong female voice along with a better love interest for Jack Kelly. Jack Kelly, in my opinion, is more complex in the stage show. My favorite Jack Kelly is Joey Barreiro- who was my first Jack.

Importance of Ovens Auditorium

Blumenthal Performing Arts is home to about seven theaters. Their main theater is Belk Theater. At Belk, you can see operas, musicals, symphonies, and ballet. I saw Sound of Music, Miss Saigon, Aladdin, Lion King, Newsies, Pippin, Rent, Come From Away, Mamma Mia, Porgy and Bess, and La Cage at Belk. As for operas and ballet, saw La Bohème and Nutcracker there.

Despite Belk being the main theater, it isn’t even the largest. That really surprised me when I learned that Ovens is actually bigger- Belk may have more levels, but Ovens is wider and deeper. If Ovens didn’t exist, there is a good chance many musicals never would have made it to Charlotte. Ovens is able to host musicals when something is happening at Belk. So Ovens allows for a lot more availability.

While I did not see many musicals at Ovens—–I am glad that Ovens does exist or else none of them might have made it to Blumenthal. I saw Addams Family, A Christmas Story-The Musical, Les Mis, and Wicked at Ovens. Whenever I think of Ovens, I think of Wicked: I was able to catch that musical three times on tour. The latest time I saw Wicked, I was watching it with my school. When I saw Les Mis at Ovens, it was a date with my mom: that was our 2nd date to Les Mis: the 1st was in London.

I did not like ALL the Blumenthal shows I saw, but defiantly liked most. Addams Family, Porgy and Bess, and La Cage were musicals I did not even like.