Relating to Anna (Frozen)

Now that is June, I now have BIG plans. Every year, I always have a goal of seeing at least one musical. June will be the start of that- as it the month Frozen will be touring to my hometown. Frozen was originally planned for October 2020, but got postponed. So basically, June 2022 is a makeup, so in many ways I am even more excited. Which sister do I relate to more?


For starters, I am the youngest in my family. I am also full of life, outgoing, and optimistic. I even share one of her flaws, which is impulsivity. I can understand her struggle of being closer to her sister- even I wish I had a stronger relationship with my sister. So I get it- the struggle of sisterhood. Because I relate to Anna so much, she is the contemporary Disney princess I am most like.

My love for Frozen

I have had a love for Frozen since I saw the movie in 2013. I could easily see why so many people were loving the film. I never once thought Frozen was overrated and YES, still not tired of the song, “Let it Go”. Why do I love Frozen? THERE MIGHT BE SPOILERS:

Songs- well, obviously to love a musical, you have to love the songs. I love the songs in Frozen. From “For the First Time in Forever” to “Let it Go” to “Love is an Open Door”- it defiantly has a catchy soundtrack. While the movie only has exciting songs; still good enough for me to love Frozen. Here’s what I can add- when they created the stage show- new songs were added, and some of them were able to create a more emotional feel.

Characters- I totally love these characters, in particular Elsa and Anna. They BOTH are relatable. One born with powers that is misunderstood and another who is optimistic and outgoing: the two sisters do love each other even though things are complicated. While many people call Olaf annoying, I think he is such a lovable snowman.

True Love: Well, in many previous Disney films the idea of true love steams from romance. In Frozen, on the other hand, it is about the love between the sisters: another reason why I love Anna and Elsa. You truly saw this when Anna had to find true love to save herself- she actually sacrificed herself to save her sister from being killed by Hans. So the real true love was from the sisters; not the romance.

Part of my bond (I think I know): I really think a good part of my love for Frozen comes from Wicked. That is due to the parallel elements. Think about it: Elsa/Elphaba; Anna/Glinda; Sisterhood/Friendship; and “Let it Go”/”Defying Gravity”- those all have parallel elements. Considering how meaningful Wicked is to me- it actually makes sense.

This year: I am actually seeing the stage show of Frozen for the first time.

My Excitement About Frozen

Out of all musicals that have been coming out this year on Broadway, the one that excited me the most was Frozen. Yes, I am 24, but I love Disney musical. What is it about Frozen that appeal to me?

Well, I love songs from the move like “For the First Time in Forever”, “Let it Go” (yes not sick and tired of it)), “Love is an Open Door”, and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”. I have been listening to some of the new songs, and even those sound amazing. “Monster”, “What Do You Know About Love”, and “True Love” all sound amazing including all the other new songs I heard. What is fascinating about “Love is an Open Door” is that it is a love song, which has a hint of darkness found underneath it. I think the stage show of Frozen has a more emotional nature than the movie based on the new songs.

I have always loved the plot of Frozen. After all the fact that true love focuses on two sisters instead of two lovers makes it quite different. Disney in the past usually makes true love focus on two lovers. I always loved how it it is about Elsa and Anna’s relationship. I relate to Anna a lot: I have her outgoing personality, I am the youngest sibling and like Anna I do act before I think. I always loved how her relationship with Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf grows throughout the story.

I think it would be interesting to see how the musical could handle Elsa’s powers. If musicals know to handle spectacle, I know they can figure out her powers. I have seen magical powers on stage before. After all, I have seen Wicked and Elphaba has magical power. In so many ways, Frozen reminds me of Wicked. Glinda and Anna are both funny and outgoing. Both Elsa and Elphaba have powers they do not know how to control. The friendship Elphaba and Glinda have is similar to the sisterhood Anna and Elsa have. In so many ways, “Let it Go” reminds me directly of “Defying Gravity”. I think my love of Wicked is what drove me to Frozen so much.