Loving Fathers of Musical Theatre

Today is Father’s Day. In the world of fiction, there are a number of loving fathers. What if I talked about them today. As a way to celebrate about that. It is a perfect day to mention why they are loving. Plus, it doesn’t matter of they biological or adopted fathers. MAJOR SPOILERS

Loving Musical Theatre Fathers

Mufasa- Lion King

It is perfect to start with a Disney father due to growing up on Disney fathers. Mufasa is perfect in two ways- not only as father, but also as king. The musical starts with the birth of Simba, his son and prince to Pride Rock. However, this not suit well with Mufasa’s brother, Scar. However, Mufasa does teach Simba a number of life lessons (as in how to be king and how to hunt). Even teaches him how prior Kings will ALWAYS look after Simba no matter what, as perfectly expressed in “They Live in You”. You are strongly aware of how much Mufasa loves his Son, as he does get afraid when Simba does do things he isn’t supposed to do (like going to the Elephant Graveyard or getting caught in the Intense Stampede)

However, both of those acts were ways to try to kill Simba——–as Scar wants to kill him and his brother (due to strong envy as Scar wants to be to King). Tragically, during the Stampede, Scar does kill Mufasa and places the blame on Simba (due to only being a cub, Simba believes him, which haunts him into adulthood), and causes him to run away. Little does Simba know how poorly his Uncle will rule Pride Rock, and somehow along the way forgets his place and doesn’t believe Mufasa is still looking over him even in death (but at least, eventually he does remember and fights his Uncle for his rightful place as King)

Maurice- Beauty and the Beast

In the same world of Disney, Maurice is Belle’s father. He is the only person who doesn’t think his daughter is odd. You really saw their love for each other in the song, “No Matter What” when Belle asks her father, “do you think I’m odd”. Even when Belle takes her father’s place, you saw their love. Plus, at the moment when Belle sees her father in trouble——this is when the Beast finally lets Belle go (at this moment, Belle and Beast finally are in love).

Captain Von Trapp- Sound of Music

While he appears strict, he actually does love his children. He is just in a rough situation in his life when you originally meet him. Maria actually helps him come out of his shell- especially after she teaches them how to sing. She actually brought happiness back into the house- through music.

Daddy Warbucks- Annie

He is one of our adopted fathers on this list. Annie is an orphan, who is allowed to stay with him for a week over the Holidays. Daddy Warbucks, over time, learns to love Annie like a father. Luckily, he decided to adopt her—–due to how much better Annie’s life is with him as opposed to the orphanage Annie came from.

Jean Valjean- Les Mis

One of the best relationships of Les Mis is the one found between Valjean and Cosette. In the most unexpected of ways, Valjean become father to the orphan, Cosette. On her mother’s deathbed, Valjean promises to her that he will raise Cosette. Soon enough, he learns just how broken Cosette is——she was treated like a servant, but still had strong hopes she will be rescued.

Luckily Valjean came and rescued her- unaware of just how much Cosette will mean to him. I love the addition of “Suddenly” in the movie, as in perfectly explains their bond. Cosette is everything to him- this explains why she was overprotected and sheltered. Despite always be on the run, he will still do anything for her- he actually became a better person because of her.

Favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein Musical

When it comes to musicals, there are some composer and lyricist teams. One of the most famous belongs to Rodgers and Hammerstein, who created musicals such as “Oklahoma”, “South Pacific”, “Cinderella”, and “Sound of Music”. Their musicals are known to be classics due to being created during the Golden Age of Musicals. So, what is my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical?

Sound of Music

I have loved “Sound of Music” for several years, as in since childhood. There is something in childhood musicals that can’t be accomplished in other musicals.”Sound of Music” has a collection of fun and exciting songs that are easy to sing along to. With topics such as music and family, it is a delight to watch.

Importance of Ovens Auditorium

Blumenthal Performing Arts is home to about seven theaters. Their main theater is Belk Theater. At Belk, you can see operas, musicals, symphonies, and ballet. I saw Sound of Music, Miss Saigon, Aladdin, Lion King, Newsies, Pippin, Rent, Come From Away, Mamma Mia, Porgy and Bess, and La Cage at Belk. As for operas and ballet, saw La Bohème and Nutcracker there.

Despite Belk being the main theater, it isn’t even the largest. That really surprised me when I learned that Ovens is actually bigger- Belk may have more levels, but Ovens is wider and deeper. If Ovens didn’t exist, there is a good chance many musicals never would have made it to Charlotte. Ovens is able to host musicals when something is happening at Belk. So Ovens allows for a lot more availability.

While I did not see many musicals at Ovens—–I am glad that Ovens does exist or else none of them might have made it to Blumenthal. I saw Addams Family, A Christmas Story-The Musical, Les Mis, and Wicked at Ovens. Whenever I think of Ovens, I think of Wicked: I was able to catch that musical three times on tour. The latest time I saw Wicked, I was watching it with my school. When I saw Les Mis at Ovens, it was a date with my mom: that was our 2nd date to Les Mis: the 1st was in London.

I did not like ALL the Blumenthal shows I saw, but defiantly liked most. Addams Family, Porgy and Bess, and La Cage were musicals I did not even like.

My love of Rodgers and Hammerstein

I fell in love with Rodgers and Hammerstein when I was a child. I fell in love with Sound of Music- it has a wonderful cast of characters, an incredible plot, along with fun and exciting songs. I love more than just Sound of Music- there are other Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals that I love. Just the others did not get in my life in childhood. I know I fell in love with two more when I was still a student at Central Piedmont Community College. I feel like nothing can really go wrong with this duo. These are Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals I have seen.

Sound of Music

I already stated I love Sound of Music. Maria is such an incredible protagonist. Julie Andrews was my first Maria. I love the songs from “Do Re Mi”, My Favorite Things”, “Lonely Goatherd”, “Something Good”, “Edelweiss”, “Climb Every Mountain”, and “Sound of Music”. Sound of Music actually was the final musical the duo did together.

South Pacific

This is a musical romance. Like almost all Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, there is a double romance. The main story is between Emelie and Nellie, but the subplot is between Liat and Joe Cable. It is weird to think that this musical could almost be a tragedy if the main romance was between Liat and Joe Cable. From “Some Enchanted Evening”, “This Nearly Was Mine”, “Younger than Springtime”, “There is nothing like a Dame”, and “I’ve Got to Wash that Man outta my Hair”. I feel like the antagonist of South Pacific is actually a theme: Racism. Through, “You Got be Carefully Taught”, you realize that you are not born racist, but are taught it: that is something I love about that song. This is a SPOILER: but Joe Cable does die in this musical- that is why if the romances were switched, South Pacific would be a tragedy. But due to being between Emelie and Nellie, South Pacific is a happy musical.


This musical romance also has a double romance. It took be a while to realize this, but this musical is home to two love triangles. Curly and Laurey is what the musical is between, but Jud does add the third thing: but he is the antagonist of Oklahoma. The other love triangle is between Ali Hakim, Ado Annie, and Will Parker. However, these two love triangles are a bit weak: due to two characters fighting in both. However, the couples become who you want them to be: meaning it will end up as Curly and Laurey and Ado Annie and Will Parker. This is noticed through song and through characters. Considering that Jud is abusive, you know you want Curly and Laurey together- Curly does everything he can be with Laurey.

Songs like “Oklahoma”, “Kansas City”, “Surrey with the Fringe on Top”, “People will Say we’re in Love”, and “Oh, What a beautiful Morning”. People think Oklahoma is basically revolving around the dance, but in reality not true. It is about Curly and Laurey’s relationship, Oklahoma becoming a State, and between Ado Annie and Alik Hakim.


I don’t know why this keeps on happening, but for some odd reason I keep on forgetting about their Cinderella. The past Friday, I saw the 1957 televised recording of the musical, which stars Julie Andrews as Cinderella. The only problem with it was that it was way out of sync and has some annoying background noise.

Cinderella become popular through Disney. I love the songs, “My Own Little Corner”, “Impossible”, and “Ten Minutes Ago”. I love Cinderella- as in both Disney adaptions: I really love the live action one with Lily James as Cinderella. If Disney did not create the original Cinderella, it is hard to think that this story wouldn’t have become that famous.

Still, don’t know why I keep on forgetting about this one. I think that might have to do with being associated with Disney. I still love this musical- Rodgers and Hammerstein are extremely good at creating memorable songs.

King and I

I don’t exactly love this musical, but I don’t really dislike it either. I actually can parallel Anna with Maria. They are both strong-willed and called difficult women. They play a similar role: as in one being governess and the other a teacher. Both teach children. King and I still has some songs I love: “Getting to Know You”, “Shall We Dance”, and “I Whistle a Happy Tune”.


Of all Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals I have been around, Carousel is my least favorite. It has to do with plot and partly due to songs. Like expected, there is a double romance- Bill and Julie, and Carrie and Mr. Snow. Julie and Carrie are best friends. The plot really really confuses me. I keep on forgetting about the songs.

Favorite Actors/Actresses in Roles

Well, now I will write a list of my favorite actors in various roles. I know some people have seen these actors before. You don’t have to agree with everything-these are only opinions. Yes, there were be some casts where I might leave a character off- that happens to be the case if I don’t remember the others or have a hard time deciding. In addition, will be missing some shows I love.

  1. Elphaba- Mary Kate Morrissey
  2. Glinda- Amanda Jane Copper
  3. Fiyero- Ashley Parker Angel
  4. Jack Kelly- Joey Barreiro
  5. Javert- Jeremy Secomb
  6. Cosette- Jillian Butler
  7. Eponine- Samantha Barks
  8. Marius- Joshua Grosso
  9. Thenardiers- Phil Daniels and Katy Secombe
  10. Kim- Emily Bautista
  11. Chris- Anthony Festa
  12. Ellen-Stacie Bono
  13. John- J. Daughtry
  14. The Engineer- Eymard Cabling
  15. Sophie- Amanda Seyfried
  16. Maria- Julie Andrews
  17. Aladdin- Mena Massoud
  18. Jasmine- Naomi Scott
  19. Babkak, Omar, and Kassim- Zach Bencal, Ben Chavez Colt Prattez
  20. Beast- Dan Stevens
  21. Belle- Emma Watson
  22. Simba- Jared Nixon
  23. Nala- Nia Halloway
  24. Joseph- Donny Osmond
  25. Leading Player- Lisa Karlin
  26. Pippin- Sam Lips

This list is all I have for now.

Some of these actors have no choice, but to be my favorite. That ends up being the case if I only have one cast or if they are the only ones I remember. A few of these are understudies: Mary Kate Morrissey, Lisa Karlin, and Eymard Cabling. A few of them were the first in a role- so that sometimes gives them a huge advantage.

What about you, what are some of your favorite actors in a role?