Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Review

Yesterday, I FINALLY saw Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. I have wanted to see the latest movie in the latest trilogy since Force Awakens came out. I actually became a fan of Star Wars in 2015. I love Star Wars due to the planets, the droids, the creatures, the Jedi, etc….. I even think Star Wars is better than Marvel- I am not joking here.

About the latest trilogy- I fell in love with Rey, the moment I saw her. I did love the fact that they added a female Jedi to the fix, and I think that is part of why I love her. She is the protagonist of this particular trilogy. She actually is my favorite character of Force Awakens, Last Jedi, and Rise of Skywalker. I loved seeing her development.

Now on to the movie: There might be SPOILERS:

The surviving members of the resistance face the First Order once again, and the legendary conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reaches its peak bringing the Skywalker saga to its end


We are back to Poe, BB8, Finn, CC-30 (I always forget the time), Chewy and Rey. They are on this quest on to find this Wayfinder in order to find this hidden talent in order to defeat Palpatine once and for all. It actually was quite intense- filled with plot twist- as in “you can’t do that”- some of the characters you thought were DEAD, but in reality NOT (among other plot twists).

I knew there was going to be a battle between the Residence and the Sith- like usually happens. I literally thought it was going to be a LOST cause on point, but in no way that was going to happen. The Sith were way outnumbered and Rey used a lot of her powers on Palaptine and so did Kylo Ren (who by that point, redeemed himself and changed his name to Ben Solo).

This movie was actually an incredible end to the trilogy. Had no idea how they were going to include Leia in this movie- but the way they worked it out was impressive. What is interesting about the Star Wars movies is that you always seem to be introduced to brand new planets and creatures each time.

The trilogy was actually my first time seeing Star Wars in a movie theater so I loved being able to see the special effects and everything on the BIG SCREEN- not on the small screen like the others.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

Ever since watching Star Wars: A Force Awakens two years ago, I have been waiting and waiting to see the next movie. In a Force Awakens, I have fallen in love with some of the new characters like Rey and BB8. I started becoming a Star Wars fan over the summer when I finally watched the prequels and the originals. After Force Awakens, I really wanted to experience what is going to happen next especially to Rey.


Possible Spoilers:

This movie was a wonderful continuation of the series. It left off when Rey first found Luke Skywalker, who have been in hiding. It started out with a mission that Poe led and his droid is BB8. One of the most exciting parts about Star Wars is listening to the theme song and reading the words shown in the theme song. This movie introduced us to a new character, Rose, who ends up going on some adventure with Finn to find a way to stop the bad buys from following them because they were able to easily track the resistance.

It turns out that Luke was very reluctant of coming back. He did not want to train anybody because of his past when he was training Ben, who eventually turned to the dark side and became Kylo Ren. He had shut himself off from the force, but he eventually agreed to train Rey. I thought Luke would be more willing to come back, but not as much as I thought. It had amazing action sequences and many of them happen when the resistance was trying to fight off those from the dark side. There are times where you keep on thinking that Rey would turn to the dark side due to temptations by the supreme leader and Ben, but she did not those temptations turn her. Rey is a Jedi at heart and despite her minimal training, she had lots of talent. I still strongly dislike Ben because of how evil he is.

Rey is still a favorite and in the last movie, she did not want to become a Jedi, but in this movie, she actually wanted to become one, who is the first main female Jedi in the series. It was confusing that she could actually see Ben at times and wanted to know answers of why he killed his father. Ben wanted Rey to bring him Luke Skywalker, but she would never do that. She is strong when it comes to the light. She is a strong, independent, and good-hearted character. Some scenes with Chewy were hilarious and most of them happened with these little birds and them together were just plain hilarious and just like expected C-3P0’s lines can give a laugh. At the end even though the resistance is outnumbered they still had hope and had enough people to keep going. They still have Rey and in a way, she is already a Jedi and knew the basics. She already could lift objects and had an idea of what the force is. Cannot wait to see what becomes of Poe, Finn, and Rey. I was surprised by some of the things that happened in this film and some characters died that I did not want to die.

Watching this film on the 1st day of the New Year was a wonderful way to start.

My Halloween Fun

Yesterday, I meant to talk about Halloween, but I did a question post before.

Including myself, three of my suitemates dressed up. Below are me and my suitemates in costume. This is us as Castiel, Eponine and Padme. This group of characters really shows the nature of my suite. These characters happen to exist from three books, two movies, 1 tv show, and 1 musical. All three of us ended up having dinner together in our costumes.


I choose to dress up as Eponine since I already had the costume at home due to going to a Les Mis party earlier. I find it very fitting that I am going to be seeing Les Mis on Sunday at Greenville. I am going with my school and that will be my 5th time seeing it, but my 2nd time with a professional company and 1st time on tour. This round with Eponine, I think I look so much better. In this round, I made myself look “dirtier” and I feel like I looked much more like the character by doing that. I actually ended up going to the Gathering in my Eponine costume and after the Gathering, there was a bonfire, which I attended.

Possible Spoilers:

Here is a short description of Eponine. She is the eldest child of the Thenardiers. She is a lovely girl who has a horrible upbringing. After Cosette was taken away by Valjean, the Thenardiers started using their abuse on Eponine. When she was older the Thenardiers’ inn went bankrupt, which led them to living in poverty.The Thenardiers raised her to be a thief and a criminal who do not love her. Growing up, she had no idea what kindness was. It was Marius who first showed her kindness and ended up being the only person. That is why she falls in love with him so deeply. Even though he loves Cosette, she would do anything for him. She is streetwise, tough, brave, strong, unloved, lonely, and heartbroken. She is one of the best characters from Les Mis and musical theatre.

Pops Symphony: Round Two

Last Sunday, I went to a Jazz Themed Symphony in the Park. This time, the theme was Star Wars. I actually am a newer Star Wars fan. I may be only 23, but I didn’t start watching the movies until 2015. I am not a big fan of action movies, but I love Star Wars. I love the Galaxy it takes place in with the crazy creatures, the droids, and love the Jedis. The action sequences are fun to watch with the lightsabers and when things blow up, it is funner to watch then than things blow up in a superhero movie. They actually played songs from The Phantom Menace all the way to The Force Awakens.

This Pops Symphony was fun. In my family’s group, it consisted of so many people. Friends of our friends came and there were about fifteen or eighteen people. One of the songs that was played was the Theme Song and the night ended with the ending credits of all the movies.

Next week’s theme will be Broadway and as a musical fanatic, I am quite looking forward to that week.

Are you are a Star Wars Fan? If So, why do you like the movies?

Below is a link to my post from last week’s Pops Symphony