A Heart Full of Love Analysis

When it comes to love triangles in musicals, the ones that automatically come to mind are the ones in Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and Les Mis. A Heart Full of Love serves as the romantic duo in Les Mis- it is between Marius and Cosette, who are the two lovers.

A heart full of love
A heart full of song
I’m doing everything all wrong
Oh God, for shame
I do not even know your name
Dead Mad’moiselle
Won’t you say?
Will you tell?

A heart full of love
No fear, no regret

My name is Marius Pontmercy

And mine’s Cosette

Cosette, I don’t know what to say

Then make no sound

I am lost

I am found!

A heart full of light

A night bright as day

And you must never go away
Cosette, Cosette

This is a chain we’ll never break

Do I dream?

I’m awake!

A heart full of love

(Eponine) He was never mine to lose

A heart full of you

(Eponine) Why regret what could not be?

A single look and then I knew.

(Eponine) These are words he’ll never say

I knew it too.

(Eponine) Not to me…

From today…

(Eponine) Not to me…

Every day

(Eponine) Not for me…

(Cosette & Marius)
For it isn’t a dream

(Eponine) His heart full of love

(Cosette and Marius)
Not a dream

{Eponine) He will never

(Cosette and Marius)
After all!

(Eponine) Feel this way…

A Heart Full of Love, Les Mis

Yes, my love for Marius and Cosette is an unpopular opinion.Their relationship is so adorable and they help bring hope into Les Mis. That is why Marius had to survive the barricades. A Heart Full of Love may be the romantic duo, but it is clever towards the end when it becomes a trio. You already are feeling joy for Marius and Cosette, but at the same time you start to feel heartbroken for Eponine- that is what happens when the duet is turns into a trio. In the love triangle, my favorite character is Eponine, but I still love Marius and Cosette.

On My Own Analysis

Like Wicked, Les Mis is home to a love triangle. In Les Mis, it is Eponine who is struggling with unrequited love. As a matter of fact, Marius is the only good thing in Eponine’s life. On My Own actually helped me understand I’m Not That Girl is a heartbreaking song- after all both are unrequited love songs even though one of them is ironic.

And now I’m all alone again
Nowhere to turn, no one to go to
Without a home without a friend
Without a face to say hello to
And now the night is near
I can make believe he’s here

Sometimes I walk alone at night
When everybody else is sleeping
I think of him and I’m happy
With the company I’m keeping
The city goes to bed
And I can live inside my head

Own my own
Pretending he’s beside me
All alone
I walk with him till morning
Without him
I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way I close my eyes
And he has found me

In the rain the pavement shines like silver
All the lights are misty in the river
In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight
And all I see is him and me forever and forever 

And I know it’s only in my mind
That I’m talking to myself and not to him
And although I know that he is blind
Still I say, there’s a way for us

I love him
But when the night is over
He is gone
The river’s just a river
Without him
The world around me changes
The trees are bare and everywhere
The streets are full of strangers

I love him
But every day I’m learning
All my life
I’ve only been pretending
Without me
His world would go on turning
A world that’s full of happiness
That I have never known

I love him
I love him
I love him
But only on my own

On My Own, Les Mis

There are moments where you can see insight that go beyond the unrequited love. Such as “without a home, without a friend, without a face to say hello to”, and “a world that’s full of happiness that I have never known”. It is true- Eponine doesn’t have that good of a life. She is living in extreme poverty with abusive, criminal, and terrible parents. Marius is the only good thing in her life- why do you think she hangs on and continues to love him despite the love being unrequited? She does accept that Marius loves Cosette, and does anything for him.

The song alone shows just how strong her love for Marius is. The song gets stronger as it continues.

I’m Not That Girl Analysis

This song is one of Elphaba’s solos in Wicked and might mean SPOILERS if you proceed in this post. It is actually the first song in the love triangle. Yes, it may be heartbreaking, but it isn’t the most emotional song in Wicked. This sounds odd to say, but it is also an ironic song.

Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl
He could be that boy
But I’m not that girl

Don’t dream too far
Don’t lose sight of who you are
Don’t remember that rush of joy
He could be that boy
I’m not that girl

Every so often we long to steal
To the land of what-might-have-been
But that doesn’t soften the ache we feel
When reality sets back in

Blithe smile, lithe limb
She who’s winsome, she wins him
Gold hair with a gentle curl
That’s the girl he chose
And Heaven knows
I’m not that girl

Don’t wish, don’t start
Wishing only wounds the heart
I wasn’t born for the rose and the pearl

There’s a girl I know
He loves her so
I’m not that girl

Stephen Schwartz, Wicked

Moments before Elphaba sings this unrequited love song, she just realizes her feelings for Fiyero. She actually confesses in the song that she doesn’t think she is good enough for him because is green through the lyrics, “I wasn’t born for the rose and pearl”. Actually, she decides to NOT steal him away from her best friend, Glinda. That is literally how strong their friendship is- meaning they will not let a boy get in the way. That really is how loyal the two best friends are.

But why do I say this song is IRONIC? Little does Elphaba know that Fiyero has feelings for her. The two actually have no idea that they will eventually end up with each other. That is why the song is ironic- as in she will not always have the unrequited love. There was some foreshadowing in act I that this will eventually happen, but will not be noticed if you weren’t paying close attention. Fiyero and Elphaba already have a stronger chemistry than Fiyero and Glinda. Even the Lion Cub scene has clues- look at how they are interacting- almost playfully flirting- plus Fiyero can’t stop thinking about that incident.

A Little Fall of Rain Analysis

This is another duet that means SPOILERS if you proceed. It is between Marius and Eponine at the barricades, who are close friends, but Eponine has unrequited love for Marius. This is one of the death scenes in Les Mis. In order to understand this scene, you must understand Eponine as a character.

Eponine lived a tragic and dark life. She wasn’t shown love or kindness growing up due to having abusive and unloving parents. She only had one source of light in her terrible life, who was Marius, the young man she fell in love with. Marius was the only person who showed her kindness, and that is why she fell in love with him. Prior to “A Little Fall of Rain”, Eponine sacrificed her life to save Marius- her death is bittersweet because she is in the arms of Marius and it is the happiest moment of her life. It is heartbreaking in two ways- for starters, Eponine is dying and second, Marius is devastated.

Don’t you fret, M’sieur Marius. I don’t feel any pain
A little fall of rain, can hardly hurt me now
You’re here. That’s all I need to know
And you will keep me safe
And you will keep me close
And rain will make the flowers grow

But you will live, ‘Ponine, dear God above
If I could heal your wounds with words of love

Just hold me now, and let it be
Shelter me, comfort me

You would live a hundred years, if I could show you how
I won’t desert you now…

The rain can’t hurt me now
This rain will wash away what’s past
And you will keep me safe
And you will keep me close
I’ll sleep in your embrace at last

The rain that brings you here is heaven blessed
The skies begin to clear, and I’m at rest
A breath away from where you are
I’ve come home from so far

Hush-a-bye, dear Éponine
You won’t feel any pain
A little fall of rain
Can hardly hurt you now

So don’t you fret, M’sieur Marius
I don’t feel any pain
A little fall of rain
Can hardly hurt me now

I’m here

That’s all I need to know

And you will keep me safe
And you will keep me close

I’ll stay with you
‘Till you are sleeping

And rain…

And rain…

Will make the flowers…

Will make the flowers… grow…

Les Mis, A Little Fall of Rain

As a matter of fact, this song says a LOT about Marius. It shows how compassionate of a person he is. If he wasn’t capable of all that compassion, he would have left her to die alone. Eponine is just so happy he is with her in that moment. He may have been devastated, but still decided to be there for her. It really does show how much he valued their friendship. He was worried about her- why do you think he asked- why she came back. Marius is actually my favorite survivor in Les Mis.

Why Wicked’s Love Triangle Exists

As many musical theatre fans know, ROMANCE is one of the main themes. In addition, there are love triangles. Some of those love triangles are really complex and hard to understand. Some might wonder why they are even in the plot. Of all the love triangles I have come across, the Wicked one is the most complex. Just to let you know, my favorite love triangle is in Wicked.


There is a REASON why I said Wicked’s love triangle is the most complex. Yes, in ALL love triangles someone gets left out leading to unrequited love. Unrequited love is heartbreaking, and it is always interesting to see how characters respond. Yes, characters do feel lonely and angry when they are not loved back. For Wicked, the love triangle is between two best friends and the young man they love (Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero). Those are the only characters in Wicked I am emotionally connected to.

I think I know WHY Wicked’s love triangle exists. It does really help develop and strengthen the friendship between Elphaba and Glinda. After all, the center core of Wicked is between these two best friends. How far do you think they will go to keep their friendship alive? The love triangle tests their loyalty to each other. Originally, Elphaba had unrequited love for Fiyero. Look how she responded- she decided not to steal Fiyero away. You think she will always have the unrequited love.

Well, think again. Act II begins, and Fiyero hear all of these rumors spread about Elphaba, and realizes his true feelings for Elphaba. He loves Elphaba instead of Glinda– so he breaks up with Glinda. So, an unrequited love shift—-this is when a lot is being questioned. Here is what I believe- Fiyero had a crush on Elphaba at Shiz, but deep down wasn’t fully aware of it. How do you think Glinda decided to respond to her unrequited love? Just like Elphaba, she decided not to steal him back. That is just how strong their friendship is- they don’t want a boy to get in the way.

This is why I think the love triangle exists- to test their loyalty to each other, which eventually strengthens their friendship.