Royalty of Musical Theatre

When it comes to musicals, there are different kinds of characters. That even includes those who are of royalty- either born into it or married into it. Most of the time, these characters are part of Disney musicals, but there are few exceptions. So, which characters are of royalty (the ones I love)?


Yes, she was someone who actually existed. In the real Romanav story, she did get killed, but the musical is a “what if” story. What if she had survived? In the musical, we get to know her as Anya. She is strong and vulnerable, who has to relearn her past.


Elsa- She is the older sister born into royalty. Born with snow and ice powers, which she doesn’t know how to control. She eventually became Queen of Arendelle, but after accidentally showing her power, she runs away ashamed, but caused an eternal winter. She is misunderstood due to being called a “monster”. She reminds me of Elphaba, in a way.

Anna– The younger sister of Elsa. She is outgoing, full of life, and impulsive. During her journey to find Elsa, she finds help in Kristoff (after all, he knows mountains). She just wants a better relationship with her sister

Kristoff– Yes, not born into royalty, but due to falling in love with Anna, he counts

Lion King

Mufasa and Simba– King and Prince of Pride Rock. Mufasa is an incredible king, who teaches his son incredible life lessons. Due to a jealous brother, Mufasa’s life is tragically short-lived, but Simba mistakenly thinks that he killed his father (he was only a cub when that happened). He grows up with that guilt, and eventually fights Scar for his rightful place as King

Nala– She is Simba’s best friend and eventually lover. She is strong as shown in “Shadowland”- she knows she has to leave Pride Rock to get help. Crazily enough, Nala and Simba find each other again- “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (my favorite Lion King song). Due to Simba eventually becoming King, Nala became Queen


Jasmine and Aladdin– Jasmine is the strong princess in this musical. She wants to marry for love. She and Aladdin find a connection in the market (“A Million Miles Away”). The two of them do fall in love- “A Whole New World”.

Beauty and the Beast

Belle– She is the protagonist of this musical. She is strong, unique, and a bookworm. She eventually has to deal with The Beast, who starts out selfish and unkind. At least, she helps him change. Little does she know, she will fall in love with him.

Beast– He is the prince of this musical. He is actually a human who was changed into a beast by an enchantress, who saw there was no love in his heart. Like I said, he started off unkind, selfish, and with a temper. But after scaring off Belle, he realizes he needs to change. The two develop feelings in “Something There” and fall in love during “Beauty and the Beast”. Good thing, he eventually let her go.


Fiyero– He is the Winkie Prince of this musical. Just like the Beast, he starts out as a jerk. He changes from being a jerk to softening up to becoming a mature and courageous young man. A lot of his transformation comes from his role in the love triangle. He is more complex than you think.

Boo- Halloween Costumes

Today is October 31st, which is the same day as Halloween. My favorite thing about that day is dressing up. There have been days where I have dressed up prior to Halloween- as in something I would do prior- like something we could do at work and/or at a Halloween event at university. So, what are some of the characters I have been over the years (most notably the ones I made)?

A Newsie

This was the most recent Halloween costume I put together. I got the idea after seeing the hat- it reminded me of a Newsie hat. I knew we could wear a costume for work for the week leading to Halloween. Most the pieces were easy to find, but the jacket was the hardest- good thing a church member decided to make it. Newsies is the most recent Disney musical I fell in love with, a love that started August 2016.


I was her in 2017 and 2021- I actually dressed as this Grease character more than once. Since the homecoming theme was Broadway in 2017, my club went with Grease, and I choose Rizzo. Homecoming, Octoberfest, and eventually at work. I had more fun dressing up as her than I thought- after all, I barely know the character.

Eponine- 2017

Originally dressing as Eponine for a Les Mis party, I had no idea I would eventually choose the same character for Halloween that same year. Unlike Rizzo, Eponine is a meaningful character, who is from a meaningful musical. Plus, she is a character I know very well- I feel like my love for Elphaba might explain where my bond for Eponine might have come from (if you think about it, they are in some ways parallel characters)

Glinda- Winter Formal 2017

True, I wasn’t this meaningful character for Halloween, but I still dressed as her. That was a result of seeing a pink dress in my room on Campus. Reminded me of the “Popular” costume- my suitemates decided to make me look like Glinda in that scene.

I’m Not That Girl vs For Good

One of the powerful things about the musical, Wicked belongs to the songs alone. It even has the kind of score that I look for- the combo of positive and negative emotions. It has the heartbreaking “I’m Not That Girl” (which started out as no more than a sad song) and the bittersweet “For Good” Those are the two songs that made me realize sad was a musical theatre emotion. So, what of those two is exactly the MOST emotional?

I’m Not That Girl- possible spoilers

Well, from just glance, you would think this is the most emotional. I’m Not That Girl is an unrequited love song- true, it is a heartbreaking love song, but also ironic. Little does Elphaba know that she will get Fiyero in the end- the irony behind I’m Not That Girl. It is true——I had originally thought the song was sad (not heartbreaking)- but I knew the song was deepening. I had to discover the emotion, heartbreak first, and another song had to help it (as in a stronger and more powerful unrequited love song). It was On My Own that finally made me realize I’m Not That Girl was an unrequited love song, and memorizing the lyrics saw me see even more insight in the song

For Good

This is the more emotional song in Wicked. Yes, it is a bittersweet song—–a powerful one that centers on our two protagonists. Elphaba and Glinda have a powerful and beautiful friendship- they even wouldn’t let a boy get in the way. The most important person in their lives belongs to each other- Glinda was Elphaba’s only friend and Elphaba was the only friend that truly mattered in Glinda’s life.

The center core of Wicked is between Glinda and Elphaba- their friendship. That is why For Good is the most emotional song in the show- the last moment the two friends will see each other, and are able to say that they mattered to each other

Favorite Musical on Broadway and The West End

There are two major theatre districts. Broadway is in New York City (August 2006) and The West End is in London (July 30, 2015). I fell in love with Wicked in August 2006 and Les Mis in March 2013. So, what is my favorite musical on The West End?

Wicked/ Les Mis

This would be a hard question- I knew I had to pick between Wicked or Les Mis. Those two musicals are tied for my favorite musical. So, I wouldn’t know what to pick. However, I only saw Les Mis in The West End- that was my 4th time. In January 31th, 2023——I am seeing Les Mis a 7th time.

Wicked’s 4th cast was incredible- as in my favorite. As in Mary Kate Morrissey (Standby Elphaba)- you couldn’t realize it was her, Amanda Jane Cooper (Glinda), Ashley Parker Angel (Fiyero). Wicked and Les Mis are tied for my favorite musical- they are BOTH very different. Wicked is a comedy and a fantasy——-plus its’ home to spectacle, dance, and I can relate to characters. Les Mis is actually a tragedy.

Well, can I choose two musicals? Yes, I only saw one musical in The West End, which was Les Mis!! But, choosing between Les Mis and Wicked would be discovering is difficult. Plus, it is difficult because those two are tied for my favorite musical.

Favorite Musical Currently on Broadway

New York City is KNOWN for many things. Places like Central Park, American Girl, The Statue of Liberty, The Natural History Museum, and Broadway are important to NYC. As a matter of fact, when I went to NYC, I went to ALL of them- Statue of Liberty was only seen at a distance. What made the trip special was being with my mom. So, what is my favorite musical that is currently still on Broadway?

Wicked- Seen 5x

Originally seen August 2006 on Broadway as a date with my mom. Little did I know that when I stepped foot in The Gershwin Theater, “I would be changed for good”. Wicked truly was the start of my love for musical theatre. It taught me some very important aspects of musicals that would become important later on in the journey. I learned about emotional connection- through Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero (most notably Elphaba). I even discovered the complex and emotional side of musicals because of Wicked- as in BOTH plot and characters. Even first picked up on love triangles for the first time. So the core emotions that existed belonged to excitement, love, joy, and sad

So, why would I be drawn to Wicked so much? For starters, I see myself in Elphaba- she was one of the first characters I could recognize as being “different”, which is something I can easily relate to. The musical is about a powerful and beautiful bond of two best friends- Elphaba and Glinda. In my opinion, the love triangle helps strengthen the friendship (can’t say why due to risk of “spoilers“)- Wicked actually is home to my favorite love triangle due to its level of complexity and being the first one I emotionally bonded with. Everything about the musical feels OZian- you truly feel transported to OZ when you see it